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Location: J211936
Time: 23/7


Wormhole Campus aims to provide students with an opportunity to experience W-Space life with all it's challenges and opportunities.

Background and Overview

WHC had other previous iterations. Some archaic wiki pages can be found of these older installations.

In Summer 2012 talks among management were initiated to re-open the unfortunate W-Space Campus. In October the final decision to go forward was made and WHC began preparation to open it's doors once more. WHC found a live-able system and erected a POS toward end-November and currently resides in a C2 W-Space system with a high-sec and C3 static. All eligible unistas are welcome to join.


Camp Coordinator
Sylvanium Orlenard

Camp Liasons
Larsen Knight
Lamhoofd Hashur
Waldemar Wexler

Hangar Assistants
Izanami Pacht-Feng

The WHC is overseen by the Director of Special Projects. In the event of other issues or problems with people please contact the Student Advocate.

What do I need to join WHC?

Minimum Requirements



Ships to Bring

Important: Due to the dangerous nature of PvE and PvP in w-space, and the mechanics of Ship Maintenance Arrays allowing access to all ships in storage, any ship and pod brought into the campus is to be considered lost or stolen. Do not fly what you can't replace.

Also, keep in mind that WSOP is in effect and any sufficiently shiny loss to a war target is grounds for the X title and removal from the WHC. Lack of local and not knowing they are in system is not a valid excuse.

The below are merely suggestions for being useful during your first few weeks in system without investing too much resources in the endeavor. Once you are more comfortable with day to day operations and better understand the risks involved, you may consider bringing in more specialized or expensive ships and equipment.



  • Battlecruiser or Cruiser with appropriate T2 tank, weapons system, cloak and probe launcher.
    • Bring modules and rigging for a buffer tank, preferably armor since most PvE and PvP activities are done in armor fleets.

Recommended Reading

Recommended Skills & Ships

These skills are highly recommended if you plan to stay. They provide an adequate skill base for exploration and PvP.

  • Battlecruisers III
  • Astrometrics IV
    • Astrometric Rangefinding III
    • Astrometric Pinpointing III
    • Astrometric Acquisition III
  • Salvaging III
    • Sleeper Battleships require IV. Note that salvage rigs increase salvaging efficiency by one skill level each.
  • Hacking III
    • Codebreakers in Radar sites
  • Archaeology III
    • Analyzers in Magnetometric sites
  • Covert Ops IV
    • For more versatile fits
  • Your choice of well fitted out PvP ship

Joining the WHC

Once you have met the above requirements and are ready to try out wormhole life, follow the instructions below to be invited to join the WHC.

NOTE: Due to limited space for the storage of ships and equipment, there is a chance that the campus will not be accepting applications at the current time. Do not lose hope, we aim for a continuous turnover of occupants, and as long as the campus is successful, infrastructure will continue to go up increasing our maximum occupancy.

  • Join WHC.E-UNI chat and check if applications are open.
  • Fill out this form
  • Once invited, join the WHC.E-UNI mailing list and further instructions will be given via the welcome message.

Living Out of a Can

Since there are no stations in W-Space, you will have to store your items in a Secure Cargo Container. You can set a password on these, effectively making sure that the contents can't be stolen. Your ships will have to go into the communal Ship Maintenance Array or stay inside the POS shield. This means that all your hulls might be stolen, so faction fitting that Tech 3 cruiser of yours might be a little too tempting to some.

Do not get your can stuck in the CHA! You may think to bring in your can unassembled, and then try to assemble it in the CHA before taking it out to anchor it—DON'T. Assembled cans in the CHA require someone with campus permissions to remove, and odds are good that's not you, and the act of assembling it will then mean you can't remove it. Instead, make sure to assemble your can in a station in k-space, and then bring it in and anchor it.

Using the POS

The main feature of the WHC POS is the Ship Maintenance Array(SMA) and Corporate Hangar Array(CHA). Here is a short introduction to Player Owned Starbases.

If you steal you'll be quickly added to the Departed list followed by a swift kick out of the University.

Ship Maintenance Array

The SMA can store 20 million m3 worth of assembled ships. There are no divisions within the SMA, as such all ships stored are accessible by everyone in corp.

  • To store your ship in the SMA, right click the array and select Store Vessel.
  • The Access Vessel button lets you view ships that are currently stored.
  • To board a ship, right click and select Board Vessel.
  • To launch a ship for an alt, right click and select Launch Vessel.
  • When boarding a new ship, the array will attempt to store your current ship which will fail if the cargohold contains assembled containers or the capacity of the array is surpassed leaving the ship floating in the field.
  • If you do not have the required skills to use modules on the ship (namely T2 weapon systems) they will be offline upon jumping in, just replace the ship in the SMA.
    • NOTE: All campus members have access to the SMA. In general if you are not okay with other people sitting in your ship, then with the current mechanics, wormhole life is most likely not for you as "ownership" is a very relative term when living out of a POS. That said, please respect the property of others.

Communal Ships

  • All ships marked as WHC, UNI or unnamed, stored in the SMA should be considered communal ships and may be used by any campus member with the required skills.
    • Ships are first come first serve, please do not fight over ships though, look at disagreements as an opportunity to try out a different hull/role
    • These can either be ships stocked by the campus staff, or through donations by campus members (we always accept donations)
    • These ships are not to be renamed as they are intended to remain communal
    • If the ship or modules suffer any heat/shield/armor/hull damage, they should be repaired prior to returning to storage
    • It is recommended to replace lost communal ships within 24 hours of the loss use the loss mail as a shopping list, If replacing them yourself, please seek reimbursement via the Ship Replacement Program. This is not required, as these will be replaced on semi-regular intervals by the WHC staff.

Personal Ships

  • Personal ships are defined as Those titled with a unique 3 letter prefix other than WHC or UNI
    • Personal ships owned by others may be used unless they are labelled 'NO'. Do not board ships labelled 'NO' unless there is a campus emergency declared by Uni directors or campus leadership. Emergencies don't remove the "replace if lost" clause.
    • If the ship or modules suffer any heat/shield/armor/hull damage, they should be repaired prior to returning to storage
    • By boarding any ship that is not your own, you commit to replacing it when lost within 24 hours of the loss using the loss mail as a shopping list. Meaning depositing a fully fitted ship back into the SMA, do not contract or reimburse unless the owner has given express permission that is okay.

Corporate Hangar Array

The CHA can store 1.4 million m3 worth of items including un-assembled ships. There are 7 divisions within the CHA, each with their own access control. This is setup the same as all Uni corporate hangars based on current title status

DO NOT store containers in the CHA!

  • It requires elevated privileges that very few within the Uni posses to remove assembled containers from a corporate hangar.
  • Even if you have privileges, you can't extract items from the containers without first removing the container from the Hangar into your ship's hold

Hangar Divisions


  • Tech 1 Meta 0-3 modules
  • Tech 1 ammunition
  • Tech 1 drones


  • Tech 2 and Meta 4 modules
  • Faction and Tech 2 ammo
  • Tech 2 Drones


  • Sleeper Loot (part of the Sleeper Loot Hauling Service)


  • Fuel blocks and Strontium Clathrates
  • Fuel Donations accepted



Ivy League Navy




Assembling Ships

  • Ensure that the CHA and the SMA have space for the assembled hull.
  • Drag ship from hauler into accessible tab within the CHA.
  • Right click and select assemble
  • Drag ship from the CHA into the SMA

Campus Rules and Procedures


  • Members active in the campus must be in the WHC fleet. If there is no fleet advertised, you may form one, and put up an advert so others may join.
  • Members active in the campus must be in mumble, at least able to listen. (if you are hearing impaired, let us know)
    • Wormhole Campus mumble is an event chat, so you may join mumble if you are not actively participating in the fleet, however you MUST follow combat comms when active.
  • Help your fellow campers learn. This is an on-going educational event. Lesson opportunities override all else.
  • Adhere to all EVE University Rules and WSOP.
  • Fly what you can afford to lose.

Diplomatic Concerns

  • Do not insult, provoke, or smack talk other corporations, alliances, or individual members in local or any other forum. Shoot them, pod them, gank their industrial ships, but be polite about it.
  • Do not discuss changes to diplomatic relations with the members of any other corporation or alliance unless you are an EVE University diplomat.
  • Avoid engaging fleets of mixed neutrals and blues.


  • Rules of Engagement are Not Blue Shoot It (NBSI). Should students roam into lowsec systems, the rule is Not Red Don't Shoot, or NRDS (more or less). Refer to the Uni Rules of Engagement for specific details. Students are encouraged to aggressively seek out fights with neutral parties.
  • Any event that results in a killmail or lossmail will have a comment on the killboard.
  • Suggested PvP loot distribution is donation to the campus. Fleet Agreement on loot distribution overrides this.
    • An exception to this rule is during wartime, war-target loot belongs to the Logistics Department.


  • PvE loot is property of the group who agree to rat or run sites together.
  • The campus offers a loot hauling and selling service at a 5% cut which goes to fuel and other operational needs. See below for more info.


  • Campus communications are by default “OPEN COMMS”.
  • You may not enter the Wormhole Campus Mumble Channel unless you are a campus member, Eve Uni Staff, Manager or Director. You will most likely be asked to leave and then kicked.
  • When first entering the campus mumble, please wait at least a full minute before speaking, unless it is very urgent.
  • Campus may move to “Open Command” or "Closed Comms" if there is a threat in the immediate location or if a local QRF has formed.
  • Groups of students operating in the nearby systems may remain in the main campus mumble.
  • Operations in Known Space must move to a separate ILN Fleet mumble channel. Moving to a separate fleet from the campus is recommended but not required.
  • We operate on a "built for purpose" foundation. If you are hunting someone in particular, or are operating a constant operation hunting targets, join a separate mumble channel (or fleet as a whole) until you accomplish your goal or disband the initiative. This helps organize our fleet and keep comms clear for those who need it.


Corporate Bookmarks WHC follows an easy to understand bookmarking convention, although it varies depending on whether it is a site or wormhole


  • Standard format is "<sigtype> [<sigid>] <additional info>"
  • Signature types are G(Gravimetric), L(Ladar), R(Radar), M(Magnetometric)
  • Examples;
    • G [CCC] Average Frontier Deposit
    • L [DDD] Barren Perimeter Reservoir


  • For BMs leading away from Innuendo the format is .[current system]>[system it leads into]
  • For BMs leading towards Innuendeo the format is *[current system]>[system it leads into]
  • They are the same except the first character
  • Use the friendly wormhole name (see below)

Personal Bookmarks

You are also recommended to make certain personal bookmarks

  • Bookmark the K-Space side of wormholes yourself
  • Make safe spots
  • Make tactical bookmarks
    • Double optimal from each POS defense grouping
    • On grid yet outside minimum warp distance (150km) of the POS
    • Just off grid from POS

Naming Systems

  • ANY W-Space connection off bacon is prefixed with "B".
  • ANY W-Space connection off eggs is prefixed "E".
  • ALL W-Space dynamics and their respective chains are prefixed with a new letter starting from the end of the alphabet (ie first chain is "Z" then "Y" etc.)
  • ALL K-Space connections are prefixed with the appropriate letter. All numbers remain unique. So "BH2" and "EH2" shouldn't exist together.

An example map

Erm, What's this System Called then?

If it is bacon or eggs, then the system is bacon (shortened to B) or eggs (shortened to E). How easy was that? Below assumes you're about to jump into the system

Find Initial Letter
  • If you're in Bacon: it's "B"
  • If you're in Eggs: it's "E"
  • If you're in Innuendo:
    • kspace does not have one
    • wspace, from end of alphabet, take first unused letter
  • Otherwise, use the first letter from your current system
kspace letter
  • If the connection is a kspace, take the first letter of the type of space (ie H, L, or N)
Find the number
  • For kspace systems
    • If this is Bacon's static then take 1
    • Otherwise find the first number that is unused for the type of space it is. If there are no other systems of that type of space, use 2.
  • For wspace systems
    • From Bacon or Eggs use 2
    • Otherwise use the earliest number which does not currently have a system with the same initial letter as the system
Put it all together

Your system is initial letter + kspace letter + number (ignore any parts that don't exist)


Due to many different factors like Neutrality, ensuring that its not just one small group of Real Life people who are enjoying the campus and a few other administrative headaches a strict policy regarding Alts was developed for the Wormhole Campus.

DISCLAMER: Due to complicated POS mechanics we can not guarantee your alt will not be shot by the UNI POS. You have been warned.

Alt Rules while at the WHC

  • All of your Alts behavior, regardless of which Corp / Alliance they are in are subject to EVE University Rules. Any break of those rules will result in disciplinary action taken on your main.
  • Alts in third party player-owned corporations may not engage in PvP activity.
  • No Alts shall be allowed in the W-Space system if the Main character is not an active member of the WHC. Your main may leave the WHC for events / shopping trips / and other activities but should return in a day or so, otherwise your Alt(s) will be asked to leave also.
  • If your main receives an [X] Title, your Alt must also leave the system.
  • You may bring multiple Alts who are in the Ivy League alliance (as in the alt is in the Ivy League Hall of Residence). Be advised that we will keep a close eye on the numbers and if we see that pilots are abusing this (as in bringing in 10 ALTS and not leave any PI for the regular Unistas we may place a limit on this.
  • You may bring only 1 Alt that is out of the alliance, said Alt may be in a NPC Corporation or a personal Player Owned Corporation.
    • Personal Player Owned Corporation must be owned and inhabited only by Alts of a UNI character who is an active member of the WHC.
    • Personal Player Owned Corporation standings must be set to +5. Please join the in-game channel "Diplomacy.E-UNI" for instructions on how to do this. (You can blame CCP POS mechanics for this one)
    • The Alt (as in the Character itself) must be set to +7.5 to the Ivy League Alliance please fill in this form to accomplish this, Wait for a confirmation email from the diplomats and then please wait 24 hours (to ensure standings register, we hope that is long enough)
  • Due to current POS mechanics, your Alt that is in the Ivy League Alliance (Ivy League Hall of Residence) will be able to enter the POS shield of the Communal POS, your Alt that is outside of the Alliance will not.
  • No Out-of-Alliance Alts will have access to any of the POS modules. (That includes the Ship Maintenance Array and the Corp Hangar Array)

What can your Alt do for you in the Wormhole?

  • Scanning Alts are Awesome! It increases the security of the entire campus to have more characters able to scan their way out of the system therefore letting a Uni Fleet in when we have to.
  • Planetary Interaction Alt. Having more Alts do planetary interaction helps to collect PI taxes for the UNI and therefore pay for POS fuel and things like that.
  • Hauling Alt. Your Alt can haul your goods for you, in and out of the Wormhole through K-Space. (This should be your Alt that is outside of the Alliance, as you avoid the UNI Wars)
  • ORCA Alts : these are awesome, Having an ORCA Alt will allow you to keep your ships and belongings safe (well as safe as you can be in a Wormhole) from corp thieves. (This one should probably be in the Alliance as you can then enjoy the safety of the POS shield.)

Uni Management and Campus leadership will be keeping an eye on the issue. Any Unista found to not be following these rules will be subject to a talk with a member of the Student Relations Department and possible disciplinary action as judged appropriate by them.

Information on creating a scanning alt can be found here.


Fuel donations can be dropped into the Logistics tab in the CHA. Other donations can be place into the Restricted tab. Larget donations can be made in K-Space after contacting camp leadership.

What Can I Do in WHC?

  • Scan, scan, scan! Everything in W-space needs to be scanned down. Probe the chain, scout new connections, observe our neighbours, picket a hole if you are not doing anything. Do not sit at the POS and wait for stuff to happen, content, whether PvP or PvE is created by You!
  • PvE
  • PvP
    • Baiting
    • Practice Combat Probing
    • Ganking clueless daytrippers
    • Experiencing what the lack of local chat or static gates does to PvP
    • Use k-space exits as covert bridges to engage in sudden non-consensual PvP
  • Industry
  • Experience lawless and uncharted space
    • Learn how to live without stations
    • Bubbles
    • Lack of gate mechanics
    • Wormhole Manipulation(ex: rolling statics)

Surviving in W-Space

General Advice

There is a steep learning curve for those who choose W-Space life. As if the lack of stations weren't enough, you face dangers such as corp theft, extremely dangerous NPC rats, completely invisible roaming PvP gangs(there is no local chat in W-Space) and getting irrecoverably lost in space. Listen to experienced players, don't leave home system without a probe launcher and ask about anything that comes to your mind.

Fly What You Can Afford to Lose

Any ship you bring into W-Space should be considered already lost, be it to theft or gank. Consider not flying that shiny HAC you just bought and sticking to Battlecruiser hulls a little longer.


Your overview should be set up to Eve Uni standards. This is important because PvP roams will require you to be in complete sync with your fleet. The standard Eve Uni overview also has a 'Wormholes' tab specially tailored for D-Scanning POS's and wormhole activity. Be aware that it's there and consider switching it with one of your tabs.

Local Chat

Or the lack thereof. Local chat does not exist in wormholes. Therefore, enemies are virtually invisible until they decide to be seen. Whenever you are out of the POS shield, you should be mashing D-Scan every chance you get. You should also keep an eye on chat and an ear on Mumble. If somebody states that there is an emergency, immediately warp to a safe spot if you have a cloak or bounce between safe spots if you don't.

DO NOT TALK IN LOCAL. You will show up and stay there for ~15 minutes giving everybody in the system free intel.


You can use Wormnav, Staticmapper, EveEye or Wormhol.es for your W-Space information gathering purposes. WHC also uses a chainmapper located here. This allows easy-to-read visualized connections to our home as well as available signatures. To access this tool you must sign up using the registration code in your welcome mail.


Before joining the campus, make sure that you have basic knowledge of Scanning & Probing. Additional requirements exist for Combat Probing. Innuendo should be regularly scanned, particularly after downtime. The first thing that you should do when you logon is that you should check that the home system has no new sigs and then mark Innuendo as scanned on the mapper.


Loot Hauling & Selling

Camp leadership operates a loot hauling and selling service. You will be payed later but you won't have to haul loot through wartarget riddled K-Space. WHC takes a 5% cut for operational costs and distributes the rest based on income.

To make use of this service your salvager should learn how to use the spreadsheet linked in the standing fleet and drop acquired loot into the labeled can in system.

  • Please fill out this form to gain access to the loot spreadsheet.

If you're hauling your loot on your own please note the WSOP is in full effect during wartime. Do not use your main to haul loot.