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{{Color box|This article documents a past event that is no longer in game }}
{{Color box|This article documents a past event that is no longer in game }}

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
This article documents a past event that is no longer in game


19:00 General introduction of Eve University by the local deputy. See introductory text below.

19:30 Hold mini-classes in each system. Will take 15-25 minutes (with questions).

20:00 Hold riddle event. Pilots will need approximately 15-20 minutes to find all answers.

20:30 Optional: second mini class.

21:00 Eve University ends official event. Individual pilots may continue to socialise


Mini classes Our instructors will hold some mini classes (15-20 minutes) on Eve Voice. Class rules should be explained at the start (no talking, etc).

Recruiting We will have RO's present who will be able to answer recruitment questions, as well as doing some on the spot recruitment.

Riddle event We're organising a riddle event. Current Eve Uni pilots will be excluded from this event however: this is for the public.

General QnA and banter We'll have eve uni pilots available in local throughout the event (as well as in a possible event channel) to handle Questions and Answer sessions and general small talk :)

System deputies

Rens: Dierdra Vaal

Introductory text

Hi everyone! We're here from Eve University to participate in CCP Zymurgist's event.

For those of you who don't know us: Eve University is the largest new player training corporation in Eve. We help new pilots get into the game with classes, events and a helpful corp!

We have a few things scheduled for this event as we plan on being here for the next two hours. We'll be holding a mini class on [FILL IN SUBJECT HERE] at 19:30. This will be done on Eve Voice.

We also have a contest scheduled at 20:00 where you can win a PLEX! That's right, we're giving away game time... for free!

For the duration of our event, we will have Eve University pilots and recruitment officers available to handle any and all questions you may have about Eve or about Eve University.

We hope you'll enjoy the event with us. :)