Central Serpentis Sparking Transmitter

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A myriad of technological marvels inhabit this area of space, the physical guts of a powerful and well protected computerized network. A codebreaker module will be invaluable in uncovering the secrets that are likely hidden here, locked away inside data vaults and heavily encrypted digital networks.

Locating & Difficulty

This is a data site that can be scanned down with scanner probes, and can be found in null security space in the Serpentis regions. Opening the cans requires a codebreaker.

The site is an open deadspace pocket that can be warped to at any range.

The Site Itself

The data site has five cans (1 X Serpentis Databank, 2 x Serpentis Com Tower, 2 X Serpentis Mainframe) that are all located 47-57 km from warp-in. Initial enemies are also 45-55 km from warp-in.
10x Light Missile Batteries (May have 1 or more Heavy Missle Battery)
2x Battleships (Core Flotilla/Rear/Grand Admiral)

Enemies spawn occasionally on failed codebreaking. Example spawns:
2x Cruiser, 2x Frigate


You can get about 20-30 million ISK in loot from this site. Loot usually includes Incognito Interfaces, Gallentean Datacores, and tools for datacore manufacturing.

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