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Welcome! If you've arrived here you're (presumably!) looking to join EVE University, EVE Online's oldest and best known educational institution.

We do get a lot of applications for EVE University, so please be aware that the process of joining EVE University may take some time, even several weeks during busier periods. Please be patient while your application is processed.

Please be aware that EVE University is intended for inexperienced players. While we do make the odd exception to this new players are normally the ones who benefit most out of membership of EVE University. Also almost all our classes are now public, and our wiki is publicly available, so you do not have to be a member to learn from us. See our information on Public Classes.

If you have previously been a member of EVE University, see this page on Returning to EVE University for information on how to rejoin.

In order to avoid wasting your time, please take a look at the following steps below to see whether you are likely to be eligible to join.

  1. We only accept main characters into EVE University (See note 1)
  2. In order to join EVE University you need to have a positive security status (See note 2)
  3. We are a family friendly corporation, which means we have strict rules on profanity and abusive or sexual content. Please be sure you are willing to follow this (See note 3)

Once you have reviewed all of the above requirements, please click the button below to start the application process. Please note there is no need to put in an in-game application until you are specifically told to do so during your interview. Premature in-game applications will be rejected as they slow down our system.

I have read the above and ready to proceed.
  1. By main character we normally mean your character with the highest number of skillpoints. We can occasionally make exceptions and allow characters with lower skillpoints to join, provided it is the character you play on most often. This is at the discretion of the Personnel Officer who reviews your application.
  2. You can check this by clicking on your name in game and looking at your security status. In order to join EVE University your security status must be 0.0 or higher. If your security status is -0.0 or lower, please see our information on Repairing security status and do so before applying to join EVE University.
  3. The ban on profanity and abusive or sexual content extends to your character name and bio. If we consider that either of these are not appropriate for EVE University we may refuse your application.
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