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The "Ivy League" alliance (ticker name [IVY]) was founded as a collection of corporations with interests related to EVE University. For most purposes, Ivy League and EVE University are synonymous, with EVE University as a member corporation of the Ivy League alliance.



The Ivy League Alliance was created by Morning Maniac on September 17, 2006, with the name selected through a membership vote. The name itself is a nod to the group of elite U.S. post-secondary education institutions of the same name.

Near the end of 2006, a competition was held by Morning Maniac to design a logo for the Alliance to be inserted into the EVE client by CCP. The contest was won by Kelduum Revaan. The logo includes elements of the EVE University logo as it was at the time - a golden eagle on a blue banner - combined them with a shield representing the protection from war declarations and a skillbook signifying learning.

Current Member Corporations

Past Member Corporations

  • Ivy League Research Foundation, [2KNOW]
  • The Graduates, [ TGRADS ]
  • EVE University Fight Academy, [EF-FA]
  • The Legion of Lost Souls, [LOLS]
  • R.U.S.E., [RUSE]

More information about previous member corporations' association with the Ivy League Alliance can be found in the History of the University.

Ivy League Navy

An important operational component of the Ivy League Alliance is the Ivy League Navy (ILN).

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