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Members of EVE University may take advantage of The Skillbook Program, providing vital skillbooks valued at 1 million ISK or less. Every Member of EVE University may request reimbursements via the Corp chat channel. EVE Universty members with Freshman status or higher can directly get reimbursement for the purchase of a skillbook through accessing the Skillbook Wallet. They can also help with Reimbursements in the Corp channel to those who have no access to the wallet. Additionally skillbooks are available in the Corporation Hangar for all members, and those with at least Alpha access, Freshmen and higher, can access the hangar.

The Skillbook Program

Skillbook Reimbursement

E-UNI members with Freshman title status or greater are provided with access to the "Skillbook Wallet" corporation wallet. This allows them to be reimbursed the cost of skillbooks with a value of 1million ISK or lower. Those members without the Freshman title may still request reimbursement as outlined below under Members with no Title.

Rules for Reimbursement:

  1. Skillbooks are reimbursed at NPC seeded prices only. These can be identified on the market as sell orders with a 364 day expiry. These prices do fluctuate from station to station, and region to region. If the skillbook in question is not NPC seeded, then it is not covered by this program. A list of NPC seeded skillbooks and their rough seeded prices is maintained here. The Skillbook Program Seeded Price is a median pricing guide. Some newly injected skillbooks into the game may not yet be populated onto the list. As long as the skillbook has a price of 1,000,000 ISK or less and the sell order has an expiry of 364 days then you can consider that skillbook to qualify.
  2. There is no reimbursement, neither full nor partial, for skillbooks more than 1m ISK in price. By the time you get to training these skills, you are expected to be able to afford them yourself.
  3. Students may request an unlimited number of skillbooks each day, as long as their total cost is 1m ISK or lower for that day. Please ensure they are skills you can use immediately - don't go crazy filling your head with skills you don't plan to train for weeks, the wallet will be there later. For tracking purposes, each day is a 24-hour period from 00:00 - 23:59 EVE time. Any more frequent will lead to an investigation.
  4. Students may not request reimbursement for skills purchased or otherwise obtained while not in the Uni. The Skillbook Program is only for skillbooks needed currently by the student and they may only request reimbursement of those books that qualify that they purchase while in the Uni. This is one of the reasons it's recommended that a pilot completes as many of the Career Tutorial paths as possible as they gain many skillbooks for free.

Where possible, members with access should check the corporation hangars prior to using the skillbook wallet.

If an error is made in a reimbursement, please tell us about it by clicking this link: | Linky

Skillbooks from Hangars

Members with Alpha access or higher are encouraged to check the corporation hangars when looking for skillbooks. The skillbook containers are refreshed periodically, and hold a vast majority of common skills.

Members may take one of each required skillbooks that they can use, but must follow the normal corp hangar process and ensure any stacks are re-locked. Skillbooks may also be provided to other members who do not currently have hangar access, however excessive usage of this may lead to investigation.

It should go without saying that skillbooks provided are not for resale, and like any other E-UNI service, abuse of this may lead to your dismissal. Remember that skillbooks, as with all corp resources, are not for use by alternate characters or accounts.

To request a skillbook from the hangar if you do not have access, simply ask in the Corp chat channel. Where at all possible, please Auto Link the skillbook and type the ISK requested.

Using the Skillbook Wallet

Members with no Title

Requesting Reimbursement

  1. Ensure that the skillbook is NPC seeded, and costs 1 million ISK or less.
    1. From the list of skills on your character sheet locate the skill and right click on it and select "View Market Details", or
    2. Open the market window, change the range to "Region" and select the "Search" tab.
    3. Enter part of the name, and click "Search"
    4. Select the skillbook, and click the "Details" tab.
    5. 'NPC Seeded' skillbooks all have an expiry of 364 days, and the same price listed at various locations.
  2. Ask in Corp chat for reimbursement of the skillbook, ensure you Auto Link the name. Please also include the ISK amount you are requesting. It helps if you include the isk for each skillbook, as well as the total.
  3. Wait patiently for someone to notice the request - give it at least 5 minutes before requesting again.
  4. You will receive the ISK directly into your wallet. You can then purchase the skillbook.
  5. Finally, please ensure you confirm that you have received the ISK to avoid any duplication.

Members with Freshman or Greater Titles

Personal Reimbursement

  1. Open your wallet window and swap to the Corporation Wallet tab.
  2. Ensure the active wallet division is "EVE University Skillbooks". If not, click "Change Division".
  3. Click "Take ISK" and enter the exact NPC seeded price of the skillbook in the Amount box.
  4. Under reason, enter the name of the specific skillbook in question.
  5. Double check the information entered!
  6. Click OK, and the ISK will be transferred to your personal wallet.

Reimbursing Other Members

  1. First, let the member know in Corp chat that you are going to process the request for them.
  2. Check the information of the requesting member - if they have the freshman title, direct them to the "Personal Reimbursement" section on this page.
  3. Open your wallet window and swap to the Corporation Wallet tab.
  4. Ensure the active wallet division is "EVE University Skillbooks". If not, click "Change Division".
  5. Click "Transfer ISK" and enter the name of the E-UNI member in the box. Click the (i) and Show Info to ensure you have the right person!
  6. Enter the skillbook price they quoted in the Amount box.
  7. Under reason, enter the name of the specific skillbook. If there is more then one, fit as many as you can, and be sure the ISK total amount entered reflects the skillbooks mentioned in the reason field. You may abbreviate the names of the skillbooks. Make further reimbursements for any extra skillbooks whose names cannot be included in the reason field.
  8. Double check the information entered!
  9. Click OK, and the ISK will be transferred to their personal wallet.

In both cases, in the event the wallet does not contain enough ISK to complete the transaction, please let a Manager or Director know via the 'Skillbook Wallet Is Empty' Forum thread , and they can top it up - please do not make any donations to the wallet itself.

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