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All fleet members will benefit from setting up and maintaining a Fleet Watch List.


The Fleet Watch List has multiple purposes. For squad commanders, it helps them see if their squad members are near their current location in space. For logistics ships (remote cap, armor, shield repair), it helps them to see who needs to be repaired and to lock pilots without pecking through the fleet window. For others, it allows you to quickly select warp to member within x (never ever warp to your intel members at 0).

To set up a Fleet Watch List, you must first have your Fleet GUI in hierarchy mode (see Fleet User Interface). Make sure your tab is set to "My Fleet," and left click on Fleet Actions (> icon to the very left) and select "view as hierarchy." Of note, this particular view should be your standard.


The Fleet Watch List has a maximum of 15 pilots that can be on it at any one time. You, your squad commander, wing commander, or Fleet Command (always obey the one higher up in channel unless the FC or Eve University operating procedures state otherwise) will need to make the decision of whom to drop so you can fit new ones.

You can add to the Watch List several ways. One method is to use the Fleet window in hierarchy view, right click a fleet member, and select "Add to Watch List." Another method is right click on the character's portrait, drop down and select fleet, and then add to watch list. A third method is the "x up" approach, when a pilot types an "x" in Fleet chat, right click that pilot's name, go to Fleet in the pop-up menu, then "Add to Watch List."

If you want to add an entire squad to your watch list, right click your Squad Commander and select "Add Squad Members to Watch List." All Squad Commanders are encouraged to do this prior to leading a squad into battle.

Your fleet command (it might be the FC, WC or SC) should tell you who to add to your watch list. As common practice, in case they do not, you should add your FC, WC, as well as scouts.

To use the watch list for warp purposes, right click on the name in the watch list, and you can select warp (which warps you to 0 in the last known position of the ship the person is flying -- NEVER do this for warping to the party doing intel), or warp to x where you select the distance (10km being the shortest you should ever warp to an intel person).

If Intel pilots (scouts) are in the fleet, they are typically in their own wing with the wing number being the highest number with only a small number of people in the wing/squad.

When pilots on your watch list are on grid with you and are not cloaked, you will see three bars to the right of their names. The first bar is the health of their ships' shields. The second bar shows armor health, and the third bar shows structure health. Squad commanders are encouraged to request squad members who join their fleets with damaged armor or structure to repair these problems before the fleet leaves. If you do not see these bars, the pilot is either off grid from you or cloaked.

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