Serpentis Fleet Shipyard

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Locating & Difficulty

This is a combat site that can be scanned down with probes, and can be found in null security space in the Serpentis regions.

The site is behind an acceleration gate. Warping to the side lands you at 0 on the gate.

This site is rated DED 10/10.

The Site Itself

This deadspace complex is the fleet shipyard headquarters of the Core department of the Serpentis Corporation. It is defended by a massive battle fleet, manufactured by the corporation and assisted by the best mercenaries available. DED Threat Assessment: Critical (10 of 10)

Warping to the site lands on an acceleration gate at 0.

Room 1

The entrance pocket of this Serpentis Fleet Shipyard complex serves as a checkpoint for clearance of authorized personnel and pedestrian traffic, intended to enforce circulation control measures and other regulations. This sector is lightly defended compared to the battle fleet that resides deeper within the complex.

@ 5 km from warp-in
1x Battleships
1x Battlecruisers
4x Destroyers

@ 55 km from warp-in
1x Overseer Battleship
4x Battleships
5x Battlecruisers
12x Destroyers
1x Stasis Towers
2x Cruise Missile Batteries

Acceleration gate to Room 2 is 55 km from warp-in.

Room 2

This central pocket of the complex houses the main hangar area, storing the bulk of the fleet reserves. Three acceleration gates give way to other pockets within the complex, two towards external hangar areas and repair equipment, and one towards the Fleet Headquarters. The gate towards the HQ is encoded with a confidential security code.

1x Serpentis Major Overseer Battleship
8x Battleships
11x Battlecruisers
6x Destroyers
2x Stasis Towers
4x Sentry Towers
2x Cruise Missile Launchers

There are three acceleration gates from this room to the Alpha/Beta/Fleet Hangar rooms. (The site is considered complete if any of the final rooms are completed and will despawn if you warp out of the site)

Alpha Hangar

This hangar area bestows docking rigs and Alpha fleet hangars. The pocket is administered by one of the Serpentis XOs.

1x Serpentis Executive Officer Overseer
8x Battleships
5x Battlecruisers
15x Destroyers
2x Cruise Missile Batteries
4x Heavy Missile Batteries
3x Tower Sentries

There is an acceleration gate back to Room 2.

Beta Hangar

This hangar area bestows repair lattices and Beta fleet hangars. The pocket is administered by one of the Serpentis XOs.

1x Serpentis Deadspace Sergeant Overseer - Drops faction loot
7x Battleships
9x Battlecruisers
15x Destroyers
2x Cruise Missile Batteries
1x Stasis Tower
3x Tower Sentries
2x Heavy Missile Batteries

There is an acceleration gate back to Room 2.

Fleet HQ

The Core Serpentis fleet headquarters are heavily defended by a massive battle fleet of elite officers and tactical veterans. It is inside this base that the Serpentis Corporation lays out its martial strategies for the annexation of space around the Gallente border zones. It is here that the designs for war machines and high-tech weapons of destruction are devised and rolled into action.

9x Battleships
9x Battlecruisers
12x Destroyers
4x Cruise Missile Batteries
2x Heavy Missile Batteries

Serpentis Stronghold shoots Citadel Thermal Torpedos and webs within 50 km.

There is an acceleration gate back to Room 2.

If all player ships are greater than 60 km from the Serpentis Stronghold, it won't repair its armor damage. It still repairs full shields every few seconds, but it can be killed more easily this way.


You can get about 60 million ISK in bounties from fully clearing the site. The Serpentis Stronghold is guaranteed to drop a 23rd Tier Officer's Personal Effects (~133 million ISK), and has a chance of dropping Core X-type and Shadow Serpentis modules.

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