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The Micro Jump Drive or MJD is a propulsion module that spools up, then jumps the ship forward 100km in the direction it is facing. Upon arrival, the ship maintains its direction and velocity. Warp scramblers can be used to disrupt the module. Spool up time is reduced by the skill Micro Jump Drive Operation.



The Micro Jump Drive comes in two sizes. The Large MJD is a Battleship-sized module, while the Medium MJD is a Battlecruiser-sized module.


Large Micro Jump Drive:

  • Cap Cost: 786 GJ
  • Activation Time: 12 sec
  • Reactivation Delay: 180 sec
  • Sig Radius: 150%

Medium Micro Jump Drive:

  • Cap Cost: 197 GJ
  • Activation Time: 12 sec
  • Reactivation Delay: 180 sec
  • Sig Radius: 150%

Micro Jump Field Generator

  • Cap Cost: 85GJ
  • Activation Time: 9 sec
  • Reactivation Delay: 160 sec
  • Sig Radius: 150%


Upon activation, an MJD spools up for 12 seconds, then jumps 100km in the direction the ship is facing. There is a 3 minute cool down before you can use it again.

Upon activation, the Micro Jump Field Generator spools up for 9 seconds, then jumps 100KM in the direction the ship is facing. There is a 2 minute 40 second cool down before you can use it again.


  • The ship's velocity and direction is maintained after jumping. If you were moving toward the sun at 200m/s before the jump, you'll be 100km closer to the sun, still moving at 200m/s after the jump.
  • The maintained velocity and direction are that of your ship directly before the jump, not when the module was activated.
  • You can't issue movement commands during the MJD spool-up.
  • You can't activate your MJD if you've instructed your ship to warp.
  • You can activate your MJD during an align. If you are aligned before jumping, you can warp immediately after.
  • You can be moving away from the front of a station and turn around just before the 12 second delay. You might then end up on the other side of the station. Any objects in the path of the jump have no effect and are unaffected.
  • If you try to deactivate the MJD while it is charging, you will still jump.
  • When charging, your ship will go to max speed and you cannot stop it.
  • If the MJD is charging and you are warp scrammed during the spool up, your jump will fail.
  • Warp disruptors do not affect the MJD, only warp scramblers.
  • If you activate the MJD, get warp scrammed but break the scramble before the jump, you will still jump.
  • Warp core stabilisers do not prevent warp scramblers from disabling your MJD.
  • The timer doesn't reset after re-docking. In fact, you can't even unfit the module till the timer finishes.
  • MJDs work in bubbles.
  • If you have a lock on something and then micro-jump, you maintain that lock provided the target is still in range. Conversely, if an enemy has a lock on you, they will retain the lock after the jump provided you're still in range.
  • You maintain control of your drones after Micro-jumping.


The MJD requires Micro Jump Drive Operation I skill to use. The skill gives a 5% bonus to reducing the activation time of the MJD. The skill requires Navigation IV and Warp Drive Operation II.

So at level 5 it'll take 9 seconds instead of 12. Three seconds can make a difference. If an interceptor going at 8km/s comes at you, you're going to get at 24km leeway.

Potential Uses

  • The most obvious use is for long range setups to stay at range or escape an enemy that has closed.
  • Alternatively the MJD can be used offensively, for example to jump 100km through bubbles, which cannot be done by warp drive even with a good warp in.
  • MJD can be used to make strategic bookmarks around gates or stations (but a MWD fast frigate would be better)
  • A group of battleships that have warped together can spread out from each other relatively quickly upon arrival, if each points in a different direction before all MJDs execute (the battleships don't have to warp together at all either)
  • You can snipe some distance from a gate and when a target jumps in, you can activate the MJD and fire weapons. If the target tries to reach you before the MJD activates, you'll gain 100km to retarget and shoot again. This would require the target to be slow enough/you can snipe very far depending on how far the target can move in 12 seconds.



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