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In a peaceful universe, we would all be free to mission to our heart's content without any unwanted interference. But EVE is not a peaceful universe. War seems to loom over the University almost constantly, and during such times it can be dangerous to run missions on your Uni Main, as War Targets can engage you without repercussion. This guide will attempt to give instruction on a method of using a second account to complete missions relatively safely while allowing you to continue making progress on your standings with your main. This method requires using an out-of-corp alt on a second account.

  1. Form a fleet with your University character.
  2. Invite the out-of-corp alt.
  3. Have the alt accept the mission.
  4. Bring the alt to the system where the mission destination is located and dock.
  5. Using a cheap ship, travel to the system with the mission bookmark with your Uni character and dock at the same station as your alt.
  6. Check local for hostiles. Do not undock if there are hostiles in local.
  7. Undock both characters (carefully), alt first.
  8. Orbit close (less than 2000 m) to the station or use an insta-undock bookmark.
  9. From your Uni character, warp the fleet towards the mission bookmark. (You can do this in the same right-click-activated context menu where you select "Warp to location".)
  10. Immediately stop your Uni character's ship by pressing ctrl + space and dock up. Do not let your ship enter warp.
  11. Perform the mission with the alt.
  12. Complete the mission with the main back at the station.