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In addition to the general wiki categorization guidelines provided by Help:Categorization, there are several considerations for categorization that are unique to the UniWiki. Because the UniWiki is a relatively small project, its categories are not as granular as those found in projects such as Wikipedia. Relatedly, the small amount of categories often serves to make navigation by category easier than in other projects, so proper category organization is imperative.


General guidelines

  • All articles and media should belong to at least one category.
    • Media files should generally only belong to a single, most-relevant category.
    • Articles may belong to as many categories as are appropriate.
    • Categories dedicated to specific media types (such as "image" categories) are deprecated and will be eliminated in the near future.
  • Editors should check existing categories for a match before creating new ones.
    • If an editor feels that an article or media file does not fit within any current category, they are welcome to create a new category that they feel is appropriate.
      • When creating new categories, editors should populate the Category page with a brief description of what articles or media the category is intended to include.
  • The categories of media files may not necessarily be related to the categories of the articles in which they are used.
  • Articles should generally only be categorized in the lowest-level category that is appropriate (for example, Small Gneiss Deposit would go in Category:Ore sites rather than Category:Mining). Exceptions exist in cases where an article would not be placed in a category where a reader may logically choose to look for it (for example, Catching the Scent is an Epic Arc mission, and is placed in both Category:Epic Arcs and Category:Missions, even though Epic Arcs is a subcategory of Missions).
  • Most categories should have a main article that provides an overview of the category. If it exists, this article should be linked on the Category page using {{main}}.

For a general outline of the UniWiki's categorization structure, see UniWiki:Structure.

Category conflicts

PvE and PvP

Category:PvE and Category:PvP are mutually exclusive; articles are strongly related to one or to neither, and should not be assigned to both categories. Articles detailing general combat concepts or mechanics should be assigned to Category:Combat in lieu of either of these categories.

Fleets and PvP

Articles assigned to Category:Fleets should not also be automatically assigned to Category:PvP. Fleets are used outside of PvP in a variety of situations, particularly in Incursions, but also during group mission running, or as a means to form "standing" or "quick-response" fleets.

User Interface and Game mechanics

Most images depicting elements of EVE user interface would normally belong in Category:User Interface. However, some images may be used to easily show ship or item attributes as viewed via "Show Info". In these cases, Category:Game mechanics may be used.

Accounts/Applications and API

Images related to account services and management generally belong in Category:Accounts (in the case of API management) or Category:Applications (for third-party applications that use API keys). However, when these images depict the use of API keys, Category:API may be used. With the upcoming deprecation of both XML and CREST APIs, this may cease to be a conflict.

Fitting and Fittings

Category:Fittings contains all sub-articles of the form <ship name>/Fittings that contain fittings for specific ships categorized in Category:Ship Database. This category should be considered deprecated and no longer in use, as the Fittings Department will be migrating these fittings to the main Ship Database pages and removing the sub-articles. All other articles containing information about general fitting principles, or articles related to modules, should be placed in the new Category:Fitting.

Guidelines by category


Main article: Accounts

Articles and media relating to EVE account management or character creation. The exception to this is articles and media related to the EVE API; these belong in Category:API.

See above for possible category conflicts.


Articles and media relating to agent NPCs that grant missions. While articles about agents of a specific type should be placed in the appropriate subcategory (where applicable), all agent portraits should be placed in Category:Agents specifically.



Articles and media relating to the use of the EVE Online APIs (XML, CREST, or ESI).

See above for possible category conflicts.


Articles and media relating to third-party applications and software. A good rule of thumb is that this category should contain articles or media detailing any program or interface that is not native to the EVE client. The biggest exception to this rule would be media or images relating to official CCP/EVE websites, such as Account Management or EVE Community. These would be better placed in Category:Accounts.

Applying to EVE University

Main article: Applying to EVE University
See also: Category:EVE University

Articles related to EVE University's application process. Media related to the EVE University Portal or Tool should be placed in Category:Applications, while media related to those parts of the application process should be placed in either Category:EVE University or Category:User Interface, as appropriate.


Main article: Classes

Articles detailing classes offered by EVE University. These articles often also belong to Category:Syllabi. Some classes (but not all) belong to one of several subcategories that rate a class based on the difficulty of its subject matter.



Articles related to game mechanics involved in all forms of combat. This category serves a supercategory to a great many subcategories, in particular Category:PvE, Category:PvP, and Category:Weapons.


Main article: Corporations

Articles and media related to corporations mechanics and in-game organizations (including NPC corporations). Logos for both NPC and player corporations belong here.

Cosmic Anomalies

Articles detailing Cosmic Anomalies found in known space (wormhole ore sites are listed in Category:Ore sites, however).


Cosmic Signatures

Articles detailing Cosmic Signatures found in known space (scannable signatures in wormholes should be listed in Category:Wormhole sites).



Main article: COSMOS

Articles related to COSMOS missions and sites.



This category contains all disambiguation pages. These pages are automatically assigned to this category through the use of the {{disambig}} template.

For information on formatting disambiguation pages, see the UniWiki Manual of Style.


Articles detailing specific fleet doctrines. These articles should ideally include information about fittings, design philosophy, and intended use.


Main article: Drones

Articles and media related to drone mechanics and use.


Main article: DUST 514
See also: Category:DUST University

Articles related to CCP's now-defunct game, DUST 514. This category is deprecated and no longer in use.

DUST University

See also: Category:DUST Articles related to DUST University, a subsidiary of EVE University that was founded to further EVE University's mission in DUST 514. This category is deprecated and no longer in use. All articles in this category are marked with {{HistoricalDUST}} and are no longer in use.

Epic Arcs

Articles related to Epic Arc missions. Individual missions that are part of Epic Arcs are listed both in this category as well as in Category:Missions for ease of reference.

EVE University

Main article: EVE University

Any articles or media directly relating to EVE University should belong to this category, unless they are associated with a specific campus, in which case they should be categorized with that campus. There are several sub-categories that contain articles on the various sub-divisions of the University (campuses, departments, etc.); most of these categories will not contain any media.

Campus subcategories

Other subcategories


Articles detailing both in-game and out-of-game events. This category includes events that a part of the game itself, as well as events organized by EVE University.


Articles detailing the changes introduced in the various expansions. Though these articles almost always detail past events, they should not be marked as deprecated, as they serve as a useful record for tracking when particular changes were implemented.


Articles detailing expeditions (also known as escalations).


Main article: Exploration

Articles related to exploration, scanning, and hacking. This category includes both combat and non-combat sites.

Faction Warfare

Main article: Faction warfare

Articles related to faction warfare.


Main article: Factions

Articles and media related to NPC factions. Faction logos belong here, but logos for corporations within a faction should be placed in Category:Corporations.


Articles containing player-created fiction. Articles detailing official fiction published by CCP should be put in Category:Lore.


Articles related to fitting ships and structures. This category is replacing Category:Fittings in function.

See above for possible category conflicts.


This category contains the fittings sub-articles for ship articles in Category:Ship Database. It should be considered deprecated and no longer in use.

See above for further details and possible category conflicts.


Articles related to fleet mechanics and command.

Game mechanics

Articles and media relating to the mechanics of actual gameplay. Serves as a supercategory for a great many other categories, in particular Category:Combat and its sub-categories.

See above for possible category conflicts.

Getting Started

This category contains articles that are particularly useful for new players. A general rule of thumb for membership in this category is that these articles should be geared toward players who have just completed the Inception tutorial, and may be wondering what to do next.


For the purposes of the UniWiki, a "guide" is a walkthrough, set of step-by-step instructions, or explanation of a game mechanic or concept geared toward new players. Any page that does not meet this definition should not be assigned to this category. For more information, see Category:Guides.


Articles related to moving cargo from place to place.

Inactive Services

This category contains articles detailing services that have been offered by EVE University in the past, but for whatever are no longer offered or active. They are kept for historical reference. They should not be marked as deprecated; rather, articles in this category will either have boilerplate headings detailing the details of the inactivity, or will be marked with the {{historical}} template.


This category should contain mostly small PNG images that can be used in a variety of contexts. This category also includes any icons that are drawn from the EVE client user interface. Item images (almost always PNGs) may be categorized here when the item image also represents its own effect (e.g. stasis webifier, target painter, energy neutralizer, etc.).


Main article: Incursions

Articles and media related to Incursions. For ease of reference, media files related to Incursions are categorized both in this category by default, as well as in the category to which they would belong if they were not related to Incursions.



Articles related to the manufacturing and production of ships and other items.

Articles related to mining and resource harvesting should be placed in Category:Mining, while articles related to the buying and selling of items (regardless of their use) should be placed in Category:Trade.



All articles and media related to items as they appear in cargoholds and inventories. Images in this category should be of just items themselves. Images that are related to items, but focus on other aspects such as contextual menus, should be categorized according to the focus subject.


Articles related to the offical lore of EVE Online. Player-created works should be placed in Category:Fiction.

With CCP's deployment of the EVE Fiction Portal, the UniWiki will no longer host detailed lore articles previously hosted on the EVElopedia. Short lore articles with external links to more complete sources, or lore articles related to mechanics or other in-game concepts, are permitted.


Articles related to mining and resource harvesting.

Articles related to manufacturing and hauling should be placed in Category:Industry, while articles related to planetary interaction should be placed in Category:Planetary Interaction.


Articles related to running all types of missions, as well as articles detailing specific missions.



Articles and media related to non-player characters.



Articles (generally in the User namespace) and media related to the players of EVE Online, both in-game and out-of-game.

Planetary Interaction

Articles related to planetary interaction.

Articles related to mining and other non-planetary resource harvesting should be placed in Category:Mining, while articles related to the manufacturing and production of ships and other non-PI items should be placed in Category:Industry.


Articles related to player-owned starbases. While these structures are still used, this category may become deprecated in the future.


Articles and media related to "player versus environment" activities. Most articles will fall into one of this category's subcategories, but some more general articles may belong here.

See above for possible category conflicts.



Articles and media related to "player versus player" activities.

See above for possible category conflicts.


Ship Database

Articles dedicated to recording stats/fittings/general descriptions of player-controlled ships. Any page that uses {{ShipArticle}} should be placed in this category. All other articles detailing ships should be placed in Category:Ships.

This category contains numerous subcategories containing all ships available to players. These subcategories contain articles for specific ships belonging to that type, as well as articles detailing that ship type in general (such as Interceptors). These general articles are members of Category:Ships, and should be the only articles not in Category:Ship Database contained in its subcategories.

For ease of reference, all articles in this category should be placed both in the main category as well as the appropriate subcategory.



Articles and media relating to all ships, both player- and NPC-controlled. This category specifically does not include the actual ship articles (essentially any article that uses {{ShipArticle}}).

Articles detailing ship types (e.g. Interceptors) are included in this category. These articles are also grouped with ship-specific articles in the various subcategories of Category:Ship Database, and should be the only non-ship-specific articles categorized in this way.

All images of ships should be placed in this category.


Articles related to attributes, pilot learning, and skills.


Articles related to claiming and maintaining sovereignty in claimable nullsec systems.


Articles and media related to objects in space, whether they are player-deployable or set pieces.


This category contains all stub articles. Stubs are short articles that should be expanded upon if possible.


Articles structured as syllabi for classes offered by EVE University. These articles often also belong to Category:Classes. Some classes (but not all) belong to one of several subcategories that rate a class based on the difficulty of its subject matter. This category is automatically assigned by the {{Syllabus}} template.

===Syllabus Reviewed This subcategory of Category:Syllabi contains all syllabi that have been reviewed by Teaching Department staff.

Teaching Resources

Articles written for teachers and other players who are interested in teaching a class at EVE University.



This category contains templates used on the UniWiki. This category should be transcluded through use of the {{documentation}} template, and should not be placed on the main template page itself.

For general information about templates on the UniWiki, see UniWiki:Templates.

Template documentation

This category contains documentation pages for templates used on the UniWiki. These pages are named <template>/doc, and can be transcluded onto the main template page by using the {{documentation}} template.

For more information about writing template documentation, see UniWiki:Templates.

Templates copied from Wikia Templates

Templates in this category were copied from Wikia Templates (as the category name suggests). Template creators are by no means required to state the origin of any templates they may copy from other MediaWiki sites - this category is kept simply for historical reference.


Articles related to the buying and selling of items, regardless of their use.

Articles related to the manufacture and production of ships and other items should be placed in Category:Industry, while articles related to moving cargo from place to place should be placed in Category:Hauling.

UniWiki Manual of Style

Articles that are part of the UniWiki Manual of Style.

User Interface

Most articles in this category will not be assigned to additional categories; most elements of the user interface are universal, and have applications in a variety of areas. Articles detailing the user interface should only be assigned to additional categories if their function is exclusive to a specific aspect of gameplay - for example, an article about the Fleet interface would also be assigned to Category:Fleets.

This category should contain all images of windows or menus that are native to the EVE client, regardless of subject matter. This does not necessarily include images of objects or icons in space; these will often be better suited to Category:Structures or Category:Game mechanics.

See above for possible category conflicts.


Articles related to weapon systems.

Wiki Images

An image category used for images that do not fit in other image categories. This category is deprecated, and will eventually be eliminated.

Wiki Information

This is a supercategory for maintenance categories, as well as meta articles regarding the administration and maintenance of the UniWiki itself.



Articles related to wormholes and wormhole systems.