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Epic Arcs form a branching chain of Missions split into Chapters that can be repeated every ninety days. Epic Arc Missions are more difficult than basic Missions of equal level and cannot expire.

Epic Arc rewards are millions of ISK, Faction Modules and their Blueprint Copies and a large Faction Standing increase. Epic Arc Faction Standing increase, uniquely, does not affect other Faction Standings through Derived Standing and can be shared with other members of the Fleet.

Epic Arc Faction Missions Level Starting System Starting Region
The Blood-Stained Stars Sisters of EVE 51 1 Arnon Essence
Angel Sound Angel Cartel 11 3 Multiple Multiple
Smash and Grab Guristas Pirates 12 3 Multiple Multiple
Right to Rule Amarr Empire 18 4 Kor-Azor Prime Kor-Azor
Penumbra Caldari State 17 4 Josameto The Forge
Syndication Gallente Federation 19 4 Dodixie Sinq Laison
Wildfire Minmatar Republic 18 4 Frarn Heimatar

Repeating an Epic Arc

Once ninety days have passed after completion of a particular arc, you can talk again to the Epic Arc Starting Agent. You will not be alerted when you can start the Epic Arc again.

Agent when restarting an Epic Arc
Hello <Character>. Good to see you again. I would like to remind you that you have previously completed this epic arc and for you to embark on it once again I would have to erase all memory of the arc from your mind. Are you sure you would like to start this journey once again and lose all history of this arc?