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Epic arcs form form a chain of missions which is split up into chapters. Throughout the arc, the player will be offered several choices which will branch the arc in one or more directions. There are seven (7) Epic Mission Arcs. One for each of the four empire factions; two for the pirate factions (Angels and Guristas); and one for the Sisters of Eve corporation. The latter is an especially good starting point for new pilots.

The missions that make up these arcs typically have very good ISK rewards and the last mission of the arc carries a very handsome reward. Each epic arc can be repeated every three months.

The faction standing from epic arcs is shared with the fleet. This is different from other missions with standing rewards, as no other way to share faction standings exist.

If you click on the title of an Epic Arc in this list, you will go to a page that describes the Arc in full, including a listing of all its required missions.

Sisters of EVE arc

The Blood-Stained Stars is the SOE epic arc. It is a level 1 mission chain that takes place in high security space and can be completed in a destroyer. Due to its low requirements completing this arc is recommended for new players.

Beware though that this is by far the longest epic arc with 50 missions.

The Blood-Stained Stars

  • Faction: Sisters of EVE
  • Corporation: Sisters of EVE
  • Agent: Sister Alitura
  • Agent Level: 1
  • Starting location: Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of Eve Bureau

Empire epic arcs

The empire epic arcs are aimed at experienced L4 mission runners. These arcs take place mostly in high security space with some optional low and null security sections.

Right to Rule

  • Faction: Amarr Empire
  • Corporation: Ministry of Internal Order
  • Agent: Karde Romu
  • Agent Level: 4
  • Starting location: Kor-Azor Prime


  • Faction: Caldari State
  • Corporation: Expert Distribution
  • Agent: Aursa Kunivuri
  • Agent Level: 4
  • Starting location: Josameto


  • Faction: Gallente Federation
  • Corporation: Impetus
  • Agent: Roineron Aviviere
  • Agent Level: 4
  • Starting location: Dodixie


  • Faction: Minmatar Republic
  • Corporation: Brutor Tribe
  • Agent: Arsten Takalo
  • Agent Level: 4
  • Starting location: Frarn

Pirate epic arcs

There are two Pirate Arcs; one for the Guristas Pirates, the other for the Angel Cartel.

The missions themselves are in fairly dangerous 0.0 areas, so be sure to be prepared to evade camps, and hunters. Many of the missions can be handed in and/or accepted without docking; be sure to always do "Start Conversation" with the agent to see if you can talk to them remotely.

Be familiar with survival techniques like the cloak/MWD trick before you attempt these missions. To be even safer, go with a cheap frigate first and make tactical gate bookmarks and instant-undocks. Also, research the routes to get to the mission sites and avoid the dangerous ones (some highsec to 0.0 gates, for example, are often heavily camped).

The rewards make the risk worthwile. Both pirate arcs will give you one pirate faction EWAR module and one pirate cruiser BPC and hefty mission isk rewards of 5-10 million isk per mission. you will also receive massive 30% bonus to your pirate faction standing.

Each of the arcs have multiple starting agents. As a result you can have up to three offers for the starting mission. But you still can not do the mission more often than once every three months. if you try to accept the other two offers after the first offer the mission offer will simply vanish.

Angel Sound

  • Faction: Angel Cartel
  • Corporation: Dominations
  • Agent: Ellar Stin
  • Agent Level: 3
  • Starting location: Konora, Egbinger or Sendaya

Smash and Grab

  • Faction: Guristas Pirates
  • Corporation: Guristas
  • Agent: Yada Vinjivas
  • Agent Level: 3
  • Starting location: Taisy, Obe or Orvolle