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Each epic mission arc is a special series of missions tied together in a dramatic story. These are often more difficult than standard missions of "equivalent" level, but have better narrative and often better rewards. The last mission in each arc gives a significant faction standing boost - with no derived standings changes to other factions - and may also award a valuable item. Each epic arc has at least one branch point where your decision of how to continue will affect both the story and your rewards.

The epic arcs can involve a lot of travel, but many of the missions can be accepted and/or completed remotely to reduce travel time. Epic arc missions do not expire, and each arc can be repeated every three months.

Epic Mission Arcs -- Sisters of EVE | Amarr | Caldari | Gallente | Minmatar | Angels | Guristas

"The Brutor tribe stands in to support an historical research effort being undertaken by the Republic University, a move bolstered by the presence of a powerful and capable capsuleer - that is, you. Repeatedly denied access to an important historical artifact, the academics are pitted in a constant struggle to uncover ancient truths, and it will be your mission to help them. The histories of conquered civilizations are seldom told in full by the victors, and many organizations will do their best to keep things that way."



To start the Minmatar Epic Arc you must have standings of 5.0 or higher with the Brutor Tribe corporation or the Minmatar Republic faction. In addition to being comfortable with level 4 missions, you should have the Hacking and Archaeology skills trained (Hacking III (minimum III required) and Archaeology I are sufficient).


At the end of this Epic Mission Arc you will decide whether to cooperate with a Gallente historian or with the Defiants, a splinter group of the Republic Fleet. The Defiants will award you

  • +5% Minmatar Republic faction standing (6.25% at Social V)
  • 10 x RSS Core Scanner Probes

The Gallente historian will award you

  • +10% Minmatar Republic faction standing (12.5% at Social V)

After you complete the arc, be sure to check that you have received the faction standing increase, because there have been many cases of people not receiving the increase. If your standing has not changed, file a petition. It may help to include a link to CCP Dropbear's post in the old forums.


You will face mostly Angels with some Mercenaries, Amarr, and Ammatar.

You will receive few minor standing hits towards Amarr and Ammatar if you engage their ships. Luckily none of them need to be destroyed.

Ships and fits

In this arc you will be mostly fighting against Angel Cartel ships. Few missions will also have Amarr Empire ships but you don't need to fight them, just tank.

Shield tanked ships are recommended for their better native Ex/Kin resistances.

The third chapter has multiple missions where you need to hack while being shot at by Amarr ships. If you want to make things easy you should bring a heavily armor tanked battlecruiser. You can keep the battlecruiser parked in Tanoo system as all the hacking missions are near it. The hacker fit should have a relic analyzer, MJD, MWD or oversized AB and EM/Th tank with Ex/Kin refit in cargo.


Most of the missions can be blitzed. For best results you will need a combat ship and a heavy tanked hacking ship. If your combat ship is armor tanked battleship it can do both jobs.

Combat ship is needed in the missions where you kill things. This ship is needed in all three chapters. You will be fighting Angels (Ex best damage to dea, Kin secondary damage to deal. Same to tank) and mercenaries (Kin/Th best damage to deal, same to tank). Short and long ranged weapons both work. You will want to carry MJD and data analyzer in cargo for refitting for few missions.

The incoming damage can be quite high so don't go light on tank. Burst tank is more important than sustained tank since all of the combat missions allow you to bounce within the pocket.

Heavy hacker is needed in the third chapter. There are multiple missions where you need to hack under fire without shooting yourself at all.

If your combat ship is an armor tanked battleship you can refit it for hacking. If you do fighting in shield battleship it is best to buy a battlecruiser with large number of low slots works for this. Fit for high resists (depending on mission either EM/TH or EX/KIN) and two armor repairers, MJD, AB/MWD and relic analyzer. Free slots for capacitor and rigs for repair/capacitor. Armor tanked ships are better for this since you need mid slots for other than tanking.

If you have dedicated ship for this keep it parked in system of Tanoo for running the hacking in third arc.


Chapter 1 - The Passage

  1. A Demonstration
  2. The Cost of Preservation
  3. Written By The Victors
  4. Glowing Embers
  5. From Way Above
  6. Friends In High Places
  7. My Little Eye

Chapter 2 - Songs of the Past

  1. Dead End Intercept
  2. Surfacing
  3. Who Art in Heaven
  4. Playing All Their Cards
  5. History In The Making

Chapter 3 - Revelation

  1. Church Of The Obsidian
  2. Heresiology
  3. Wildfire (mission)
  4. Stillwater
  5. With Great Power
  6. A Revelation (mission)
  1. B Retraction

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