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Each epic mission arc is a special series of missions tied together in a dramatic story. These are often more difficult than standard missions of "equivalent" level, but have better narrative and often better rewards. The last mission in each arc gives a significant faction standing boost - with no derived standings changes to other factions - and may also award a valuable item. Each epic arc has at least one branch point where your decision of how to continue will affect both the story and your rewards.

The epic arcs can involve a lot of travel, but many of the missions can be accepted and/or completed remotely to reduce travel time. Epic arc missions do not expire, and each arc can be repeated every three months.

Epic Mission Arcs -- Sisters of EVE | Amarr | Caldari | Gallente | Minmatar | Angels | Guristas

"The Brutor tribe stands in to support an historical research effort being undertaken by the Republic University, a move bolstered by the presence of a powerful and capable capsuleer - that is, you. Repeatedly denied access to an important historical artifact, the academics are pitted in a constant struggle to uncover ancient truths, and it will be your mission to help them. The histories of conquered civilizations are seldom told in full by the victors, and many organizations will do their best to keep things that way."



To start the Minmatar Epic Arc you must have standings of 5.0 or higher with the Brutor Tribe corporation or the Minmatar Republic faction. In addition to being comfortable with level 4 missions, you should have the Hacking and Archaeology skills trained (Hacking III (minimum III required) and Archaeology I are sufficient).


At the end of this Epic Mission Arc you will decide whether to cooperate with a Gallente historian or with the Defiants, a splinter group of the Republic Fleet. The Defiants will award you

  • +5% Minmatar Republic faction standing (6.25% at Social V)
  • 10 x RSS Core Scanner Probes

The Gallente historian will award you

  • +10% Minmatar Republic faction standing (12.5% at Social V)

After you complete the arc, be sure to check that you have received the faction standing increase, because there have been many cases of people not receiving the increase. If your standing has not changed, file a petition. It may help to include a link to CCP Dropbear's post in the old forums.


You will face mostly Angels with some Mercenaries, Amarr, and Ammatar.

After one completion of this arc, the following faction standing changes due to "Combat - Ship Kill" were observed:

  • Amarr Empire: -0.0%, -0.06%, -0.06% (very small losses)
  • Ammatar Mandate: -3.0%
  • Angel Cartel: -3.0%, 10 losses of 0.025% or smaller

Note that the arc can be completed without any standings losses to the Amarr Empire or Ammatar Mandate.

Other Comments

  • This is meant to be a guide, not a comprehensive reference. See EVE-Survival's Epic Arc Mission Reports and Jowan Datloran's Epic Arc Guides for more.
  • Make sure you've got a strong/proper tank, if you're flying alone. The enemies in some of the missions deal quite a bit more damage than the usual level 4 mission ships.
  • Not all missions are combat missions. Do not fight unless you have to and you know what you are doing.

The Missions

Chapter 1: The Passage

In this chapter you will fight Angels and Mercenaries, mostly in the Odengsolf constellation between Rens and Hek. To start the epic arc, talk to Arsten Takalo in Frarn. He is in space at the beacon for the Brutor Tribe Community Area.

A Demonstration

Minmatar epic 01.jpg
Type: Encounter (combat optional)

Reward: 6,000,000 + 1,150,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Obtain 1 Olfei Medallion (0.1 m3).

  • You can buy these on the market for ~3 million ISK.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the Sveipar constellation and use your Probe Scanner window to find a cosmic anomaly called "A Demonstration" (no probe scanning is needed). The site should be present in multiple systems. After clearing the site, use an Analyzer module to loot the Abandoned Containers. Each of the 3 containers per site contains one medallion. This site is often farmed though, and the containers may be empty.

The Cost of Preservation

Minmatar epic 02.jpg
Type: Encounter (Mercenaries)

Reward: 4,000,000 + 1,370,000 (Bonus)

Collateral: 5,000,000

Summary: Destroy Aillon Boufin's ship and obtain the Hauteker Memoirs (0.1 m3).

  • Damaging Aillon Boufin triggers a large wave of Mercenaries.
  • Damaging Aillon Boufin's armor triggers a second wave.
  • You can warp out and return at range if they get too close.
  • Aillon Boufin drops an Archives Passkey. Loot the passkey and deposit it in the Archives container (70 km from warp-in). This will allow you to loot the Hauteker Memoirs.

Written by the Victors

Minmatar epic 03.jpg
Type: Encounter (Angel Cartel and Amarr Empire)

Reward: 4,000,000 + 968,000 (Bonus)

Collateral: 2,500,000

Summary: Obtain 1 Wildfire Khumaak (0.3 m3).

  • The site is guarded by multiple Angel Cartel cruisers and battlecruisers.
  • Destroying all three battlecruisers will trigger a reinforcement wave of Amarr battlecruisers and battleships. You do not lose Amarr standing for destroying these.
  • You do not actually need to destroy the ships - just loot the Wildfire Khumaak from the Central Burial Tomb and warp out. There are a lot of collidables around the tomb, so be careful when aligning.

Glowing Embers

Minmatar epic 04.jpg
Type: Courier

Destination: Todeko (6 jumps)

Reward: 6,000,000 + 1,310,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Deliver the Wildfire Khumaak.

  • You may wish to complete this mission remotely since the next mission is also in Todeko.

From Way Above

Minmatar epic 05.jpg
Type: Encounter (Angel Cartel)

Destination: Todeko

Reward: 5,000,000 + 1,430,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Destroy the enemy ships.

  • The initial guards are followed by four similar reinforcement waves which spawn approximately every three minutes, so destroy the ships as quickly as possible to try to keep the incoming damage manageable. They spawn about 60km from warp-in; you can warp back in at range to restore distance if necessary.
  • This mission has been observed to complete while there still remains at least one cruiser from each reinforcement wave. Perhaps it is only necessary to destroy the initial guards? Or only ships above cruiser size?
  • Tests show that after Destroying all BS, BC, Frigates and Destroyers (Cruisers still there) the mission is completed. If you want to "blitz" this mission, concentrate on the BC and BS, then proceed from Frigates to Destroyers to Cruisers, until the mission is completed.

Friends In High Places

Minmatar epic 06.jpg
Type: Encounter (no combat)

Destination: Alakgur (8 jumps)

Reward: 7,000,000 + 1,010,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Fly around a friendly compound following your agent's instructions.

  • You can loot the radio telescope in the end, although the mission may complete without doing it, and you don't need the items later.
  • Although the agent suggests otherwise, this mission can be completed remotely.

My Little Eye

Minmatar epic 07.jpg
Type: Courier

Destination: Aldrat (10 jumps)

Reward: 5,000,000 + 983,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Report to a new agent in Aldrat.

Chapter 2: Songs of the Past

Unless otherwise noted, missions in this chapter take place in the Aptetter constellation (the Aldrat pocket).

Dead End Intercept

Minmatar epic 08.jpg
Type: Encounter (Minmatar Republic)

Reward: 5,000,000 + 1,500,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Destroy one ship and loot the Signed Datapad (0.1 m3).

  • The guards at the site will not attack you.


Minmatar epic 09.jpg
Type: Encounter (Mercenaries)

Destination: Jark (11 jumps)

Reward: 7,000,000 + 1,680,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Destroy all enemy ships and loot the Encrypted Transmission (0.1 m3).

  • After the first wave, there are two more reinforcement waves each spawned by destroying all preceeding ships.
  • The first wave of this mission can spawn almost on top of you, does heavy damage, and can web and warp scramble, so you might want to trigger it in a shuttle and then warp back in at range in your combat ship.
  • The last wave includes three webbing spider drones.

Who Art in Heaven

Minmatar epic 10.jpg
Type: Encounter (Angel Cartel)

Reward: 5,000,000 + 1,400,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Destroy the enemy ships and approach the Archaeology Outpost.

  • This mission may be blitzable by approaching within 20k of the outpost to trigger its destruction.

Playing All Their Cards

Minmatar epic 11.jpg
Type: Encounter (Angel Cartel)

Reward: 7,000,000 + 1,620,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Hack the container and retrieve the Drive Cluster EDF-285 (0.1 m3).

  • Approach the container. When you get close, an Angel force will appear 100k off. You do not need to destroy them before hacking the container; however, it may take many cycles to successfully open the container, so you should have a good tank and be ready for scramming frigates if they make it close enough.
  • The npcs will spawn when you are within 5km of the container. If you can fit a Data Analyzer II, the added range will allow you to hack the container in complete safety (stay within 5-6km).

History in the Making

Minmatar epic 12.jpg
Type: Courier

Destination: Tanoo (13 jumps)

Reward: 7,000,000 + 1,790,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Simple courier mission to a new agent near Rens.

Chapter 3: Revelation

Missions against Ammatar and the finale against Angels. You do not lose any Ammatar standing for killing them.

Church of the Obsidian

Minmatar epic 13.jpg
Type: Encounter (Ammatar Mandate)

Granted Item: Analyzer I

Reward: 7,000,000 + 1,070,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Use a Relic Analyzer to recover the Blood Obsidian Orb (0.1 m3). Either destroy or avoid the Ammatar guards. Avoiding the guards is best done with a well-tanked ship with both Micro Jump Drive and Micro Warp Drive.

  • The initial guards are neutral. When you approach the acceleration gate, they will disappear and a wave of hostile ships will spawn, including webbing and warp disrupting frigates. Either destroy them or kite them away from the gate first (use MJD), then use the gate.
  • Destroy or avoid the ships in the deadspace pocket. The frigates may warp disrupt and web you. Again use the MJD to avoid a fight.
  • Use the Relic Analyzer to open the Chapel of Obsidian and retrieve the Blood Obsidian Orb.
  • Destroying the ships will gain you small negative faction standings towards Amarr.


Minmatar epic 14.jpg
Type: Encounter (Ammatar Mandate)

Reward: 8,000,000 + 1,230,000 (Bonus)

Summary: This is a relatively easy mission that requires lot of relic hacking to retrieve the Engraved Blood Obsidian tablet (0.1 m3). Again you can either destroy the ships or avoid negative standings by using kiting (MJD) to draw them away from the can.

  • After defeating or drawing away the guards, start analyzing the containers. The container will, upon successful analysis, spawn a cargo can with a lore item plus another container, and so on, until four new containers have spawned. So you will have to analyze 5 containers in all until the cargo container with the mission item spawns.


Minmatar epic 15.jpg
Type: Encounter (Angel Cartel)

Granted Item: Obsidian Datacore (0.1 m3)

Reward: 7,000,000 + 487,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Take the Obsidian Datacore to the Chapel Container.

  • After you deposit the datacore, it will be stolen by an NPC and you will be ambushed by a large number of Angel frigates and a few battleships, which you can either destroy or escape.
  • If you choose to flee, be careful aligning so that you do not get caught on a collidable structure.


Minmatar epic 16.jpg
Type: Encounter (Angel Cartel)

Reward: 8,000,000 + 1,280,000 (Bonus)

Summary: Defeat Karkoti Rend and take the Book of St. Arzad (0.1 m3).

  • There is an energy neutraliser tower, so that should probably be a high priority.
  • The frigates warp scramble - be careful!
  • You can either blitz Karkoti or kill his guards first (Any remaining guards vanish when Karkoti's ship is destroyed). His guards are elite cruisers and frigates and regular battleships, so they're not especially tough. Karkoti has a good tank, but not amazing, and his damage is not particularly high. He uses a microwarpdrive and seems to like to kite at a 60km range.
  • Karkoti Rend is immune to target painters.

Retraction (Option)

Oggur Marendei.jpg
Type: Courier

Destination: Todeko (9 jumps)

Reward: 10 x RSS Core Scanner Probes + 1,170,000 (Bonus) + Minmatar faction standings increase: 5% base (up to 6.25% with Social V skill trained)

Summary: Deliver the Book of St. Arzad (0.1 m3) by dropping it into the container and head back again to get your rewards.

Revelation (Option)

Minmatar epic 17b.jpg
Type: Courier

Destination: Avesber (5 jumps)

Reward: 25,000,000 + 273,000 (Bonus) + Minmatar faction standings increase: 10% base (up to 12.5% with Social V skill trained)

Summary: Deliver the Book of St. Arzad (0.1 m3) by dropping it into the container.

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