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"For over a century the mighty Amarr Empire has been at an uneasy peace with the enigmatic Sansha's Nation. But the Sansha are pushing further into Amarr space without warning or explanation. Ministry of Internal Order agent Kandus Sandar enlists you to be his primary investigator, to uncover plots and annihilate threats as only a capsuleer can."


To start the Amarr Epic Arc you must have standings of 5.0 or higher with the Ministry of Internal Order corporation or the Amarr Empire faction. In addition to being comfortable with level 4 missions, you should have the Hacking skill trained and bring a Data Analyzer module.


During this Epic Mission Arc you will decide whether to work for the Amarr Empire or for Sansha's Nation. The Amarr Empire will award you

  • +10% Amarr Empire faction standing (12.5% at Social V) with no derived standings
  • +23% Ministry of Internal Order, +43% Kor-Azor Family, and +6% Amarr Navy corporation standings
  • 1 x Imperial Navy Modified 'Noble' Implant

Sansha's Nation will award you

  • +10% Sansha's Nation faction standing (12.5% at Social V) with no derived standings, but you will lose over 3% of that unless you do the combat missions on another character
  • +23% Ministry of Internal Order, +24% Kor-Azor Family, and +?% True Power corporation standings
  • 1 x Sansha Modified 'Gnome' Implant

After you complete the arc, be sure to check that you have received the faction standing increase, because there have been many cases of people not receiving the increase. If your standing has not changed, file a petition. It may help to include a link to CCP Dropbear's post in the old forums.


You will face mostly Sansha's Nation and Amarr Empire ships, so you should tank your ship approximately equally against EM and Thermal damage, and ideally you would do EM damage (Thermal secondary). Some of the battleships' missiles do Kinetic damage, but this is relatively insignificant. In one mission you will encounter Mercenaries in Mordus ships and should refit for Kinetic/Thermal resistance and damage for that mission.

Most frigates you encounter are able to web and warp scramble, but this behavior is inconsistent. Be careful in a fleet, as frigates that do not tackle their first target may do so when they switch targets. Many of the cruisers and battleships and a few of the frigates have tracking disruption, and you should expect to encounter this in every combat mission. Also, in some of the missions there is neuting, but anything serious should be mentioned in the summaries below.

Starting Agent

Karde Romu, the starting agent for this epic arc.
Right to Rule Starting Agent
Agent[1] Corporation[1] Faction[1] System Region Mission
Karde Romu Ministry of Internal Order Amarr Empire Kor-Azor Prime[2] Kor-Azor Aiding an Investigator
  1. ^ a b c You need at least -2.00 Standing with all and at least 5.00 Standing with the Agent, their Corporation or Faction.
  2. ^ Karde Romu, MIO Agent Beacon.

Other comments

Rewards are listed using Negotiation III, but even so bonuses will vary.

This is meant to be a guide, not a comprehensive reference. See EVE-Survival's Epic Arc Mission Reports and Jowen Datloran's guide(PDF) for more. Also EVElopedia (mirror of original site).

The following people have posted some comments on their personal experience and/or fittings on their user pages:


Right to Rule is started by speaking with Karde Romu. You can accept remotely so no need to go to the MIO Agent beacon in the Kor-Azor Prime system, one jump out of Amarr. The agent will send you to another agent that will start giving you proper missions.

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