Longing Leman

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Amarr epic arc - Right to Rule
Chapter 2 - Spiderweb Politics
Previous mission: Background Check
Next mission: Languishing Lord

ObjectiveRetrieve the Communications Logs (0.1 m3)
FactionAmarr Empire
ExtraData analyzer needed
Amarr epic 08.jpg
Mission briefing
Touraj Miyan has a lot of people who hate him. They want him dead, want his land, or just want to embarrass him. Some of these people are more powerful than others. It will take a while to investigate them all.

First up is Lady Temari Jariza. Among Holders, she's a nobody. She doesn't even technically own any land holdings, just a small, floating citadel in Amdonen granted to her five-times-great grandfather for exceptional service in putting down a rebellion.

Unlike her ancestors, Lady Jariza actually has ambitions. Unfortunately for her, she's not taken very seriously. She's attempted to improve her standing through most of the common channels, ranging from patronage to marriage. She's even tried to court Lord Miyan numerous times, but she has thus far been unsuccessful. It's for this reason that she's on the suspect list. She has motive, but I need to know if she's had the means and opportunity.

I need you to hack the encrypted communications array in her territory. This should provide you with logs of all the communications and transactions in recent weeks. Bring these logs back to me.


  • You will need a Data Analyzer module to hack the Encrypted Communications Array. The mission does not provide you with one, so you'll have to get one yourself.
  • This is not a combat mission. It is not necessary to destroy any NPC ships.
  • This mission can be accepted remotely.

Single ungated pocket. The defenders are 100 km from warpin while the contianer is few kilometers away so you have time to hack the container before they even target you.


Structure 1 x Encrypted Communications Array 1 x Communications Logs

Outpost Guards

Fighter 5 x Fighter Outpost Defender (Equite)
Elite Frigate 4 x Elite Frigate Divine Imperial Imran/Sixtus Warp Disruptor Stasis webifier
Battlecruiser 6 x Battlecruiser Imperial Templar Phalanx
Battleship 7 x Battleship Imperial Templar Diviner/Judgement Tracking disruption Energy neutralizer