Making an Arrest

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Amarr epic arc - Right to Rule
Chapter 3 - The Old Guard
Previous mission: Falling into Place
Next mission: An Unfortunate End

Rewards1,000,000 + time bonus
ExtraNo combat
Mission briefing
Harkan must be dealt with immediately. His knowledge of Kor-Azor security and security codes make him a serious threat. I'll contact Kandus Sandar to get the MIO moving. Right now you need to arrest Harkan. He was granted a small fief upon his retirement. You have a good chance of catching him there.

Terrus Harkan
Commodore Harkan is an old guard of the Kor-Azor family. After multiple tours with the Imperial Navy, he became the chief security officer for House Miyan. In his decades of service, he has only had one blemish. In YC 109, he led Miyan's forces into battle against those of Lord Darabi in Fensi, a battle which he lost when Miyan surrendered. Harkan's big mistake was objecting to Miyan's surrender in public. It was not long after that Harkan retired.

Amarr epic 15.jpg

Travel to destination, and watch the explosion. If you get a lowsec destination, there's no combat so you can travel in a shuttle.

Note: If the route from Mission 15 to Mission 16 takes you through or near the Palas system, it may save time to leave your combat ship in Palas and continue to the Mission 16 destination in a shuttle or rookie ship.


Structure 1 x Harkan's Manor Will selfdestruct