An Unfortunate End

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Amarr epic arc - Right to Rule
Chapter 3 - The Old Guard
Previous mission: Making an Arrest
Next mission: Panic Response

ObjectiveReport to Riff Hebian
Rewards1,000,000 + time bonus
Riff Hebian.jpg
Mission briefing
You must inform Riff Hebian of Harkan's demise. He was very fond of the man, so he should be informed personally.

Harkan's Short Political Career
In Harkan's final years, he became a vocal critic of current Amarr slavery techniques. Though still in favor of slave labor, Harkan argued that the Empire's reliance on old methods of control such as Vitoc were too limiting. His views were cemented after the Elder invasion, which saw millions of slaves violently rebelling after they were freed of their Vitoc dependency. Harkan left the public eye after an outburst against Empress Jamyl's emancipation of ninth generation slaves cost him the favor of local Holders.

Report to the agent in Palas (about 6 jumps). The agent is located on beacon "Miyan Security Forces".