Aralin Jick (mission)

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Amarr epic arc - Right to Rule
Chapter 2 - Spiderweb Politics
Previous mission: Cowardly Commander
Next mission: Background Check

Aralin Jick
ObjectiveReport to Aralin Jick (4 jumps)
Rewards1,000,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
We need to get to the bottom of this. Those Amarr ships came from somewhere and someone.

I can't do the legwork myself. My MIO clearance can open a lot of doors, but there's too much red tape for me to jump through. You, however, can do what I can't. You can break this thing wide open.

You need to talk to someone with both a knowledge of the Sansha and local connections. Luckily, I have just such a contact: Aralin Jick.

Begin the second chapter by reporting to your new agent in Nishah VII - Moon 5 - Kor-Azor Family Treasury. This mission can be accepted remotely.