Aiding an Investigator

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Right to Rule
Chapter 1: Interference

1 Aiding an Investigator
2 Late Reports
3 The Outclassed Outpost
4 Raging Sansha
5 Cowardly Commander

Chapter 2: Spiderweb Politics

6 Aralin Jick
7 Background Check
8 Longing Leman
9 Languishing Lord
10 Razing the Outpost
11 Ascending Nobles
12 Hunting the Hunter
13 Fate of a Madman

Chapter 3a: The Old Guard

14 Catching the Scent
15 Falling into Place
16 Making an Arrest
17 An Unfortunate End
18 Panic Response
19 The Right to Rule

Chapter 3b: Alike Minds

14 Silence Rahsa
15 A Human Body
16 A Metal Mind
17 A Digital Soul
18 Regal Replacement

Kandus Sandar will be your agent for this chapter.
ObjectiveReport to Kandus Sandar
Rewards1,000,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
For you, my friend, there's always something.

Greetings, pilot. Her Majesty's Ministry of Internal Order wants your aid.

My fellow agent, Kandus Sandar, is currently investigating Sansha activity in Kor-Azor, more specifically in the Miyan territories. Are you willing to lend help to his investigation?

This is the beginning of Amarr epic arc. This mission can be accepted remotely.