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The Amarr Empire, a theocratic monarchy, is the largest nation in New Eden. It is known for its omnipresent religion and use of slave labor.




The Amarr were the first of the four empires to rediscover space travel. With space travel they expanded their empire and enslaved less advanced civilizations they encountered. During this time the Amarr enslaved the Matari people. It wasn't until encountering the Gallente and Jove that the Amarr expansion came to halt.

Nowadays the Amarr is the largest empire and perhaps the most powerful too. Slavery is still common and the relationships between Amarr and Minmatar are poor.

The home planet of Amarr is Amarr Prime in system of Amarr.

Amarr in PvE

Amarr rats deal approximately equal EM and thermal damage with small emphasis on EM damage. They are weakest against EM damage with thermal being second best damage to use.

The EWAR of choice for Amarr rats are energy neutralizing and tracking disruption. These both can be devastating for an unprepared pilot so keep these in mind if you are going to fit a ship for fighting Amarr.

Amarr ships

The Amarr Empire offers full set of tech 1 ships ranging from a shittle to titan. The Amarr ships are equipped with laser turrets with heavy armor tank.

In addition The Imperial Navy offers several upgraded ships for capsuleer use.

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