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Sisters of EVE logo

The Servant Sisters of EVE (SOE) are a humanitarian aid organization that is based on religion. The Sisters operate many stations outside empire space where weary travelers can seek refuge. SOE is also engaged in a scientific research project on the EVE gate, which they consider to be the gateway to heaven and are determined to unlock its secrets. Furthermore, the Sisters of EVE maintain stations in the unique wormhole system Thera.

The Sisters of EVE are the only "pirate" faction who have agents in highsec space. Furthermore, they do not cause (or require) bad standings with any of the four main factions. Thus, the Sisters' faction ships, the exploration frigate Astero, the exploration cruiser Stratios and the battleship Nestor can be obtained in highsec space.

They are responsible for Project Discovery phase one and its rewards.


  • CEO: Santimona Sarpati
    Sisters of Eve CEO
    Sisters of Eve CEO: Santimona Sarpati
  • Home: X-7OMU
  • Ticker name: SEVE
  • Size: medium
  • Extent: Global

Settled systems

Region Constellation System Security
Aridia Fabai Efu 0.1
Tisot 0.1
Domain Fua Amod 0.3
Fahruni 0.5
Naguton 0.3
Essence Peccanouette Aeschee 0.2
Arnon 0.6
Lisbaetanne 0.4
Everyshore Odilis Athinard 1
Gicodel 0.9
Quier 0.7
Genesis Aven Olin 0.3
Shapisin 0.3
Simela 0.5
Ekrin Apanake 0.5
Sheroo 0.6
Sigga 0.5
Heimatar Ortner Rens 0.9
Metropolis Ani Inder 0.5
Lanngisi 0.5
Traun 0.6
Hulf Erindur 0.6
Odebeinn 0.3
Placid Josmaert Dour 0.4
Vivanier 0.5
Pure Blind 38G6-L J-CIJV -0.24
ROIR-Y -0.24
X-7OMU -0.14
Solitude Elose Boystin 0.5
Lour 0.6
Octanneve 0.7
Mobrault Pochelympe 0.6
Toustain 0.4
The Forge Aulari Airaken 0.5
Osmon 0.7
Otsabaira Akkilen 0.7
Soshin 0.6
Vattuolen 0.7
G-R00031 G-C00324 Thera -1.0

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