Ammatar Mandate

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Ammatar Mandate faction logo.

The Ammatar Mandate is a semi autonomous part of Amarr Empire. The Ammatars are part of the Amarr Empire, but are of Minmatar origin.


During the time the Amarrians occupied the Minmatar home worlds one of the Minmatar tribes, the Nefantars, collaborated heavily with the Amarrians. The Nefantars fled Minmatar space during the Minmatar Rebellion and the Amarr Emperor set them up in Amarr-controlled areas close to Minmatar space. Soon everyone had started calling them Ammatars. Today, the Ammatars enjoy a semi-autonomy in their own space and are still embroiled in war with their former Minmatar brethren.

Ammatar in PvE

The Ammatar can be occasionally encountered in missions. The Ammatar rats deal EM and thermal damage with emphasis on EM damage. The Ammatar rats have different resists on their shields and armor with shields being weak to EM and thermal and armor being weak to explosive and kinetic. As a result it does not matter much what damage is used. Though thermal damage is best and EM and kin are on shared second place.

The Ammatar ships occasionally use energy neutralizing.

It should be noted that sometimes the Ammatar fly Amarr ships. So be prepared for tracking disruption and Amarr resist profile.

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