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Mordu's Legion faction logo.

Mordu's Legion is a minor faction in New Eden, a mercenary group closely linked to the Caldari State. They are a frequent opponent when running missions for factions opposed to them, including the Minmatar Republic, the Gallente Federation, the Syndicate, and most of the other pirate factions. They fly ships derived from Caldari base hulls.


Mordu's Legion was formed by military mastermind Muryia Mordu after the Waschi Uprising, when he took many of his disenfranchised, former Intaki troops—who had been expelled from Kamokor—under his wing. Their first action involved putting down the uprising that had resulted in their expulsion. They performed this task quickly and efficiently, establishing a trustworthy reputation of being an elite mercenary group that has remained to this very day.

Mordu's Legion is a mercenary corporation that operates outside Caldari and Gallente space, hired by respectable companies such as ORE to protect their operations. Originally the members of the Legion were mostly Intaki and Caldari, but lately they've started accepting members from most races.

The Legion retains close ties with the Caldari State, and its leadership remains Caldari, though members of all races are welcomed in its ranks, so long as they are not known enemies of the State. The State allows the Legion access to high-end Caldari military gear, and long-serving members of the Legion who are not State citizens are commonly offered Caldari citizenship upon retirement.

Mordu's Legion in PvE

Mordu's Legion ships can be found (rarely) in all low security regions.

The Mordu's Commander is a rare belt rat that will warp-disrupt and web anyone who comes close. They are worth killing, as they will always drop a Mordu's Legion ship blueprint. This ship deals purely kinetic damage, and is best shot with EM damage.

The Besieged covert research facility is the only Mordu's combat site. The rats in this site will aim specifically at your weakest resist.

In missions Mordu's ships deal kinetic and thermal damage. At lower levels, they deal approximately equal amounts of kinetic and thermal, but the battleships deal almost purely kinetic damage.

The Mordu's Legion doesn't use EWAR other than webs and points on elite frigates, but their high damage and tough tanks compensate for this.

Mordu's Ships

Mordu ships are designed to be shield tanked. They feature Gallente skill bonses to warp scrambler and disruptor range and Caldari skill bonuses to missile damage. The defining feature of Mordu ships is their odd set of role bonuses that triples missile speed and halves their flight time. The net result is a 50% increase in range while making the missiles apply FAR faster. Mordu missiles can hit their targets with almost turret level speed.

Faction ships

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