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Society of Conscious Thought logo

The Society of Conscious Thought (SoCT) is three centuries old and was founded by a Jovian in search of spiritual enlightenment named Ior Labron. The Society has since then taken many guises and been anything from a religious sect full of hermits to a political institute playing the power game.

Today, the Society is mainly known for their scholastic achievements, their schools are widely regarded as the best ones in the world of EVE and rich and influential parents everywhere fight to get their kids admitted. Offering large sums of money is, however, no guarantee for admittance, as the Society has its own peculiar selection process that seems to have little rhyme or reason to outsiders.

The Society operates in remote areas, where they build strongholds called "kitz". Not all kitz are schools, some are still devoted to spiritual enlightenment or scientific pursuits. Not much is known about its organization, except for the fact that they divide themselves by Chapters.

Society of Conscious Thought ships

The Society uses some of the most versatile ships in New Eden and the only Jovian-designed ships that have ever been given to non-Jove Capsuleers. They do not get any hull bonuses from Spaceship Command skills, which makes them the strongest ships available for unskilled players. Instead, they have a role bonus for all weapon systems, completely uniform resist profiles with equal shield and armor hit points, and an equal number of high, low, and mid slots.

This allows the Society of Conscious Thought ships to be very flexible, as they can use any weapons and tank the player likes. Society of Conscious Thought ships also have role bonuses to Scanner Probe Strength, very large cargo bays, and short alignment times, allowing them to function as exploration ships, though their lack of bonuses to hacking means that they will not perform as well as T1 exploration frigates when running data and relic sites.

Society of Conscious Thought ships are Special Edition Ships, and thus cannot be earned in-game. They enter the game through one-off events or promotions, such as EVE's 10th anniversary in 2013 (when each player received a single Gnosis) or the release of the Ascension expansion in 2016 (when each player received a single Sunesis).

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