Capsuleer Day (2018)

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

Capsuleer Day 2018 was an event that runs from May 2nd to May 15th 2018, celebrating EVE Online 15th anniversary. It was the annual version of the Capsuleer Day recurring event.

During this event, various rewards and smaller events were available for capsuleers.

Operation: Conscious Interruption

Combat sites that are part of the Operation: Conscious Interruption can be found as beacons in overview and as scannable combat signatures. They give points that can be used to collect rewards, and the npcs drop various loot.

Rewards for active clones during the event

On May 7th, these rewards will be placed in the redeeming system of every account that's active in the 30 days prior to the fifteenth anniversary.

  • All
    • Apotheosis, a shuttle.
    • Anniversary Capsule SKIN
    • Anniversary Apparel

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