XVI Anniversary Celebration

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

The XVI Anniversary Celebration was a limited time event that ran from May 2nd to May 20th, 2019. Capsuleers who logged in during the 18-day period could collect daily login rewards, with different rewards available up to the 16th daily log in. The event featured Permaband SKINs, silver monocles, and 1,250,000 total skill points in rewards.


Omega clones also received alpha clone rewards. Alpha clones that upgraded to Omega during the event period were able to collect all Omega rewards from previous days when they were an Alpha clone.

Day Account Status
Alpha Omega
1 Capsuleer Day XVI T-Shirt Crate Capsuleer Day XVI Gnosis & SKIN Crate
2 Wings of Victory Firework Impetus Potency-50 Glamourex Booster
3 Permaband Tour Cap Crate Myrmidon & Tornado Argyos SKIN Crate
4 The Yulai Siege YC106 25,000 Skill Points
5 Capsuleer Day XVI Cap Crate Capsuleer Day XVI Sunesis & SKIN Crate
6 Small Navy Ammunition Crate Large Faction Ammunition Crate
7 Capsuleer Day XVI Apotheosis & SKIN Crate Rokh Permaband - Wrecking Machine SKIN (Permanent)
8 Drone Regions YC109 50,000 Skill Points
9 Calm Abyssal Filaments Crate Drake & Oracle Argyros SKIN Crate
10 25,000 Skill Points Capsuleer Day XVI Praxis & SKIN Crate
11 Jita Protest YC113 Eico Redarc/Redwire XVI Augmentations Crate
12 Wings of Victory Firework Impetus Potency-75 Glamourex Booster
13 Permaband Tour T-Shirt Crate Sabre Permaband - Warp to the Dance Floor SKIN (Permanent)
14 Medium Faction Ammunition Crate 100,000 Skill Points
15 Titanomachy YC116 Silver Monocle Interface Crate
16 50,000 Skill Points 1,000,000 Skill Points

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