Dragonaur Blitz

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

Dragonaur Blitz was a limited time event that ran from jan 16th 2020 to jan 27th 2020.

Dragonaur Blitz as seen on Agency

The Templis Dragonaurs are an ultra-nationalist Caldari organization considered terrorists by most governments of New Eden. The Templis Dragonaurs reached the zenith of their influence when former member Tibus Heth brought their paramilitary units under control of his Caldari Providence Directorate government. While many Dragonaurs were rooted out following the fall of Heth and the Provists, it is believed they maintain large numbers of infiltrators and agents throughout the Caldari State and its megacorps.

The event consists of event combat sites that appear in all low sec areas of New Eden. The sites can be accessed only by ships that have hull bonuses for heavy missiles.

Ships that can enter the sites: Bellicose, Caracal, Caracal Navy Issue, Gila, Orthrus, Osprey Navy Issue, Scythe Fleet Issue, Cerberus, Sacrilege, Vangel, Enforcer, Rapier, Chameleon, Rook, Onyx, Cyclone, Drake, Drake Navy Issue, Gnosis, Claymore, Nighthawk, Damnation, Barghest, Praxis, Rattlesnake, Raven, Raven State Issue, Scorpion Navy Issue, Typhoon, Typhoon Fleet Issue, Marshal, Widow, Golem

Dragonaurs Staging Facility

The site appears as a cosmic anomaly. Entering the site will cause it to appear in overview as a becon.

The rats in the site have warp scramblers, stasis webifiers and energy neutralizers. The warp scramblers are real proper warp scramblers and will stop micro warp drives and micro jump drives from workin.

The site will contain 4x waves of 3-5 rats. Next wave will appear soon after previous one is destroyed.
Boss can appear either during last wave or after last wave is destroyed.

Rats you may encounter:

  • Manticore orbits at 40 km and uses target painter.
  • Cormorants orbit pretty close and uses warp disruptor.
  • Caracal orbits you at 40 km at over 700 m/s.
  • Osprey navy issue orbits close at 2 km/s and warp scrambler and web.
  • Drake orbits pretty close and uses warp scrambler and web.
  • Nightmare (boss: Vimoksha Chorus) orbits at 20 km and uses warp disruptor and heavy neuts.

Many of the rats use afterburners making them hard to hit with heavy missiles or heavy assault missiles.

The rats all deal different types of damage. Their resist profiles are mostly flat but kinetic is slightly better on many of them with EM being second best. But the resist differences are very small.

The site boss, Vimoksha Chorus, can drop valuable items

  • Sansha faction ammo
  • Overseer's Special Effects
  • Mid-grade and High-grade Nirvana implant BPCs

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