Dawn of Liberation

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

Dawn of Liberation was an event that ran from 10th July to 24th July. In the event capsuleers helped Minmatar resistance liberating slaves from "Unsanctioned Labor Camp".

Unsanctioned Labor Camp

The site appears in and around Amarr, Khanid and Ammatar space, as a warpable beacon in overview.

The site contains assortment of data analyzer hackable Human Containment Facility structures. These structures contain slaves that need to be freed and random vanity items.

The hacking minigame has low difficulty so even unbonused ships are easily able to complete the hacks. After succesful hack there is a chance that a hostile slaver ships appear. The slavers may fly frigates (webs), cruisers, battleships or a hauling ship.

In the center of the site sits a lone Justice Liberator. Fill it with 400 freed slaves to complete the site.

Hackable cans on site

Structure 9 x Human Containment Facility SP0X Succesful hack have a chance to trigger a wave About 100 Freed Slaves

The NPCs

When succesfully hacking a can in the event site, there is a chance (about 20-30%) that hostile NPCs will spawn. These ships are Amarr ships, and does EM / Thermal damage, which is also what they are weak to. The site contains no warp disruptors, so you cannot be caught, but should still be careful, since the battleship does considerable amount of damage.

Hostile event NPC wave

Frigate 3-6 x Frigate Excoriator Slaver Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 0-3 x Cruiser Auspex Slaver
Battleship 0-1 x Battleship Manuzivar Slaver Boosters, cerebral accelerators and Minmatar skins
Industrial 0-1 x Industrial Bestower Livestock Transport Boosters, cerebral accelerators, Minmatar skins as well as Freed Slaves and Fireworks

While these ships are Amarr, killing them does not appear to affect your standing with the Amarr Empire, nor do they have bounties on them.

The NPC ships show up as "Irregular frigate/cruiser/battleship/industrial" and you might need to add them to your overview to see them there.

The NPCs appear to start an invulnerable warp off under either of two conditions:
1. The Justice Liberator is filled with 400 freed slaves
2. The Justice Liberator timer expires after 15-20 minutes (even if Justice Liberator already left)

As such, to prevent loss of drops, one should be wary of filling the Liberator or staying in a site too long.


The slaver ships that appear after hacking can drop agency boosters, the battleship can drop cerebral accelerators while the hauler drops fireworks.

Additionally the event includes agency point system. Points are received from completing the site (10p after the hauler warps away), from freeing slaves (10p for 250 freed slaves. Taking freed slave from hacked container to ship cargo counts) and from slaver kills (10p for 50 kills). The points will reward the player with reward crates at certain values.

  • 40 points: Dawn of Liberation Frigate SKINs
    • 1x random frigate Dawn of Liberation SKIN (Permanent)
  • 80 points: Republic Justice Department Bronze Reward
    • 1x Basic 'Conditioning' Cerebral Accelerator (+6 attributes for 24 hours)
  • 160 points: Dawn of Liberation Cruiser SKINs
    • 1x random cruiser Dawn of Liberation SKIN (Permanent)
  • 320 points: Republic Justice Department Silver Reward
    • 1x Extended 'Rehabilitation' Cerebral Accelerator (+10 attributes for 72 hours)
  • 640 points: Dawn of Liberation Battleship SKINs
    • 1x random battleship Dawn of Liberation SKIN (Permanent)
  • 800 points: Republic Justice Department Gold Reward
    • Leopard 5 run BPC, 'Liberator' cap.

The cerebral accelerators are valid until 2018.08.07 11:00:00.