The Hunt (2018)

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

The Hunt was an ingame easter event that ran from 20th March to 3rd April.

Event sites

The event consists of two event sites that spawn in space. The sites show up as warpable beacons in overview.

The sites are defended by random assortment of rats:

  • Guri Hivaa Killer (frigate)
  • Guri Hivaa Assassins (cruiser, target painting)
  • Guri Hivaa Rokosabai (battleship)
  • Rakka Tahiri (Battleship boss)
  • Kazue Otalen (Dreadnought boss)

All ships deal purely kinetic damage. The rats are weakest against kinetic damage (0% resistance) with thermal being second best damage (20% resistance).

Guristas Detention Facility

On initial warp-in you'll be faced with random assortment of frigates, cruisers and battleships. As you kill ships more will warp in to replace their fallen friends, though the reinforcement warp in may sometimes be delayed.

The spawns are random though smaller ships are more numerous than larger ships.

Killing enough of the rats will provoke the boss Rakka Tahiri to warp in his battleships. He has a lot of EHP and if you're solo it will take a while to grind him down. Ignore the remaining ships to focus all DPS on him. The instant he dies, all remaining rats warp away in shame and and t he site is completed.

There is also a chance for 1-3 cans to appear on grid that you can loot the 'Compressed Capsule Shell' from. Collecting these items fills your agency missions, the item itself can be sold to NPC orders for cash.

Ship recommendations: Bring a ship that can deal with frigates while still packing enough punch to also kill battleships. Tank against kinetic damage and bring weapons that deal kinetic damage for best results.

Passive Regen RLML Gila loaded with Scourge light missiles and Vespa drones. In Hisec where you'll likely be contested for the site, you can safely exchange a Shield Extender and the EM Ward for a Prop Mod and Warp Disruptor. The Disruptor is there if your competition decides to go suspect and steal the boss loot and you think you can take him on.

To make looting faster you may want to bring an MTU or tractor beams.

Guristas Transportation Facility

The Guristas Transportation Facility variant can be found in low security space, null security space and in wormholes. This site has larger number of defenders and the boss will be flying a dreadnought instead of battleship.

The dreadnought uses capital sized missiles so his damage application on cruisers is quite low. But the dreadnough has active shield tank so you will need to bring enough dps to break his tank. Subcapital ships can't solo this site so either you need to upship to friendhip or bring a capital ship of your own.


  • Hunter's Quiver SKINs
  • Guristas 'Outlaw', 'Pithum' and 'Gunner' clothes
  • Naughty People Firework
  • Agency boosters
  • Cerebral accelerators
    • Standard 'Guri Hivaa' Cerebral Accelerator (+10 for 24h)
    • Advanced 'Guri Hivaa' Cerebral Accelerator (+12 for 24h)
    • Extended 'Guri Hivaa' Cerebral Accelerator (+10 for 72h)
  • Two faction ballistic control system-drone damage amplifier combining modules, the C3-A 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System and the C3-X 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System, can drop from the boss rat.

The normal rats often drop agency boosters and fireworks. Occasionally they will also drop Guristas clothes and even skins. Though most of the wrecks will only contain a meta module or metal scraps.

The boss ship can drop multiple rewards at once. Including the cerebral accelerators and 'Hivaa Saitsuo' ballistic control systems.