Warzone Extraction

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

Warzone Extraction was an in game event. This event ran from 19th September to 3rd October 2017.


The sites appear in all areas of space as a warpable beacons.

To see the NPCs in your overview, enable them in Overview Settings -> Tab Presets -> Entity -> Sleeper Event Frigate/Destroyer/Battlecruiser/Battleship

At warpin there is The Quartermaster and an acceleration gate. The Quartermaster is in a blockade runner and waits for capsuleers to loot the field and bring the found relics to him. This will complete the site and you will be awarded Agency points.

The acceleration gate takes you to an area with drifter battleship wrecks and possibly some structures. Approach the wrecks to spawn relic containers or Drifter/Sleeper NPCs. Only certain wrecks will trigger the containers to spawn.

When the containers spawn a group of Drifter drones may also spawn. These ships range from frigate size to battleships and will web, neut and scram.

  • The Eosian Safeguard battleships neut 20 GJ/s
  • The Eosian Upholder battleships neut 10 GJ/
  • The Eosian Preserver frigates neut 1 GJ/s
  • The Eosian Ward destroyers will remote repair other Eosian vessels

Due to high neuting pressure any capacitor reliant ship will be in big trouble if caught by the battleships. The Sleeper/Drifter NPCs contain "blue loot", i.e. typical wormhole loot and can be salvaged, but this requires good salvaging skills.

The acceleration gate inside the pocket takes you back to the entrance.


The Eosian ships drop the usual blue sleeper loot and salvage into sleeper components. Additionally the wrecks can contain agency speed boosters, agency tank boosters, agency damage boosters and Valkyrie Cerebral Accelerators.

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