Guardian's Gala (2020)

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Guardian's Gala (2020) is the latest edition of the yearly Guardian's Gala event, which took place from 12 February to 24 February 2020.

The unique enviroment of the event site.

The event consists of combat sites scattered around all areas of New Eden.

Combat sites

There are two different types of sites in the event: Normal sites that appear in normal space and a different site that appears in wormhole space.

The site appears as a combat anomaly in the probe scanner. Once someone initiates warpin to the site it will also appear as a beacon in the overview.


  • Carousing Daredevil, Vigilant and Vindicator have very strong -90% webs and warp scramblers that will shut down MWD.
  • Carousing Dramiel has warp scrambler, web and energy neutralizer.
  • Carousing Cynabal and Machariel have points and energy neutralizers.
  • Carousing Exequror and Oneiros use remote armor repairers.
  • Carousing Huginn has 30 km point, 60 km web and target painter.
  • Carousing Vigil has 25 km point and target painter.
  • Carousing Hyena has 30 km point and 45 km web.
  • Carousing Maulus has sensor dampener.
  • Carousing Keres has 49 km point and sensor dampener.
  • Carousing Celestis has sensor dampener.
  • Carousing Lachesis has 56 km point and sensor dampener.
  • Carousing Hound and Nemesis have target painters and sensor dampeners. They fire torpedoes.
  • Carousing Cynabal has point and energy neutralizer.
  • Carousing Machariel has point and energy neutralizer.
  • Guardian's Gala Emcee is stronger version of Carousing Vindicator.
  • Guardian's Gala VIP Emcee is stronger version of Carousing Machariel
  • Carousing Talwar, Catalyst, Tornado and Talos deal damage.
  • All rats will use warps to get on top of their target.
  • The rats use micro warp drives. Carousing Daredevil and Vigilant will approach at over 4000 m/s.
  • Rats will aggro drones heavily. All rats will aggro light drones and with the strong webs they will hit.
  • All rats have frigate level tracking.
  • Non boss rats deal very low (even the battleships). Boss rats deal 336 and 520 DPS.
  • T1 Gallente/Serpentis hulls are weak to Th/Kin.
  • T2 Gallente hulls are weak to EM/Th/Ex and highly resistant to kinetic.
  • T1 Minmatar/Angel hulls are weak to Ex/Kin.
  • T2 Minmatar hulls are Highly resistant to EM.
  • Gallente/Serpentis hulls deal Kin/Th damage while Minmatar/Angel hulls deal Kin/Ex/Em damage. Omni tank is recommended.

Kiting is not viable strategy. The rats will catch any ship in the site. Even the EWAR rats that have very long range will get on top of their target even if they wouldn't need to do that. All ships orbit at 20 km or less from their target.

Guardians Gala site

  • Multiple waves (4?). Next wave will spawn when previous wave is almost dead (possible timed).
  • 9-11 ships per wave.

This site is runnable with a ship that can face tank at least around 500 dps. Bring some extra capacitor to counter neuts.

VIP Guardians Gala site

This site is found only in wormholes.


Rats in the site drop various items. The Emcee batteship is not the only ship that can drop items of interest but it has the highest drop rate and best drops.

The normal site can drop:

  • Random Tier Overseer's Personal Effects
  • Random Spirit SKIN
  • Random agency drugs
  • Inquest 'Eros' implant BPCs
  • fireworks
  • Faction modules.
  • Varios vanity items and commodities such as Exotic Dancers, Female, Gamealfur Ale and POS Fuel.

The VIP site can drop all above and additionally:

  • Amaranthine Mantle SKINs.
  • Large number of high tier Overseer's Personal Effects.
  • Savior Blueprint BPCs.
  • Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls

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