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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
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Federation Day (alternatively Gallente Federation Day[note 1] or Gallente Federation National Day[note 2]) was a limited time event that ran between 19-22 June 2020, downtime to downtime. During this period, capsuleers could log in to earn fireworks, and SKINs for the Gallente Shuttle and Nereus. Omega clones could also collect 35k Skill Points and Gallente-themed clothing. This event also coincided with celebrations in select systems of Gallente Federation high security space, where capsuleers could launch fireworks at an NPC titan for skill points.


Users could log in for three of four days within the event to collect all the rewards.

Federation Day Tasks and Rewards
Day For Alpha Accounts Additional for Omega
1 Icon federation day crate.png Federation Day Fireworks Crate (Tier 1 Gift)
Fireworks Launcher + 100 Four Freedoms Firework
Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points (Tier 1 Gift)
2 Gallente Shuttle Inner Zone Shipping SKIN (Tier 2 Gift) Icon federation day crate.png Federation Day Clothing Crate (Tier 1 Gift)
Men's & Women's 'Federal Defender' Beret & 'Defender' T-Shirt
3 Nereus Inner Zone Shipping SKIN (Tier 2 Gift) Icon 25k Skill Points.png 25,000 Skill Points (Tier 1 Gift)


The parade fleet in Villore, with fireworks exploding near the titan.

During the event, special event beacons with a Gallente fleet (composed of static structures of various gallente ships) were spawned. They are named after the titan of the fleet, and appeared as a beacon in space as "FNS <titan name> Parade".

The systems where parades took place (alongside the titan/beacon name and in-system location) were:

  • Luminaire
  • Villore (FNS Geros, ~250km off of Villore VI - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support)
  • Dodixie
  • Lirsautton
  • Alentene
  • Orvolle
  • Octanneve

On 20 June, Capsuleers were given a task to shoot fireworks at a titan in a select system for 5,000 skill points. The task was listed as "Federation Day Parade - <system>", with specific completion info only on hover-over. However, the task did not function correctly, and no immediate rewards were given for launching fireworks at the titan. CCP Fozzie and EVE Status posted on Twitter that day that the SP would be rewarded retroactively next week, and that they had records of everyone who shot fireworks at the titan.[1][2] On 22 June, characters that completed the task had the skill points added to their "Redeem Items" window.[3]


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