Federation Grand Prix (2018)

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This article details the 2018 variant of this event. For other variants, see Federation Grand Prix (disambiguation).
Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

Federation Grand Prix was an in game event taking place from 12nd June to 26th June in 2018.

Running the event

The event is started by going to the event beacon in system of Luminaire. As soon as you land you will be given a destination and time limit. If you reach the destination in time you will be rewarded with agency points.

The destinations are various landmarks scattered across New Eden cluster. To complete the task you need to be on grid with the destination.

Some of the destinations are in low security space.


The time limit to reach the destination is the number of jumps in minutes. The number of jumps given in the table is with the ingame autopilot set to shorter.

System What Points Jumps Notes
Amarr Amarr Home Worlds 3 12
Charmerout Mysterious Probe 1 5
Dead End Black Monolith 5 21 Leads through LowSec
Geztic Mysterious Shuttle 4 19
Ienakkamon The Solitair 5 17 Leads through LowSec
Iyen-Oursta Children of Light 2 9 Leads through LowSec
Lanngisi SOE Project Discovery Phase One Monument 3 11 It is at Lanngisi III - Moon 2 - Sisters of EVE Bureau
Pashanai Pashanai Monument 2 9 It is at Pashanai III - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Bureau Offices
Pator Minmatar Sculpture 2 11
Postouvin Kyonoke Research Site 6 24 Leads through NullSec
Saminer The Traumark Installation 4 19 Leads through LowSec
Shastal The City of God 4 16
Yrmori The Forlorn Hope 3 13

Tips & Tricks

The event is easily doable in a simple shuttle. Thus even brand new characters can participate. Alternatives are T1 frigates or interceptors which are fitted for fast align (sub 2s) and warp speed. You can pile a stack of shuttles in Luminaire, set your homestation there too, and self destruct every time you reach the destination. This means you save the time to travel back.

The routes with LowSec or NullSec systems are often camped right now. Check http://eve-gatecheck.space for camps. Don't warp directly to gates which are likely to be camped. Ping of a planet to change the incoming angle, so that you won't be smartbombed. A tactical bookmark at the gate is of course even better. In NullSec you can additionally expect bubbles. Thus a bubble immune ship (like an interceptor) is preferable.

Lastly, it is not necessary to warp to zero to the beacon. Warping to 100km is sufficient to receive the points, but rather vary the distance to keep possible gankers on their toes.

As the destinations are not given as links but plain text it might be helpful to paste following cheat sheet into your notepad:


You will be rewarded with various reward crates at agency point milestones. Below are examples of what the packages include. The exact number of Cerebral Accelerator seems to vary slightly on a random basis.

  • 5 points: Federation Grand Prix Impetus Package
    • Slasher, Inquisitor, Atron and Griffin Luminaire Zenith SKIN
  • 15 points: Federation Grand Prix Bronze Package
    • 4-5x Standard 'Liberty' Cerebral Accelerator
    • 2-3x Advanced 'Liberty' Cerebral Accelerator
  • 30 points: Federation Grand Prix CreoDron Package
    • Talos, Prophecy, Naga and Cyclone Luminaire Zenith SKIN
    • CreoDron 'Bumblebee' Drone Tuner T10-5D implant
  • 50 points: Federation Grand Prix Silver Package
    • 5-8x Standard 'Liberty' Cerebral Accelerator
    • 4-6x Advanced 'Liberty' Cerebral Accelerator
  • 75 points: Federation Grand Prix Quafe Package
    • Algos, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Coercer, Corax, Stabber, Thorax and Thrasher Luminaire Zenith SKIN
  • 100 points: Federation Grand Prix Gold Package
    • 5-11x Standard 'Liberty' Cerebral Accelerator
    • 6-9x Advanced 'Liberty' Cerebral Accelerator
    • 2x Extended 'Liberty' Cerebral Accelerator

In addition to these items the packages will also contain vanity items and agency boosters.

The accelerators expire during downtime on 3.7.2018.


http://hoboleaks.space/Tranquility_1326911-1330057.html Under "String Changes" you can find the destinations of the event.