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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
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The Hunt is an ingame Easter event that runs from March 30th to April 13th. It consists of 3 parts: an "egg" hunt, a combat site, and a data hacking site.

Note that activating the gate will consume a key regardless whether you manage to jump or not. The gates can be activated multiple times consuming multiple keys and the gates do not stay unlocked.

Agency points

The event rewards points for completing any of three types of activities.

  • Crack The Capsule 1/1 - 5 points - Find and destroy a Mysterious Colored Capsule

  • Hop on the Hunt 1/3 - 5 points - Arrive at the site
  • Hop on the Hunt 2/3 - 5 points - Destroy 5 enemies
  • Hop on the Hunt 3/3 - 10 points - Destroy the Guristas Automated VHF

  • Sniff out the Secrets 1/2 - 5 points - Arrive at the site
  • Sniff out the Secrets 2/2 - 10 points - Hack the cans


The agency points will reward ship SKINs. These SKINs are applied directly and can't be traded.

Points Reward
50 Icon fit skins.png Worm Hunter's Quiver SKIN
100 Icon fit skins.png Exequror Navy Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
150 Icon fit skins.png Caracal Navy Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
200 Icon fit skins.png Typhoon Fleet Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
250 Icon fit skins.png Armageddon Navy Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
300 Icon fit skins.png Raven Navy Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN

Egg hunt

Colorful Mysterious Capsules spawn all around New Eden. These capsules are located on random celestials such as planets, moons, asteroid belts and stars. They do not stay in place and will warp to another celestial from time to time. They fall under the category of "Irregular Capsule" in overview settings.

When killed, the capsule drops a Hunt Acceleration Gate Key and occasionally a DED Informant's Frozen Corpse.

The key is needed for accessing the final room in Guristas Hunt Outpost and Guristas Secure Storage data sites.

Guristas Hunt Outpost

Guristas Hunt Outpost sites can appear everywhere in New Eden. The site appears as a combat anomaly in the probe scanner window. Once warp to the site is initiated the site will also appear as a beacon in the overview, revealing to everyone that someone has warped to it.

Only T1, T2, and faction frigates and destroyers can enter the site.

The site consists of two deadspace pockets, both behind acceleration gates.

The first room has five waves of frigates, destroyers and the occasional cruiser. Once all waves are dead, the acceleration gate to last room becomes active. Sometimes the acceleration gate becomes active before the last wave.

Accessing the final room requires a Hunt Acceleration Gate Key. The gate does not stay open for other people for 10 seconds after activation like other locked gates do. So everyone who wants to enter the final room needs their own key.

The final room has a single Guristas Automated VHF drone, VHF-21 (Kinetic/Thermal + Alpha Explosive) or VHF-08 (Kinetic/Thermal + Alpha EM). This drone drops the valuable loot. The closest Guristas Bunker will also drop random ammo when destroyed, the rest will not.

The site can be completed in a destroyer tanked against kinetic/thermal damage.

But take care, all frigates warp disrupt/scramble, web and neut, as will the Automated Drone in last room too. In the first room, there are NPCs that deal damage aside from kinetic and thermal. Hunt Griffin deals Explosive damage and ECM, Hunt Kestrel deals EM damages, Hunt Blackbird deals massive explosive damage and ECM, Hunt Caracal deals massive EM damage. The 'Hunt' rats have rather poor loot tables so don't bother looting.

The rats are weakest against EM and thermal damage. Kinetic damage is almost as good but explosive damage is not very good against them.

First Pocket

Wave x5 (can vary)

Frigate 0-3 x Frigate Hunt Condor Warp Scrambler Energy Neutralizer Stasis Webifier
Frigate 0-3 x Frigate Hunt Kestrel Warp Disruptor
Frigate 0-2 x Frigate Hunt Worm Higher damage Warp Scrambler Energy Neutralizer Stasis Webifier
Frigate 0-2 x Frigate Hunt Griffin Energy Neutralizer Target Jammer
Destroyer 0-3 x Destroyer Hunt Cormorant
Destroyer 0-3 x Destroyer Hunt Corax High Kinetic damage
Cruiser 0-1 x Cruiser Hunt Blackbird Energy Neutralizer Target Jammer
Cruiser 0-1 x Cruiser Hunt Caracal Very high EM damage. Recommended primary Warp Disruptor

Second Pocket

You face a single boss rat in this room (Guristas Automated VHF-08 or VHF-21). The VHF-08 primaries strong EM damage while the VHF-21 prioritizes strong Explosive damage.

Boss rat

Commander Frigate 1 x Commander Frigate Guristas Automated VHF-08/VHF-21 Warp Scrambler Stasis Webifier Energy Neutralizer Very valuable items



Usually between 1.600.000 ISK and 1.800.000 ISK.


  • Men's and women's 'Fatal Elite' Combat Boots
  • Men's and women's 'Fatal Elite' Combat Pants
  • Men's and women's 'Fatal Elite' Combat Jacket
  • Men's and women's 'Fatal Elite' Beret
  • Men's and women's 'Outlaw' Boots (Guristas)
  • Men's and women's 'Dread' Beret (Guristas)
  • Calm abyssal filaments
  • Naughty People and Ace of Podhunters Firework Fireworks
  • 5-16th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects
  • I-IV agency boosters
  • Gecko Blueprint copies
  • Korako's Modified Drone Control Unit
  • Guristas SKINs (permanent) for Bantam, Condor, Griffin, Kestrel, Merlin, Kitsune, Corax, Stork, Blackbird, Caracal, Moa, Rook, Drake, Ferox Raven and Scorpion
  • Hunter's Quiver SKINs (permanent)
  • Black Market 'Valdimar' Drone Durability DD-1001, DD-1003 and DD-1005
  • Black Market 'Valdimar' Repair Drone Operation DR-901, DR-903 and DR-905
  • Black Market 'Valdimar' Drone Sharpshooting DS-801, DS-803 and DS-905
  • Black Market 'Valdimar' Drone Navigation DN-701, DN-703 and DN-705
  • C3-X 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System
  • C3-A 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System

(During the first days the last NPC sometimes dropped Dread Gurista Modules and Ammo. This seems to be patched out now.)

Guristas Huntmaster Outpost

Guristas Huntmaster Outpost was the harder event site that spawned only in Caldari low security space and in Venal. The site structure was identical to the Guristas Hunt Outpost but with a higher number of more powerful rats.


In addition to the same rewards as the easier Hunt Outpost, the Huntmaster Outpost had a chance to drop Guristas Hydra implants.

Guristas Secure Storage

This site must be scanned downed like any other signature. It appears as a level 3 data site. Warping to the site takes you to a gate which requires a Hunt Acceleration Gate Key to activate.

The pocket contains 6 Guristas Com Towers, which contain a mix of regular data site loot and The Hunt loot. The nodes are green, with 70 health and 10 damage.

There are no hostiles in this site. The Guristas structures in the pocket cannot be attacked.

Daily Login Campaign

The Hunt Daily Gifts is a login campaign that ran alongside The Hunt (2021). The campaign rewards SKINs, Boosters, and 40,000 Skill Points for Alpha clones with 80,000 more Skill Points for Omega clones.

Day For Alpha Accounts Additional for Omega
1 Icon 10k Skill Points.png 5,000 Skill Points Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points
2 Icon fit skins.png Cyclone Hunter's Quiver SKIN Icon fit skins.png Stiletto Hunter's Quiver SKIN
3 Hunt YC123 Acceleration Key Hunt YC123 Acceleration Key
4 Icon fit skins.png Prophecy Hunter's Quiver SKIN Icon fit skins.png Malediction Hunter's Quiver SKIN
5 Icon 10k Skill Points.png 5,000 Skill Points Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points
6 Icon fit skins.png Ferox Hunter's Quiver SKIN Icon fit skins.png Crow Hunter's Quiver SKIN
7 Icon boosterAgencySpeed.png Agency 'Overclocker' SB3 Dose I Icon boosterAgencyDamage.png Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB3 Dose I
8 Icon 10k Skill Points.png 5,000 Skill Points Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points
9 Icon fit skins.png Myrmidon Hunter's Quiver SKIN Icon fit skins.png Ares Hunter's Quiver SKIN
10 Icon 25k Skill Points.png 25,000 Skill Points Icon 50k Skill Points.png 50,000 Skill Points

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