Federation Day (2021)

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
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Federation Day is a limited time event between 15-22 June 2021, downtime to downtime. During this period, capsuleers can log in to earn fireworks, and SKINs for the Gallente Shuttle and Iteron Mark V. Omega clones can also collect 15k Skill Points and Gallente-themed clothing. This event also coincided with celebrations in select systems of Gallente Federation high security space, where capsuleers can launch fireworks for skill points.

Additionally to last year's event, there is the debut of new monuments, a themed Abyssal Proving Grounds, and Mining Blitz sites.

Login Rewards

Users can log in for five of seven days within the event to collect all the rewards.

Federation Day Tasks and Rewards
Day For Alpha Accounts Additional for Omega
1 Icon federation day crate.png Federation Day Fireworks Crate Icon 10k Skill Points.png 5,000 Skill Points
2 Expert System.png Gallente Federation Day Expert System Icon federation day crate.png Federation Day Pants Crate
3 Icon fit skins.png Gallente Shuttle Aliastra SKIN Icon Agency Support Drop.png Agency Support Drop
4 Icon fit skins.png Iteron Mark V Aliastra SKIN Icon federation day crate.png Federation Day Jacket Crate
5 Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points


Capsuleers celebrating with fireworks in Luminaire

During the event, special event beacons with a Gallente fleet (composed of static structures of various gallente ships) are spawned. They are named after the titan of the fleet, and appear as a beacon in space as "FNS <titan name> Parade".

The systems where parades take place (alongside the titan/beacon name and in-system location) are:

  • Luminaire 1.0
  • Villore 0.5 (FNS Geros, ~250km off of Villore VI - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support)
  • Dodixie 0.9
  • Lirsautton 0.8
  • Alentene 0.9
  • Orvolle 0.7
  • Octanneve 0.7

Every day, the capsuleers are challenged to visit one of the Systems and fire a firework at the present Titan to gain 5,000 Skillpoints.


The new monuments introduced include the Battle of Iyen-Oursta Monument, the Kabar Terraforming Installation (Mannar VIII), and the Reschard V Disaster Memorial.

Abyssal Proving Grounds

In the Abyssal Proving Grounds, a special 2v2v2 event welcomes Gallente cruisers and Assault Frigates to battle from 11:00 UTC 18 June, with teams limited to 1x Cruiser and 1x Assault Frigate. The Thorax, Vexor, Celestis, Enyo, and Ishkur hulls are exclusively permitted to join the Proving Grounds battles.

Mining Blitz sites

These sites mimic the behavior of the new Ressource War sites from the Stargate Trailblazers event. The Mining Blitzes will take place within the Marele (Everyshore), Goins (Solitude), Crux (Essence), excluding Couster, and Lolbrerie (Sinq Laison) constellations.

Special Mechanics

During the event, a special Federation Day warp speed bonus of 2 AU/s is applied to all ships in Gallente Federation space.

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