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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
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Naughty or Nice was a composite event that ran from December 12th, 2019 to January 7th, 2020. It was composed of the login campaign 13 Days of EVE and daily reward event Chilling Spree, alongside special event filaments introduced with this event that could transport a number of fleetmates to a random system in null security space.

13 Days of EVE

Main article: 13 Days of EVE (2019)

For 13 Days of EVE in 2019, capsuleers had 26 days to log in for 13 days of rewards. Rewards included Skill Points, SKINs, cosmetics, Yoiul Festival Snowballs, and holiday filaments.

Chilling Spree

Each day, capsuleers were given a random task involving throwing Yoiul Festival Snowballs at NPCs or capsuleers. A rough list of tasks is listed below[1][2]

Chilling Spree Tasks and Rewards
Task Reward
Hit 1 NPC 10,000 SP
Hit 1 Capsuleer
Hit 3 NPCs 20,000 SP
Hit 3 Capsuleers
Hit 3 Capsuleers DHSR-01 Filament
DNCR-02 Filament
PRNCR-03 Filament
VXN-04 Filament
Hit 5 NPCs 50,000 SP
Hit 5 Capsuleers
Hit 5 Capsuleers CMT-05 Filament
CPD-06 Filament
DNNR-07 Filament
BLTZN-08 Filament
RDLF-09 Filament

Task and Reward Distribution

CCP does not expose or publicly state the probability of getting a particular task. One user on reddit compiled their tasks over nearly the entirety of the Chilling Spree with 21 characters[1]. They received the following reward distribution:

  • 10,000 SP: 51% (247)
  • 20,000 SP: 8% (40)
  • 50,000 SP: 1% (7)
  • Filament: 40% (195)

And a filament distribution of:

  • DSHR-01: 66
  • DNCR-02: 51
  • PRNCR-03: 1
  • VXN-04: 20
  • CMT-05: 16
  • CPD-06: 4
  • DNNR-07: 5
  • BLTZN-08: 21
  • RDLF-09: 11

The user however notes that they may have initially mixed up the filaments starting with D.

Snowball Exchange

A Meltwater-Snowball Exchanger at one of the Snowball Exchanges.

In addition, snowballs from past Yoiul Festivals could be exchanged at special Yoiul Festival Snowball Exchanges located in systems. These were warpable beacons that contained a Meltwater-Snowball Exchanger, which were specially skinned Astrahuses that launched fireworks, and converted melted snowballs into regular ones at a rate of 10 melted snowballs to 1 snowball.


Naughty or Nice introduced a set of 9 filaments. These were as follows:

Chilling Spree Special Filaments
Filament Name Max # of Pilots Destination
DHSR-01 5 Anywhere in nullsec
DNCR-02 10
PRNCR-03 15
VXN-04 20
CMT-05 5 Active areas in nullsec
CPD-06 10
DNNR-07 15
BLTZN-08 20
RDLF-09 25

All filaments launched a number of fleet members within a 6 km radius of the activating ship to a random system in null security space, leaving behind a filament trace. The maximum number of capsuleers that are jumped depended on the filament type. Fleet members must not have had a Capsuleer Logoff Timer, and had their safeties set to yellow or red in order to be taken by the filament. Taking the filament invoked a capsuleer logoff timer. Filaments between 01 and 04 seemed to launch pilots to anywhere in nullsec, while 05 and up launched capsuleers to active areas in nullsec. All were named after Santa's reindeer with the vowels taken out in order to form the codenames. On January 16th, 2020, all remaining filaments were converted into Calm Abyssal Filaments.


For the duration of the event, wreck icons were changed, similar to what was done with Trick or Treat. Wrecks with loot were given a snowflake icon, and wrecks without had a hollow circular icon.


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