Guardian's Gala (2018)

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game

Guardian's Gala is a recurring event involving the Angel Cartel and Serpentis. The even runs from 13rd to 27th February.

During the event two new sites spawn in space: "Guardian's Gala" and "Guardian's Gala VIP". The normal site spawns in all areas of space: high, low, nul and wormholes.

Guardian's Gala site

The site is single ungated area in space.

The site contains two kind of rats:

  • Guardian Angels Jeremael (web)
  • Guardian Angels Jehoel (TP)

Your job is to kill these rats. More rats will warp in periodically to replace their fallen brethern. The Angel ships use the new AI so they will swap targets based on distance, focus fire and bounce with warp to land on top of their target.

Eventually either a battlecruiser or a battleship will spawn. This ship will drop the rewards.

Guardian's Gala VIP site

The VIP site is very similar to the normal Gala site. But instead of a battlecruiser/battleship the site will eventually spawn a carrier.


The commander ship drops various valuable items:

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