Caldari Union Day (2020)

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
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Caldari Union Day (alternatively Union Day[note 1]) was a limited time event running between 4-7 September 2020, downtime to downtime. During this period, capsuleers could log in to earn fireworks, and SKINs for the Caldari Shuttle and Badger. Omega clones could also collect 35k Skill Points and Caldari-themed clothing. This event featured celebrations in select systems of Caldari State high security space, and overlapped with a 2v2 Caldari-themed Navy Frigate/Interceptor/Destroyer Abyssal Proving Grounds event.


From the news article:

Loyal Capsuleers,

Caldari Union Day is upon us once more, meaning it's time to celebrate the Union, its loyal corporations, and its people! There is a daily login event running until 11:00 UTC on 7 September where you can claim free rewards, as well as attend Caldari parades in selected systems, and there will even be awesome player-run gatherings in-game to check out!

By logging in daily during the Union Day event, you can claim free gifts such as Caldari-themed character apparel, Wheel of Prosperity fireworks and Festival launcher, Sukuuvestaa SKINs for the Caldari Shuttle and the Badger, plus Skill Points to boost your training. Pilots in Omega Clone State will get bigger rewards, while also being able to claim the Alpha rewards too!

In addition, you can visit Union Day event sites and witness celebratory parades where there will also be daily challenges with Skill Point rewards. These will take place in the Airkio, Annaro, Josameto, Malkalen, Muvolailen, Saisio, Sobaseki, and Suroken systems.

Finally, to further celebrate Caldari Union Day, the Kimotoro Eskeitan SKIN has returned to EVE Online's New Eden Store for a limited time until 11:00 UTC on 17 September with a 25% discount! It is available on the following hulls: Bustard, Caracal, Cormorant, Crane, Eagle, Flycatcher, Harpy, Hawk, Leviathan, Minokawa, Moa, Onyx, Osprey, Tayra, and Wyvern.


Capsuleers could log in for all three days within the event to collect all the rewards.

Caldari Union Day Rewards
Day For Alpha Accounts Additional for Omega
1 Icon caldari union day crate.png Caldari Union Day Fireworks Crate (Tier 1 Gift)
1x Festival Launcher + 200 Wheel of Prosperity Firework
Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points (Tier 2 Gift)
2 Icon fit skins.png Caldari Shuttle Sukuvestaa SKIN (Tier 2 Gift) Icon caldari union day crate.png Caldari Union Day Clothing Crate (Tier 2 Gift)
Men's & Women's 'State Protector' Beret and 'Patriot' T-Shirt
3 Icon fit skins.png Badger Sukuuvestaa SKIN (Tier 2 Gift) Icon 25k Skill Points.png 25,000 Skill Points (Tier 3 Gift)

The SKINs are applied directly on activation and can't be sold on market.

The reward setup was similar to the Federation Day, Minmatar Liberation Day, and Amarr Foundation Day events that were run during the three months prior to this event.


One of the celebration fleets.

During the event, special event beacons with a Caldari fleet were spawned.

The systems where parades took place were:

  • Airkio 0.9 (Wiyrkomi Corporation Parade - WPCS Tyunaul Seituoda - ~300 km off of Annaro VI - Moon 2 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory)
  • Annaro 0.8 (Nugoeihuvi Corporation Parade - WPCS Istria Josameto - ~500km off of Josameto VIII - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Publisher)
  • Josameto 0.6 (Lai Dai Corporation Parade - WPCS Saki Orluusa - ~200km off of Airkio VII - Moon 3 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory)
  • Malkalen 0.9 (Ishukone Corporation Parade - IWS Otro Gariushi - ~200km off of Malkalen V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory)
  • Muvolailen 0.7 (CBD Corporation Parade - SPS Laril Hyykoda - ~325 km off of Muvolailen X - Moon 3 - CBD Corporation Storage)
  • Saisio 0.7 (Sukuuvesta Corporation Parade - POUS Tuvilo Kishbin - ~325 km off of Saisio VIII - Moon 20 - Sukuuvesta Corporation Warehouse
  • Sobaseki 0.8 (Kalaakiota Corporation Parade - ~200km off of Sobaseki XI - Moon 1 - Home Guard Assembly Plant)
  • Suroken 0.7 (Hiyosoda Corporation Parade - ~325 km off of Suroken VII - Moon 2 - Hyasoda Corporation Mineral Reserve)

On Saturday, 12 September, a task was given to all capsuleers to launch a firework at the titan of one of these fleets. Capsuleers were rewarded 5k SP for their efforts. Unlike previous events, this occurred one week after the login campaign.

Each titan had a description which provided background on their corporation. They can be accessed here.


  1. ^ in the news article.


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