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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
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Minmatar Liberation Day is a limited time event running from 8th to 20th July 2021, downtime to downtime. During this period, capsuleers can log in to earn fireworks, SKINs and Boosters. This event features celebrations in select systems of Minmatar Republic high security space.


From the EVE Online: Celebrate Minmatar Liberation Day! News:

Freedom-fighting Capsuleers,

Minmatar Liberation Day is on 10 July and to commemorate the event, celebrations will kick off today, running through to 20 July! This historic event marks the day that freedom was secured for billions during the Great Rebellion. The celebrations represent the tenacity and strength of the Minmatar people while also marking remembrance of those Matari who still languish as slaves.

The centerpiece of the Liberation Day celebrations this year takes the form of a friendly tribal tournament open to Capsuleers of all races – The Liberation Games.

Pick one of the Seven Tribes that best represents what you stand for and get involved in exciting new events happening all across Minmatar space. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with boosters, SKINs unique to your tribe, and in true Minmatar style, a special tribal tattoo. Additionally, every event that you take part in will add points to your tribe’s point pool. The winning tribe will take ownership of a newly constructed station in Pator alongside a monument to their victory.]

Seven Tribes of Matar

Final Result of the Liberation Games 2021

During the event capsuleers can choose their allegiance with one of the seven tribes using The Agency in-game. Fulfilling either Minmatar History Sites or following the Tribal Trail Monuments grants agency points for Agency Campaign Rewards and supports the chosen Tribe.

One of the following tribes can be chosen:

  • Brutor - A disciplined yet strong-willed people that consider themselves the defenders of all Minmatar.
  • Sebiestor - Emphasizing practical skills, the Sebiestor are known far and wide as engineers and inventors.
  • Vherokior - Mystics of this tribe are the guardians of the Voluval Ritual and travel immense distances.
  • Thukker - Nomadic and fiercely independent, the Thukker travel the stars in Great Caravans of spaceships.
  • Krusual - The only tribe that was not totally conquered by the Amarr, their pride is infamous among the Minmatar.
  • Nefantar - A tribe split between those who remain loyal to the Amarr and those who returned to their homelands.
  • Starkmanir - Few in number and once thought lost forever, the Starkmanir are a symbol of survival for all.

Minmatar History Sites

Combat Site

There are two slightly different combat sites, which reenact events from the Great Rebellion and can be found in Minmatar Republic space. During completion, the reenacted story is told with messages in local. Both sites allow T1/T2/navy faction frigates, T1 destroyers, T1/navy faction cruisers. A tank of 250 HP/s is recommended. The main damage types are EM/Therm. The Damage to deal is Exp. In Minmatar Republic Low-Security systems these sites spawn with the prefix Elite and are harder, but give higher rewards.

Escape from Auner Reenactment

Small Deadspace Complex with an empty first pocket. All waves spawn in the last pocket.

Wave x4 (can vary)

Frigate 0-6 x Frigate Punisher Reenactment Drone Energy Neutralizer Stasis Webifier
Frigate 0-6 x Frigate Inquisitor Reenactment Drone Tracking Disruptor
Frigate 0-6 x Frigate Impairor Reenactment Drone Warp Scrambler Energy Neutralizer
Cruiser 0-2 x Cruiser Augoror Reenactment Drone Remote Rep Energy Neutralizer

Wave x1 [note 1]

Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser Prophecy Reenactment Drone Energy Neutralizer Stasis Webifier Site rewards

This site has been constructed by the Minmatar Republic as part of the Liberation Games festivities. It uses training drones and holoprojectors to create a reenactment of a key battle of the Minmatar Rebellion: the Battle of Auner in BYC19 in which a hidden Minmatar base was discovered and attacked by Imperial forces. The heroic defenders succeeded in holding off the Imperial Navy long enough for the rebels to wipe the base computers and evacuate, preventing the discovery of important upcoming raid targets and the capture of several high-ranking rebel leaders.

This site restricts access to a limited selection of capsuleer ships. The allowed ships are all empire T1, T2, and Navy Faction Frigates, all empire T1 Destroyers, and all empire T1 and Navy Faction Cruisers.

When a detachment of frigates from the legendary "Vherakh's Raiders" responded to a coded distress signal near Auner VIII in early BYC19 they arrived to find this hidden rebel base besieged by an overwhelming force of frigates and cruisers from the elite Amarr 7th Fleet. Their goal became immediately clear: hold off the Imperial reinforcements long enough for the staff inside the base to remove any valuable intelligence and evacuate towards the relative safety of the Barvigrard constellation.

As the evacuation transports signaled that they were almost ready to undock, the hulking form of an Imperial Navy Prophecy exited warp within weapons range of the outpost. The only way to clear a safe window for the evacuation ships would be for the raiders to somehow destroy this powerful warship.

As the Prophecy began to explode, the evacuation transports took the opportunity to undock and warp to safety before the Imperial Forces regrouped. Had the raiders not been successful in holding off the Imperial Navy, the capture of this Auner base might have provided the Amarr 7th fleet with advance intelligence about several planned raids as well as the capture of several important leaders of the Rebellion including Clan Chiefs Idrald Rutuver and Jongar Evingod. This battle cemented the reputation of Vherakh's Raiders as one of the truly elite units of the Great Rebellion and is considered by many historians to be a key inflection point in the conflict.

Mahti Jailbreak Reenactment

Deadspace Complex with 3 Pockets. Destroying the present wave unlocks the Acceleration gate to the next pocket.

The warp-in is ungated and any ship can pass. Venturing deeper into the Deadspace Complex is only possible with the appropriate ship classes.

Wave x4 (can vary)

Frigate 0-4 x Frigate Punisher Reenactment Drone Energy Neutralizer Stasis Webifier
Frigate 0-4 x Frigate Inquisitor Reenactment Drone Tracking Disruptor
Frigate 0-4 x Frigate Impairor Reenactment Drone Warp Scrambler Energy Neutralizer
Cruiser 0-2 x Cruiser Augoror Reenactment Drone Remote Rep Energy Neutralizer
Sentry 0-2 x Sentry Tower Sentry Amarr I
Sentry 0-1 x Sentry Amarr Stasis Tower Stasis Webifier

Wave x1 [note 1]

Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser Prophecy Reenactment Drone Energy Neutralizer Stasis Webifier Site rewards

This site has been constructed by the Minmatar Republic as part of the Liberation Games festivities. It uses training drones and holoprojectors to create a reenactment of a key battle of the Minmatar Rebellion: the Mahti Jailbreak of BYC18 which freed many rebels who would go on to be key figures in the fight for freedom.

The Mahti Jailbreak was one of the most daring operations of the Great Rebellion. In BYC18 the maximum security Imperial detention facility in Mahti held numerous Minmatar prisoners who had been arrested for leading local slave rebellions on worlds across the Derelik region. In order to free these rebel leaders, a plan was hatched that involved a small group of elite Valklear warriors intentionally allowing themselves to be captured and brought to Mahti. These warriors then began a coordinated prison riot at a pre-arranged time just as a detachment of stealthy Thukker Tribe attack ships slipped across Imperial battle lines from Great Wildlands and started fighting their way into the prison complex.

As the Thukker forces entered the maximum security pocket of the prison complex, the Valklears inside the prison stations took advantage of the distraction to seize control of several levels and begin freeing many of their compatriots.

Although the chaos inside the prison slowed the scrambling of defensive ships, the Imperial forces were able to undock their deadly Prophecy-class warship to face the attacking Thukker vessels.

As the Thukker strike team cleared the field of Imperial forces, the escaping prisoners undocked with hijacked Amarr transport ships and took the opportunity to warp to safety before Imperial reinforcements could arrive. The Mahti jailbreak is widely cited as one of the most notable operations of the Great Rebellion, as numerous freed prisoners went on to serve with distinction in the late rebellion and the early Republic era. The list of rebels freed in this raid includes early parliamentary leaders Okell Waturger and Anniber Darine, as well as future Admiral Stelrakur Allsvert (grandfather of the modern head of the Republic Security Services).

Mining Blitz Sites

These sites mimic the behavior of the new Ressource War sites from the Stargate Trailblazers event. Republic Mining Expeditions can be found in and around the following constellations: Ani, Odengsolf, Almur and 730-KH

Hacking Sites

This site - a Level III Data site - must be scanned down like any other signature and is called Liberation Games Data Complex. It contains three cans with a hacking difficulty of green, yellow and red, respectively, along with three Firework Launchers. The sites can be found in Minmatar Republic systems. Unlike ordinary data sites, cans will not self-destruct after two failed attempts and will instead allow multiple attempts until success is achieved.

Daily Gifts & Rewards

Login Campaign Rewards

Users can log in for seven of twelve days within the event to collect all the rewards.

Minmatar Liberation Day Tasks and Rewards
Day For Alpha Accounts Additional for Omega
1 Icon liberation day crate.png Minmatar Liberation Day Fireworks Crate Icon fit skins.png Rifter Liberation Games SKIN
2 Expert System.png Minmatar Liberation Day Expert System Icon liberation day crate.png Minmatar Liberation Day Apparel Crate
3 Icon fit skins.png Minmatar Shuttle Liberation Games SKIN Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points
4 Icon fit skins.png Probe Liberation Games SKIN Icon fit skins.png Claw Liberation Games SKIN
5 Icon fit skins.png Talwar Liberation Games SKIN Icon fit skins.png Scythe Liberation Games SKIN
6 Icon fit skins.png Cyclone Liberation Games SKIN Icon fit skins.png Tempest Liberation Games SKIN
7 Icon 10k Skill Points.png 10,000 Skill Points Icon 25k Skill Points.png 25,000 Skill Points

The SKINs are applied directly on activation and can't be sold on the market.
The apparel crate contains Men's 'Republic Valklear' Jacket, Women's 'Republic Valklear' Jacket, Men's 'Republic Valklear' Pants and Women's 'Republic Valklear' Pants.

Agency Campaign Rewards

During the event, capsuleers can fulfill various challenges to gain event points, which unlock several rewards and count towards the chosen tribe.

Points Reward
30 Icon liberation day crate.png Minmatar Liberation Day Fireworks Crate
60 Icon fit skins.png Reaper <Tribe> SKIN
90 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Accuracy Booster I
120 Icon fit skins.png Breacher <Tribe> SKIN
150 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Range Booster I
180 Icon fit skins.png Republic Fleet Firetail <Tribe> SKIN
210 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games EWar Booster I
240 Icon fit skins.png Rupture <Tribe> SKIN
270 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Damage Booster I
300 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Accuracy Booster II
330 Icon fit skins.png Stabber Fleet Issue <Tribe> SKIN
360 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Range Booster II
390 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games EWar Booster II
420 Icon fit skins.png Hurricane Fleet Issue <Tribe> SKIN
450 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Damage Booster II
480 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Accuracy Booster III
510 Icon fit skins.png Tempest Fleet Issue <Tribe> SKIN
540 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Range Booster III
570 Icon cerebral accelerator.png Liberation Games Damage Booster III
600 Icon liberation day crate.png Republic Service Tattoo <Tribe> Package

Site Rewards

The combat and hacking sites drop various items.

  • Basic, Potent and Extended 'Rebel' Cerebral Accelerators
  • Barium and Flames of the Rebellion Fireworks
  • Liberation Games Rewards which can be sold for 100,000 ISK each at many Minmatar stations
  • Liberation Games SKINs
  • Dawn of Liberation SKINs
  • Liberation Games Boosters I - III
  • Various Agency Boosters I - IV
  • Leopard BPC 1 run
  • Leopard SKINs
  • Various Special Edition Commodities linked to the Minmatar Liberation
  • Various T1 Meta Items


The parade fleet in Altrinur, with fireworks exploding near the titan.

During the event, special event beacons with a Minmatar fleet (composed of static structures of various Minmatar ships) are spawned. They are named after the titan of the fleet, and appeared as a beacon in space as "RFS <titan name> Liberation Parade".

The systems where parades take place (alongside the titan name and in-system location) are:

  • Rens 0.9 (RFS Maiori Kul-Brutor, ~220 km off of Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury)
  • Hek 0.5 (RFS Oskla Shakim, ~230km off of Hek IV - Krusal Tribe Bureau)
  • Eram 0.8 (RFS Karin Midular, within 250km of Eram IX - Moon 4 - Sebiestor Tribe Bureau)
  • Teonusade 0.6 (RFS Shara Osali, ~190km off Teonusude VII - Moon 1 - Vherokior Tribe Treasury)
  • Pator 1.0 (RFS Drupar Maak, In orbit of Pator IV (Matar))
  • Altrinur 0.8 (RFS Jornal Kehok, 250km off of Altrinur XI - Moon 3 - Thukker Mix Factory)
  • Hjoramold 0.5 (RFS Brecin Utulf, in orbit of Hjoramold VII)

Every day, all pilots get a task to shoot fireworks at a predetermined titan among the listed locations. Pilots receive 5k SP directly for their efforts.

Each titan has a description that provides background on their namesake.[1]

Follow the Tribal Trail Monuments

One of the event's challenges leads you to the Tribal Trial which consists of different monuments regarding the Minmatar Liberation. Every visited location contributes points to the chosen tribe and the Agency Campaign Rewards.

The Eternal Flame

Location: Pator 1.0

Build by the government shortly after the formation of the Minmatar Republic, the massive sculpture called "The Eternal Flame" is meant to symbolize the everlasting passion and resilient spirit of the Minmatar people. In particular, it has come to stand for the determination of the Minmatar to remain free and liberate all of their people from slavery.

Minmatar Mining Corporation Testing Facility

Location: Hagilur 0.4

The Scythe-class cruiser remains the oldest Minmatar ship still in use. It has seen many battles and is an integrated element of many Minmatar tales and the material heritage of the tribes. A significant number of Scythes found their way into the hands of the Minmatar resistance. Upgunned and armored by rebel crews, the Scythewas an important combat ship at the outbreak of the Great Rebellion BYC20.

Golgothan Fields

Location: Ennur 0.1

A few weeks after the start of the rebellion in BYC20, the Minmatar met with the Amarr in a fierce battle. The Minmatar eventually withdrew, but not before dealing heavy casualties to the Amarr forces, Most importantly, the Amarr lost many capital ships and were left with considerably reduced offensive power in the frontlines of their attempt to defeat the Great Rebellion.

Lord Bastion

Location: Hjoramold 0.5

Shattered remnants of a formidable space fortress built by Lord Basad, the governer of the Ani constellation in early BYC19, during the time of the Great Rebellion, to hold off the rebel forces. This fortress stood for two months in orbit of Hjoramold XII and its ruins act as a reminder of both the cruelty of the Amarr and the spirit of the Minmatar.

Battle Of Fort Kavad

Location: Odatrik 0.8

The Battle of Fort Kavad in BYC17 was the final blow by Minmatar freedom fighters that prevented an Amarr counter-offensive and secured the territories of what would become the Minmatar Republic. Catching an assembling Amarr taskforce by surprise, the massed strike by Minmatar forces destroyed the core of the battleship fleets committed to reconquer the Minmatar. After Fort Kavad, the Amarr Emperor called a halt to such attempts and the Minmatar had won their freedom.

Karishal Muritor Memorial Construction Site

Location: Auga 0.4

After his death in YC109, Captain Karishal Muritor has come to be seen within the Minmatar Republic as farsighted in his recognition of the reality that compromise with the Amarr Empire's expansionist ambitions is a trap the Minmatar cannot afford to fall into. His Actions may be seen as precipitate and rash by some but his cause is one the majority of Minmatar recognize as just.

Yulai Ship Graveyards

Location: Yulai 1.0

In YC110, in order to free the survivors of the Starkmanir Tribe still held under Amarr rule, the Minmatar-Thukker Elder Fleet unleashed their forces on CONCORD, incapacitating their ability to deploy peacekeeping forces at speed. This stroke left Amarr space vulnerable and the Elder Fleet turned to launch an attack on the Empire that would free untold numbers of slaves.

Ammatar Battle Site

Location: Jarizza 0.8

Highest priority among the goals of the Minmatar-Thukker Elder fleet in YC110 was a massive assault against the Ammatar Mandate system of Jarizza. The survivors of the Starkmanir Tribe had been revealed as hidden on the planet Halturzhan (Jarizza VI) and the Elder Fleet destroyed a hastily-assembled Ammatar Fleet before moving to recover their kin. Many Nefantar defected alongside the Starkmanir they had hidden for so long.

Tribal Council Orbital Caravanserai

Location: Pator 1.0

With the return of the Nefantar and Starkmanir to the Minmatar fold, it only remained for the Thukker Tribe to rejoin for the Seven Tribes of Matar to be once more united. After negotiations that favored the Thukker in every respect, the nomads officially joined the Republic in YC111, with full autonomy in Great Wildlands. The Tribal Council of the Seven Chiefs and the Sanmatar was established to govern the new Tribal Republic of the Minmatar.

Rifter Glorification Proving Ground

Additionally there will be Proving Grounds from 16 to 20 July with the four-player free-for-all Rifter Glorification Proving Ground with a Proving Ground filament.

This filament allows a fleet containing a single capsuleer to enter an Abyssal Proving Ground for a fight to the death against three other capsuleers. The only ship allowed to enter this proving ground event is the Rifter.

Pilots equipped with modules or implants with a meta level higher than 5 will not be able to enter this proving ground. All ships within this proving ground will receive a bonus that doubles the benefits gained from overheating modules.

Special mechanics

All systems in Minmatar space will receive a Liberation Day system-wide 2AU/s increase in ship warp speed.


  1. ^ a b During the first day, a second Prophecy Battlecruiser rarely spawned 30 seconds after the destruction of the first battlecruiser.


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