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The Agency allows capsuleers to search PVE content (which could lead to PvP elements) within EVE's core gameplay systems. It was introduced in October 2017 as part of the Lifeblood expansion, as a replacement for the Agent Finder. It was then updated in May 2019 as part of the Invasion expansion. All PVE content can be searched for in the Agency UI.

New capsuleers are introduced to The Agency during the tutorial. Once docked at a station for the first time, the AI will provide instructions on how to open and use the user interface and guide the user in usage of the Agency through participation of The Seeker Investigation.

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The Agency allows the capsuleer to find the majority of PVE related content in New Eden. Activities are split into several categories that can include filters to further refine search into the specific content the capsuleer may be looking for. Categories on The Agency homepage are as follows:


The agency includes an array of filters, allowing the capsuleer to focus on specific content or nearby activities. Start by filtering what type of content you wish to participate in, listed above. The main filters seen in all sections are distance/location and security status. Some content sections have further filters such as Agent Level and Faction.



Once you have filtered out the content you wish to participate in relevant details will display in the centre of the UI. Clicking on various sections will pull up relevant information about the event as well as the location. The only way to truly understand how The Agency works is by looking through it and try out the various elements.