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EverMarks are the Paragon corporation's loyalty points used to purchase alliance and corporation emblems. EverMarks are obtained by running missions for the Paragon corporation.


Paragon missions are being offered by IRIS, Paragon's executive officer, customer liaison, and chief representative.

Paragon mission.png

IRIS can be contacted in Paragon stations.

  • During the mission, IRIS will request a specific type of ship and reward EverMarks based on that type.
    • Unlike normal missions, you may decline and request new missions from IRIS as many times as you like, for example to ensure your mission is for a frigate rather than a mining barge, to improve your ISK to EverMarks ratio.
  • After completing a mission, there is a 23 hour cool-down before another mission will be offered.
    • This limitation is across all paragon agents so moving to a different station does not help.
    • You can accept multiple missions at once but as soon as you complete one of them the other missions get deleted when the 23 hour timer kicks in.
  • Omega Capsuleers will have considerably enhanced rewards upon completing Paragon missions.
Ship type Reward
Alpha Omega
Venture 290 2,900
Frigate 250 2,500
Destroyer 260 2,600
Mining Barges 400 4,000


  • Emblems are available for purchase at Loyalty Point Stores within Paragon Stations.


  • Emblems, similar to SKINs, correspond to a specific type of hull.
  • Purchasing a specific emblem is limited to one per character.
  • Purchased emblems are not tradeable and are immediately injected into the redeeming character.
Ship type Price
Corvettes/Shuttles 2,500
Ventures/Pirate Corvettes/Faction Shuttles 3,500
T1 Frigates 5,000
Navy Exploration Frigates 5,500
Pirate Frigates 6,000
T1 Destroyers 7,500
Navy Destroyers 8,000
Pirate Destoyers 8,500
T1 Battlecruisers 12,500
Navy Battlecruisers 13,000
Pirate Battlecruisers 13,500
T1 Dreadnoughts 17,500
Navy Dreadnoughts 18,000
T1 Haulers 7,500
T1 Freighters 17,500
  • "T1 ships" includes storyline ships like Silver/Gold Magnates and some of the storyline shuttles.
  • The pirate ship tiers are essentially limited to Astero and SoCT ships.


Paragon stations can be found in the following systems

Amamake 0.4 Heimatar
Amarr 1.0 Domain
Assah 0.3 Derelik
Aubenall 0.4 Placid
Dodixie 0.9 Sinq Laison
Hakonen 0.3 Lonetrk
Hek 0.5 Metropolis
Jita 0.9 The Forge
Ourapheh 0.9 Genesis
Rens 0.9 Heimatar
Yehaba 0.2 Aridia