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Anomic Missions (also known as Burner Missions or Anomic Burner Missions) are Level 4 Security Missions. They can be declined without a Standing Penalty.

Anomic Missions are unique because you will:

You are strongly encouraged to test your Anomic Ship Fittings on the Singularity Test Server.

Anomic Agent Missions

You face a single very powerful pirate frigate and the mission pocket is restricted to frigates. There are 5 missions of this type:

These missions require specialized and expensive fits of pirate or assault frigates to complete. They also typically require well-timed overheating and cap and booster management. Discussions and fit recommendations can be found in the official EVE forums.

Anomic Team Missions

You face a T2 Assault Frigate plus two T1 Logistics Frigates and the mission pocket is restricted to frigates. There are 4 missions of this type:

These are the most beginner friendly and are possible to complete in a T1 frigate such as a Kestrel with a proper kiting fit. To complete them solo in e.g. a Kestrel requires high frigate and missile skills, but they get much easier and accessible to low-SP pilots with two or more players. They are usually completed by kiting in MWD ships that can deal damage over at least 20-30km. ECM to jam the logi support and target painting is also very useful. Tactics revolve around either attacking the Assault Frigate and powering through the logi reps or jamming one logi while killing the other.

Anomic Base and Escort Missions

You face a small number of powerful ships such as battlecruisers, cruisers, frigates and fighter waves and the mission pocket is restricted to T2 cruisers or T1 battlecruisers and lower. There are 4 missions of this type:

The difficulty of these missions varies a lot. The Talos mission can be completed in a properly fit and flown Heavy Assault Cruiser and often gives faction loot while the Wyvern one is rarely run because of length, difficulty and poor rewards.

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