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Anomic Missions (also known as Burner Missions or Anomic Burner Missions) are Level 4 Security Missions. They can be declined without a Standing Penalty. Similar to Abyssal Deadspace, Anomic Missions are a more advanced and challenging type of PvE combat content.

Anomic Missions are unique because you will:

Anomic Missions often require careful thought about fitting your ship for the challenge. You are encouraged to try out your Ship Fittings for Anomic Missions on the Singularity Test Server when it's available, as doing this will let you determine what works well without putting expensively-ships at risk.

Anomic Type Subtypes Relative Difficulty Enemies Ship Class Restriction Bounty
Agent 5 Medium 1 Pirate Frigate Frigate 5M ISK
Base 4 Hard Varied Battlecruiser 13M to 22M ISK
Team 4 Easy 1 Assault and 2 Logistics Frigates Frigate 5M ISK


Anomic Team

These are the most beginner friendly and are possible to complete in a T1 frigate such as a Kestrel with a proper kiting fit. To complete them solo in e.g. a Kestrel requires high frigate and missile skills, but they get much easier and accessible to low-SP pilots with two or more players. They are usually completed by kiting in MWD ships that can deal damage over at least 20-30km. ECM to jam the logi support and target painting is also very useful. Tactics revolve around either attacking the Assault Frigate and powering through the logi reps or jamming one logi while killing the other.

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