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Mission Reports

Security Reports
Distribution Reports
Mining Reports

Mission Guides

Security Guide
Distribution Guide
Mining Guide

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Faction Warfare

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Loyalty Points
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Mission ships
Career Agents

Name Level Cargo volume Special
A Special Breed 3 2,800 m3
Army Recruits 3 1,800 m3
Arms Dealer 3 1,800 m3
Beefing Up 2 400 m3
Cigarettes 2 120 m3
Creeping Cold 2 320 m3 Storyline
Equipped For The Job 4 5,400 m3
Fertile Ground 2 320 m3
Future Leaders 2 300 m3
Giving Shelter 2 280 m3
High Command 2 160 m3
Hunger Strikes 2 280 m3
Move The Goods 2 200 m3
My Little Girl 2 240 m3
Psssssssssh! 4 5,000 m3
Rat Problem 2 350 m3
Save The Children 3 2,000 m3
Stolen Arms 2 300 m3
Stress Reliever 4 3,200 m3
Supplies For The Needy 3 2,100 m3
Take This Away 2 450 m3
Troublemakers 2 250 m3
Wee Bug Problem 2 420 m3 Half Completion Time
Homeless People Everywhere 1 120 m3