The Major

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The Major is a 5 part mission chain issued by Distribution division Agents. it consists of 3 Courier and 2 Encounter missions.

The Major - Spy (1 of 5)

Level 1
Type Courier
Objective Deliver 1x Spy (3m3)
Mission briefing
Command has been hearing strange things about a certain Major. Unsettling things. Given our situation with the other empires, it is felt that investigating the Major must be handled with more tact than a traditional inquiry would provide. The first step is implanting a spy into his staff. Deliver this man to the location provided; he will do the rest.
Spies in Ties
Holoreels would have you believe that spies occupy romantic positions, such as enticing femme fatales or ceiling-crawling ninjas. The reality is that often the most effective spies are the ones posing as simple functionaries. Nobody expects the dull guy.

The Major - Heist (2 of 5)

Level 1
Type Encounter
Objective Retrieve the Major's personal effects(0.2m3).
Faction Serpentis
Best damage to deal Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resist Thermal damage ThKinetic damage Kin
Mission briefing
Apparently there was a theft in the Major's office just before our spy arrived. The thief made off with a number of the Major's personal effects. The timing of this could be coincidental, but it's unlikely. What's even stranger is that the Major has expressed no interest in chasing down the thieves. He claims it would, "be a waste of resources." We've been tracking the thieves, and we know just where they are.

I want you to go out there and take them out. Bring back whatever they stole. If my suspicions are right, what we find will greatly aid the investigation.

Warp in

Frigate 1 x Frigate Coreli Protector
Hand in message
Good work. Let's see what we have here....

I don't get it. There's nothing but actual personal items here. Some medals, family photos; nothing valuable nor incriminating. Weird.

The Major - Trash (3 of 5)

Level 1
Type Courier
Objective Pickup 1x Crates of Garbage (90m3)
Mission briefing
We know nothing else has left the Major's office yet. Everything's just been business as usual. Our spy has not been able to check what the Major has thrown away. Rummaging around the garbage would be a bit suspicious. Luckily we do know that the recent garbage has not been properly disposed of yet. You know what I'm thinking, of course.

Get out there and bring me that garbage. There has to be something in there.

Hand in message
Let's have another look.

This is interesting. It's some sort of letter from a Serpentis! Give me a minute to read this.

The Major - Conspiracy (4 of 5)

Level 1
Type Encounter
Objective Kidnap the Major's contact. 1x Stranded Pilot (1m3)
Faction Serpentis
Best damage to deal Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resist Thermal damage ThKinetic damage Kin
Mission briefing
Not quite, but it's close. According to this the Major has some sort of clandestine meeting with a member of the Serpentis. The meeting is out in the middle of an asteroid field, no less. If something illegal isn't going on, I'll kiss a slaver hound.

Go out to the meeting place and bring this Serpentis contact in. Let's blow this thing wide open.

The Serpentis Corporation was founded a few decades ago by V.Salvador Sarpati. At first it was engaged in hi-tech research, but with time its ties with the underworld grew and the Serpentis research stations, scattered around in remote areas, became infamous pirate havens. It is strongly believed that Serpentis is the main developer and manufacturer of illegal neural boosters, especially since Sarpati's father was a renown specialist in that field. The home of Serpentis is in the Phoenix constellation in the Fountain region.

Warp in

Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Contact [Corelum Chief Spy/Chief Scout]

The Major - Dad? (5 of 5)

Level 1
Type Courier
Objective Deliver 1x Major's Sun (1m3)
Mission briefing
That Serpentis scum is the Major's son. I've just confirmed it with intelligence.

What happened is that the Major's son joined the Serpentis as part of some grey op about a year ago. A few months in the kid stopped reporting in. He was presumed dead. We now know that the Serpentis figured out who he was, and put the boy through extreme conditioning.

The Major has been trying to recover his son while keeping the operation that started this a secret. The Serpentis meanwhile have been trying to blackmail the Major. We're lucky they thought small by threatening the Major's career with exposing his son as a traitor. With the son now recovered, the Serpentis have nothing.

The boy needs to be sent for proper psychiatric care. It's going to take a while to scrub what the Serpentis did to him. The Major is waiting for him at the delivery point. I can't think of a better person than you to give closure to all this.

There are many forms of brainwashing. None of them are very pleasant, particularly in the time frame that the Major's son was brainwashed in. He can get better, but it will be a long and strenuous process.