The Ploy

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The Ploy is a guide for simultaneously increasing Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic Faction Standing to 5.0 as quickly as possible.

Advantages Drawbacks
Access to all seven Epic Arcs Hard to achieve 7.0 Faction Standing with any Empire
Access to all Empire Level 4 Mission Agents Derived Standing from Storyline Missions may drop you below 5.0
Reduced Broker Fee in all major Trade hubs




  • You can complete at least ten out of fifteen Career Agent Mission chains for each Empire. If you have already completed all Career Agent Missions you can still complete The Ploy, but you will need to invest more time.
  • You have the ships, fits and skills to complete all four Empire and the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc.

Choose a Path

The Path dictates the order in which you have to increase your Empire Faction Standings. You can choose a Path only if you have enough Unmodified Faction Standings:

Icon skillbook2.png Connections IV
Gallente Path Caldari Path Minmatar Path Amarr Path
Gallente 3.67 1.32 3.67 0.10
Caldari 1.60 3.85 0.42 3.85
Minmatar 3.67 0.12 3.66 1.32
Amarr 1.00 4.17 2.12 4.18
Icon skillbook2.png Connections V
Gallente Path Caldari Path Minmatar Path Amarr Path
Gallente 3.09 0.69 3.09 -0.58
Caldari 0.97 3.28 -0.27 3.28
Minmatar 3.10 -0.57 3.10 0.69
Amarr 0.38 3.63 1.54 3.63

EVE Online displays only Effective Standings. Chris Halsky's Sheet will suggest which Path you should take based on your current Standings.

If you do not have high enough Faction Standings to choose any Path you will have to increase your Faction Standings first.

You will not be able to reach the 5.0 Faction Standing with all Empires unless you have the minimum required Faction Standing, Skills and Missions.