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Mining missions are a type of missions given by mining agents.

Mining missions require you to mine an asteroid or set of asteroids in a mission space, usually until the asteroids are depleted, and bring the ore back to the agent's station.

There is a risk of combat in mining missions, though the hostiles that show up tend to be much weaker than hostiles found in security missions. It is advisable to have some offensive capability (like a set of combat drones) or have a strong enough tank that you can ignore any hostiles that show up and start shooting at you.

The mission may require you to mine more ore than can fit in your cargohold; this is typical of mining missions. Level 1 missions will require mining up to 2000 m3 of ore, level 2 up to 6000 m3 of ore, level 3 up to 9000 m3 of ore or 10000 m3 of ice, and level 4 up to 45000 m3 of ore, 20000 m3 of ice or 5000 m3 gas.


A mining ship needs to have high slots to accommodate mining lasers, and room for at least one drone. The drone(s) will be needed to fight off the small number of Belt Pirates that will attack a miner. One or two Light Combat Drones will generally be sufficient. If you have room, you may want to carry a Salvage Drone to salvage the wrecks of the pirates that you kill. If you have a very large drone bay, you may want to carry a set of Mining Drones - however, these drones do not add a whole lot to your mining capacity, and many miners do not use them at all.

In time you will likely move up from your Venture to a Mining Barge. Any of these will work fine for mining missions, though you might want to concentrate on training for Exhumers by the time you reach level IV. Exhumers have larger ore holds and let you finish your mining with fewer trips.

Mining Crystals

Mining missions typically use unique ores for which there are equivalent normal ores.

  • Augumene = Pyroxeres
  • Mercium = Omber
  • Banidine = Veldspar
  • Pithix = Jaspet
  • Arisite = Gneiss
  • Oeryl = Dark Ochre
  • Geodite = Crokite
  • Polygypsum = Arkonor
  • Lyavite = Kernite