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Incursion sites and mechanics

Sites appear within the constellation as warpable beacons in space, visible to anyone (much like static complexes). With the exception of the scout sites, each beacon has an acceleration gate (or two) leading into the actual incursion site.

Unlike missions where you have loot and bounties the reward is simply tied to the completion of the site. The fleet that contributed the most to the completion of the site will receive a direct payout of ISK and an allotted amount of CONCORD Loyalty Points [1]. So if multiple fleets are present when a site is completed only the fleet that did the most raw damage will receive the payout, everyone else gets nothing.

To read about how long an incursion stays up, see the longevity section on the Incursions page.


The maximum payout, with the exception of scout sites, is determined by the general security of space you are in, high-sec (0.5 - 1.0 space) or low- and null-sec (anything below 0.5 space). The payout is the same for all system within their respective groups, individual system security is irrelevant. Only members of the fleet who are actually on grid when the site is finished counts, so members who stay off grid or warp out before the site is finished will not get paid nor will they count when the reward is calculated.

The payout for scout sites is different from the others. Only the top 5 contributors to a site gets paid, being in fleet isn't necessary and has no bearing on who gets paid. There are no scaling rewards, if more people are on grid the rest get nothing.

Scaling rewards

In addition the payout scales based on the number of pilots you have in your fleet [2], with the exception of the scout sites. It usually pays off to bring an extra person in fleets, for example an eleventh pilot in a vanguard fleet because the reduction in payout is less than the efficiency gained from adding another pilot, however it may not always pay off to bring a twelfth person on grid.

In general the EVE University Incursion Community avoids having more than eleven people in vanguard fleets due to the added risk, but some communities do it for the added speed and increased chance of winning competitions due to having one more fleet member on grid.

  1. ^ CONCORD Loyalty Points will only be paid out if the incursion is successfully ended, by finishing the mothership site in the Headquarters system.
  2. ^ If you have more or less people than intended, the reward is reduced. Diverting too much from the intended number of pilots for a site and you end up not getting anything.


There are five different type of encounters available: Scout, vanguard, assault, headquarter and mothership sites.

The different systems all have a maximum number of encounter sites available at any given time. When sites are completed their respective beacons will disappear and their point of reference will no longer be interactable or possible to warp to. The site itself will not fully despawn until everyone leaves the grid, including the acceleration gate.

For easy navigation, a navigation box summarising the sites with links to the other pages is placed on each page. It is usually visible at the top of the page on the right; except this page, where it is placed at the very bottom.

Scout sites

Despite CCP's attempt to revamp scout sites in 2014 they remain shunned by the incursion communities. The sites aren't balanced, with high tanked ships like Uitras and Vylades, more ships that stay at range and considerable amount of ships capable of neuting and jamming you, like Niarjas and Arnons, these sites end up taking much longer and requires more ammo than vanguards, while paying considerably less.
Scout site payout ratio
Scout sitesFleet of 3 - 5 pilots
1 logistics or spidertanking
Sites take about 15 - 20 minutes

There is only one system with scout sites in them, the staging system (the same system linked in the journal for the constellation). There can be up to five scout sites available at any given time, of the following variety:


  • 3,500,000 ISK and 400 CONCORD LP (top five contributors)

Additional Information:

  • Being part of the fleet doesn't count for scout sites, the top 5 contributors will get paid regardless if they are fleeted or not.
  • None of the Sansha NPC has Icon warp disruptor i.png Warp Disruptors in scout sites, you are free to warp out at any time.
  • The Nation Industrial Proxy are not sites per se, and do not spawn at beacons. Instead, they are part of the asteroid belts within the staging system.

Vanguard sites

Vanguard site payout ratio
Vanguard sitesFleet of 10 - 12 pilots (up to 15 in low/null)
2 - 3 logistics needed
Sites take about 5 - 10 minutes

There's usually three or four vanguard systems per constellation, depending on the size of the constellation. In some of the larger constellations you can have up to six vanguard systems, but they are exceedingly rare. Each system will have up to seven vanguard sites spawned at once and there are three different kind of vanguard sites:


  • 10,395,000 ISK and 1,400 CONCORD LP in highsec for 5 up to 10 people (maximum payout).
  9,615,375 ISK and 1,295 CONCORD LP for 11 pilots.
  8,783,775 ISK and 1,183 CONCORD LP for 12 pilots.
  7,900,200 ISK and 1,064 CONCORD LP for 13 pilots.
  • 15,000,000 ISK and 2,000 CONCORD LP in low- and nullsec for 5 up to 15 people (maximum payout).

Additional information:

  • Strong focus on handling smaller, faster enemies as these sites feature a lot of frigates and cruisers.

Assault sites

Assault site payout ratio
Assault sitesFleet of 20 - 21 pilots (up to 30 in low/null)
3 - 4 logistics needed
5 - 10 snipers needed
4 - 5 command ships/strategic cruisers (optional)
Sites take about 10 - 20 minutes

There are usually one or two assault systems in a constellation but depending on the size of the constellation it can have as many as three assault systems. Each system can have up to five assault sites spawned at once. The assault sites are as follows:


  • 18,200,000 ISK and 3,500 CONCORD LP in highsec for up to 20 people (maximum payout).
16,835,000 ISK and 3,238 CONCORD LP for 21 people.
15,379,000 ISK and 2,958 CONCORD LP for 22 people.
  • 26,000,000 ISK and 5,000 CONCORD LP for low- and nullsec for up to 30 people (maximum payout).

Additional information:

  • Strong focus on larger ships, range capabilities and being able to handle energy neutralization.
  • Utility energy transfers needs to be available (often provided by Basilisk pilots).
  • Snipers will need to be able to lock up to 120km and apply good damage.
  • The Nation Consolidation Network sites split the fleet with medium-sized ships (battlecruisers, command ships, strategic cruisers, heavy assault ships etc) on one side, battleship-sized ships on the other (logistics and battlecruiser sized ships can go to either side). If you avoid that site there is no need for cruiser-sized ships in your fleet.
  • The Overwhelmed Civilian Facility site can be done without any snipers, if need be.

Headquarter sites

Headquarter site payout ratio
Headquarter sitesFleet of 40 pilots (up to 60 in low/null)
6 - 10 logistics needed (5+ utility cap needed)
10 - 15 snipers needed
Sites take about 10 - 20 minutes

Similar to there being only one staging system, there is only one headquarter system. The system can have up to five headquarter sites spawned at once, not counting the mothership site. The headquarter sites are as follows:


  • 31,500,000 ISK and 7,000 CONCORD LP in highsec for 20 up to 40 pilots (maximum payout).
  • 45,000,000 ISK and 10,000 CONCORD LP for low- and nullsec for 20 up to 60 pilots (maximum payout).

Additional information:

  • Strong focus on larger ships, range capabilities, mobility and being able to handle energy neutralization.
  • Utility energy transfers needs to be available (often provided by Basilisk pilots).
  • Snipers will need to be able to lock up to 120km and apply good damage.

Mothership sites

Mothership site payout ratio
Mothership sitesFleet of 40 - 80 pilots (up to 120 in low/null)
10+ logistics needed (5+ utility cap needed)
Site takes about 15 - 25 minutes and ends the Incursion

There is only one mothership site per constellation and it will appear in the headquarters system once the constellation influence reaches 0% and a single headquarter site has been run. Finishing this site will end the incursion and the pool of Loyalty Points will be paid out to everyone who ran sites in the constellation, whether they are online or not.


  • 63,000,000 ISK and 14,000 CONCORD LP in highsec for 40 up to 80 pilots (maximum payout).
  • 90,000,000 ISK and 20,000 CONCORD LP for low- and nullsec for 40 up to 120 pilots (maximum payout).


  • Up to three True Sansha faction modules.
  • A Sansha's Nation blueprint copy for one of the following ships:

Additional information:

  • Strong focus on larger ships, range capabilities, mobility and being able to handle energy neutralization.
  • Utility energy transfers needs to be available (often provided by Basilisk pilots).
  • This site features a bomber run where the mothership periodically calls in a large group of fighter bombers called Lirsautton Parichaya (based on the Shadow).
Incursion sites
Incursions staging icon.png Scout sites   Nation Industrial Proxy - Distress Beacon - Forward Reconnaissance Outpost - Propaganda Cluster
Incursions vanguard icon.png Vanguard sites   Nation Commander Outpost - Nation Mining Colony - Override Transfer Array
Incursions assault icon.png Assault sites   Overwhelmed Civilian Facility - Nation Consolidation Network - Nation Commander Stronghold
Incursions headquarter icon.png Headquarter sites   True Power Provisional Headquarters - Nation Rebirth Facility - True Creations Research Center
Mothership sites   The Kundalini Manifest - Uroborus
Summary of Incursion sites. See Incursions for more general information.
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