Constellation layouts for Incursions

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Constellation layouts

The number of systems in the constellations will determine how many of each type of sites there will be. The split between the systems will follow certain criteria, but doesn't change from one time to another. So each constellation layout will remain the same unless CCP decides to change things again, like they did in the Rubicon 1.2 point-release back in February 18th, 2014.

  • There will always be a single staging system with scout sites.
  • There will always be a single system with headquarter sites (including the mothership site).
  • There will always be at least one or more systems with vanguard sites and one or more systems with assault sites.
    • If there are enough systems to have more than three vanguard systems, an additional assault system will be added before adding a fourth vanguard system. And before adding a fifth vanguard system, a third assault system will be added.
  • Systems with a different security than the constellation in general, like low security systems in a predominantly high security constellation, are not part of the incursion.
  • In general the systems will spawn "out" from the Scout/Staging system with Headquarters being as far away as possible and Vanguard systems being adjacent to the Staging system.

For more information about the spawn mechanics etc, see number of Incursions and respawns and for a list of active incursions as well as recent data, see dotlan's incursions or Shadowlauch's EVE-Incursions page.

Adding new information

Icon information2.png If possible, please note in the summary line below your edit what you have added.
(it allow pilots who view the edit history of this page to track new additions more easily)

Before you add a constellations and its systems to this list, make sure that you've covered all the systems in the constellation. Open up the constellation information, easily accessible by the linked system name in the journal under the Incursions and Global Report tabs. Click the constellation name in question and look under Related Solar Systems to verify the systems and then visit each system in turn to check which type of system it is. That way we can make sure we don't miss a system or add one that isn't in the constellation in question, or mislabel a system of a different type of system than it is. Don't assume other sites or people have done this, double-check for yourself before adding this information.

If you see a new constellation spawn, feel free to add it with just the link to the dotlan maps. Even if you don't go there to scout out the systems, we'll know that the constellation is part of the rotation.

Known constellations

Below is a list of all the constellations that have been invaded by Sansha Kuvakei's forces. During the events of the Triglavian expansion several systems were removed from High and Low Security space and moved to Pochven, in a few cases this has caused the constellation to no longer be viable for Incursion spawns. Systems that have been moved to Pochven have been marked in Red on the tables below.

Constellations in high security space

Icon constellation.png Constellation Incursions staging icon.pngStaging Incursions vanguard icon.pngVanguards Incursions assault icon.pngAssaults Incursions headquarter icon.pngHeadquarter
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Agiesseson Claysson Adiere, Oirtlair, Olelon, Stetille Auberulle, Doussivitte Unel
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Ahrnot Kasi Hilmar, Jeshideh, Shura Yooh Hostakoh
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Ajah Sizamod Assiad, Iswa, Rand, Rumida Kerepa, Marthia, Nosodnis Safilbab
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Algintal Barmalie Audaerne, Augnais, Fluekele, Jolia Alsottobier, Deltole, Parchanier Colelie
Khanid Kingdom Amdimmah Moniyyuku Palas, Reteka, Safshela Gidali Molea
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Ancbeu  Reblier is not part of the incursion since it is a low security system. Chesiette Annelle, Claulenne, Masalle Sortet Scolluzer
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Ankard Vilur Altrinur, Eygfe, Reset Fildar, Olbra Jondik
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Aokinen Astoh Onnamon, Tsuruma, Uuhulanen Rohamaa, Samanuni Uchomida
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Aptetter Libold Aldrat, Erstur, Urnhard Fredagod Hardbako
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Araz Koona Jakri, Munory, Nidupad, Zimse Aphi, Garisas Chanoun
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Arekin Kaimon Alikara, Kausaaja, Oiniken Aikoro Ahynada
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Argeir Klaevik Atonder, Hotrardik, Ridoner Engosi Orduin
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Asalola Torrinos Ibura, Isinokka, Yoma Oipo Haajinen
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Avib Adia Azizora, Hadonoo, Shabura Jarshitsan Ahmak
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Brazinget Lumegen Gedugaud, Oppold, Tratokard Geffur Hilfhurmur
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Caldari Border Zone Sivala Hatakani, Iivinen, Tennen Yashunen Kassigainen
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Charak Abhan Anyed, Chiga, Habu Anzalaisio Asanot
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Chardu Lahnina Etav, Pedel, Saheri Anila, Yeeramoun Ides
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Damadil Perdan Kibursha, Hostni, Mimime Onazel, Asesamy Lossa
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Daredan Akes Hati, Riavayed, Uadelah Hakshma, Laddiaha Nakatre
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png ElalanAngymonne is now part of Pochven. This Incursion may still spawn. Aydoteaux Averon, Carirgnottin, Muer, Odixie, Scuelazyns, Tolle Angymonne, Antollare, Enedore, Laic Avele
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Enka  This is an island incursion, surrounded by low security space. Palpis Arveyil, Nidebora, Ulerah, Uktiad Faktun, Halenan Mili
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Erada Loguttur Krilmokenur, Magiko, Onga, Vullat Larkugei, Oremmulf, Osaumuni Hurjafren
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Eustron Andole Cat, Derririntel, Ommare Atlangeins Hecarrin
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Fabas Heorah Agal, Doza, Ebasez Bania, Nasreri Girani-Fa
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Febihkin Dantan Kador Prime, Khafis, Nordar Askonak, Murini Uanim
Khanid Kingdom Fekhoya  Chamemi and Tegheon are not part of the incursion since they are low security systems. Balanaz Afnakat, Bashyam, Parses Firbha Col
Khanid Kingdom Finaka  There are no stations in any of the vanguard systems, just a single station in the assault system of Kahah. Geztic Hishai, Osis, Sehsasez, Yezara Ervekam, Kahah, Mashtarmem Saloti
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Frar Aderkan Earled, Ogoten, Tollus Hebisa, Polstodur Ansher
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Gedur Abrat Alf, Arlulf, Brundakur, Illuin Aldilur, Orgron, Nedegulf Stirht
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Goins  This is an island incursion, surrounded by low and null security space. Stoure Arasare, Lazer, Yvelet Vecodie Yvaeroure
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Hoosa Horir Abaim, Somouh, Sorzielang Sayartchen, Teshi Gosalav
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Ichida Malpara Hakodan, Hatori, Ronne Jarkkolen Junsen
Logo faction caldari state clean.png IhilakkenSakenta is now part of Pochven. This Incursion may still spawn, the layout will be updated when it does. Sakenta Ansila, Aokannitoh, Hirtamon, Ikuchi Hykkota, Ohmahailen, Outuni Eskunen
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Jonar Anbald Bongveber, Freatlidur, Maturat Roleinn, Vorsk Eiluvodi
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Jonenor Gallareue Ansone, Dunraelare, Nausschie, Trosquesere Estene, Stayme Inghenges
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Kakol Neburab Aband, Ghesis, Gonan Gamdis, Joamma Joramok
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png Kalangin Lachailes Eshtah, Kasrasi, Ordize, Rashy Fovihi, Psasa Kiereend
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Kehina Nalu Esteban, Luromooh, Sahdil Nadohman Moussou
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Kiartanne Theruesse Ansalle, Ellmay, Gisleres Amygnon, Jufvitte Scheenins
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Kisana Eredan Gheth, Lisudeh, Mehatoor Sasoutikh Ohide
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Lorundio Asgeir Evuldgenzo, Flost, Ongund Eust Todrir
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Maddam Chesoh Hama, Hanan, Irnal, Sarum Prime Alkabsi, Bagodan, Mahrokht Murzi
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Maseend Ana Hamse, Jaswelu, Lashkai, Zhilshinou Maiah, Yuhelia Barira
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Mayonhen  This is an island incursion with an entry only through low security space. Mishi Avada, Haimeh, Pahineh Bazadod Chibi
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Mazake Sakhti Hiramu, Hutian, Mazitah, Pelkia Joppaya, Raren Noli
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Megeh Dresi Aharalel, Gensela, Zororzih Aphend, Romi Hiroudeh
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png Mekashtad  Akhrad and Sharir are not part of the incursion since they are low security systems. Pirohdim Iosantin, Janus, Orva, Salashayama, Thiarer, Zet Amphar, Nikh, Usroh Agha
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Mimishia Unkah Atoosh, Hoona, Mimen Thashkarai Sacalan
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Mobit Narai Bashakru, Shuria, Sukirah Mikhir, Ziona Akhragan
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Moghiz Yehnifi Kooreng, Shaggoth, Ustnia Elmed, Minin Jennim
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png Mossas Shala Ibaria, Maspah, Zemalu Juddi Khankenirdia
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Mulata Hizhara Ahala, Arera, Knophtikoo Hai, Seiradih Mamenkhanar
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Nagaslaiken Saikanen Jeras, Kakki, Oijamon Auviken Ohvosamon
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Naloran Akhmoh Hapala, Salah, Yebouz Syrikos Hikansog
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Nasorin Azhgabid Arkoz, Jinizu, Taru, Yanuel Nafrivik, Remoriu Phoren
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Nimedaz Chaktaren Danyana, Jinkah, Nibainkier, Polfaly Annad, Nahyeen Andrub
Khanid Kingdom Nohshayess Sazre Ipref, Jachanu, Khanid Prime, Kihtaled Agil, Gousoviba, Neyi Bukah
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Norgoh Fora Bhizheba, Eba, Safizon, Zatsyaki Artoun, Ebtesham Isamm
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Odengsolf Balginia Avesber, Frarn, Gyng, Illinfrik Ivar, Meirakulf Usteli
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Odilis Quier Frarolle, Gicodel, Mattere Ethernity, Meves Athinard
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png Oraron Akeva Ejahi, Gelhan, Jarizza Asghatil, Bar Sucha
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png Orshed Buftiar Jofan, Odlib, Yadi Tidacha Milu
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Orvanne  This is an island incursion, surrounded by low and null security space. Additionally Aeter, Harner and Sarline are not part of the incursions as they are low security systems. Gererique Niballe, Odinesyn, Postouvin Larryn Weraroix
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Osnins Aice Amattens, Bereye, Junsoraert, Jurlesel Arnatele, Halle Mormoen
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Osta Obrolber Austraka, Dumkirinur, Sist Edmalbrurdus, Kronsur Todeko
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Otsabaira Ukkalen Akkilen, Keikaken, Onuse Soshin, Vattuolen Silen
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Outartoh Ono Annaro, Isutaka, Tasabeshi Muvolailen Paara
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Panorad Oraekja Hakeri, Irgrus, Nifflung Josekorn Dantbeinn
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Panoumid Nare Imih, Soumi, Zinkon Choga Kulu
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Parrosa Kamda Mandoo, Miah, Peyiri Yarebap Finid
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Peges Ahteer Hath, Judra, Sharios, Uhodoh Esa, Kari Arakor
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Pietanen  This is an island incursion, surrounded by low security space. Additionally Daras and Iitanmadan are not part of the incursions as they are low security systems. Jotenen Atai, Otalieto, Rauntaka Liukikka Aikantoh
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Qermi Lazara Asrios, Ithar, Shemah Zorrabed Telang
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Reya Imya Gergish, Kobam, Tahli Madomi Hirizan
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Rifenda Ahkour Gaknem, Nehkiah, Siyi Iro Abai
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Ryra Thasinaz Choonka, Dihra, Dital Esescama Odin
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Ruomo Itamo Ahtulaima, Kylmabe, Vaankalen Jatate, Mitsolen Mahtista
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png San Matar Zaid Akpivem, Nirbhi, Tanoo, Yuzier Jark, Sasta Lashesih
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Sanair Ahrosseas Adahum, Goram, Tendhyes Tividu Anjedin
Logo faction caldari state clean.png SantenpaaKrirald is now part of Pochven. This Incursion may still spawn. Motsu Aramachi, Komo, Laah, Oichiya Saila, Isenairos Uotila
Khanid Kingdom Sib  Efa is not part of the incursion since it is a low security system. Moro Ainsan, Badivefi, Talidal Ashi, Tzashrah Sabusi
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Somi Matyas Imeshasa, Jarzalad, Pimsu Nafomeh Riramia
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Sosarir Shumam Ardishapur Prime, Gid, Nererut, Nifshed, Vashkah Rasile, Sitanan, Thebeka Dakba
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Subhatoub Seitam Tew, Zehru, Zith Alra, Ilas Sinid
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Suon Inari Inaro, Irjunen, Waskisen Sirppala Kaaputenen
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Stadakorn Situner Agtver, Datulen, Erego, Meimungen, Totkubad Evettullur, Hjortur, Tamekamur Egbonbet
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Trigentia Akhwa Inis-Ilix, Sonama, Suner Halibai, Turba Kothe
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Tsemshatel Yasud Azerakish, Ghishul, Lari, Moutid Asezai, Yeder Ferira
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Unour  This is an island incursion, surrounded by low security space. Vilinnon Iffrue, Mollin, Ommaerrer Ivorider Osmallanais
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Urtfer Jorus Appen, Javrendei, Klir Trer Egmur
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Wyllequet Croleur Atier, Bawilan, Brapelille Adrallezoen Brybier
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Yestadan Cailanar Armala, Murema, Uchat Ilonarav Gaha
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Yekti Saana Bahromab, Kudi, Madirmilire Fabum Sharji
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Ysiette Aclan Jaschercis, Marosier, Vaurent Ardallabier, Lirsautton Blameston

Constellations in low security space

Icon constellation.png Constellation Incursions staging icon.pngStaging Incursions vanguard icon.pngVanguards Incursions assault icon.pngAssaults Incursions headquarter icon.pngHeadquarter
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Aeman Rorsins Miroitem, Otou, Thelan Lamadent Rancer
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Afinoo Hier Gens, Jasson, Kamih Kenahehab Yehaba
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png Aguh Hahyil Aranir, Eshwil, Sosa Ilahed Ishkad
Khanid Kingdom Akar Baratar Amafi, Ashkoo, Nahrneder Hakana Arzieh
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Aldodan Brin Arnstur, Evati, Helgatild, Todifrauan Arnher, Lasleinur Ofstold
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Almur Sakulda Gonheim, Half, Istodard Altbrard Hedaleolfarber
Khanid Kingdom Alpakian Rafeme Fanathor, Nakis, Pout Zirsem Hezere
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Alselbosier Pain Aunsou, Gare, Reynire Cumemare Alperaute
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Amevync Esesier Aldranette, Anchauttes, Evaulon Alsavoinon, Vlillirier Oicx
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Anama Maalna Maseera, Van, Shakasi Zayi Shirshocin
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Angils Ualkin Egmar, Gukarla, Taff Orfrold Klogori
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Armi Arodan Bourar, Rammi, Rimbah Milal Sobenah
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Aven  Bherdasopt and Simela are not part of the incursion since they are high security systems. Olin Galnafsad, Otakod, Shalne Shapisin Gonditsa
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Braille Vevelonel Anckee, Elore, Meunvon, Yveve Aimoguier, Conomette Cadelanne
Khanid Kingdom Budar Ibani Cabeki, Irmalin, Timudan Sassecho Goudiyah
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Elerelle Agaullores Babirmoult, Faurulle, Hare, Ogaria Heluene, Oruse Arittant
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Elfrard Kadlina Aeditide, Hegfunden, Egbinger Weld Klingt
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Essin Hofjaldgund Ebolfer, Gebuladi, Eszur Frerstorn, Sirekur Ontorn
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Eugidi Vimeini Aset, Avenod, Isbrabata, Turnur Eytjangard, Uisper Floseswin
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png EVE New Eden Canard, Central Point, Promised Land Dead End, Gateway Exit
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Fabai Sakht Anath, Naga, Tisot Omigiav Efu
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Fua Amod Akila, Basan, Shajarleg Sahda Naguton
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Ganoure Kenninck Ausmaert, Barleguet Aulbres, Vestouve Espigoure
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Hed Lantorn Dal, Siseide, Vard Auga Amamake
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Helab Sheri Ahraghen, Ajna, Tukanas Nielez, Soliara Fageras
Khanid Kingdom Homroon Neda Chitiamem, Zahefeus, Zephan Kuhri, Nandeza Dimoohan
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Inolari Pavanakka Eha, Innia, Martoh Iralaja, Kinakka Raihbaka
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Ishaga Hikkoken Hallanen, Immuri, Nennamaila Akidagi, Enaluri Aivonen
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Isoma Tannolen Eranakko, Onatoh, Sujarento, Tama Oto, Nagamanen Hasmijaala
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Jakemhih Misaba Mamet, Rephirib, Mamet Biphi Hoshoun
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Jatari Khabara Fensi, Jeni, Nebian Ami Bridi
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png Joas Bimener Kenobanala, Khabi, Ubtes Astabih Uanzin
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Kihkounad Partod Anara, Seshi, Sharza Pirna Azedi
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Kurala Prism Asakai, Elunala, Ikoskio, Mushikegi Okkamon, Vaaralen Teskanen
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Leseasesh Esubara Getrenjesa, Shafrak, Yahyerer, Zazamye Defsunun, Jerhesh Nalnifan
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Maal Bapraya Ghekon, Pserz, Vaini Anohel, Soza Illi
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Makh Korridi Bantish, Lela, Saphthar Itrin Keri
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Mallugier Amasiree Amoen, Aubonnie, Hedoubel Gallusiene, Ruerrotta Avaux
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Mareerieh Vehan Udianoor, Onanam, Sadana Isid Marmeha
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Meli Naka Aring, Chej, Gayar Noranim, Petidu Menai
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Mivora Fuskunen Otosela, Paala, Uemon Akkio Tasti
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Monalaz Access Angur, Djimame, Hangond Mozzidit Antem
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Nadire Esmes Goinard, Allipes, Aetree Raeghoscon Lermireve
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Okakuola Notoras Hirri, Kedama, Nisuwa, Oinasiken, Reitsato Pynekastoh, Rakapas, Teimo Iwisoda
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Ombil Yekh Balas, Edilkam, Ertoo, Feshur, Hoseen, Hoseen, Pemsah Fihrneh, Gesh, Hakatiz, Khnar Parouz
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Pezarba Hiremir Omam, Sechmaren, Zinoo Bersyrim Mod
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Ravin Kerying Arzi, Oguser, Zorenyen Mafra, Schmaeel Abath
Khanid Kingdom Seevadin Upt Gehi, Ham, Vezila Claini, Seshala Hemouner
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Selonat Ned Fobiner, Karan, Nouta Esaeel, Huna Hophib
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Semou Arzad Ezzara, Oyeman, Sifilar Raa Tzvi
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Serthoulde Athounon Alparena, Arderonne, Mercomesier, Reschard Alamel, Odamia Mantenault
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Sukanan Tirbam Nasesharafa, Keshirou, Rethan Ordat Teshkat
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Tandoiras Haras Sahtogas, Tannakan, Oyonata Kurniainen Saidusairos
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Tartatven Muttokon Aedald, Audesder, Heild Hrokkur Hrober
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Tendrara Arza Liparer, Miroona, Ranni Jedandan Enal
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Umamon Saranen Anin, Karjataimon, Tartoken Nannaras Tamo
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Urpiken Kehjari Ashitsu, Ienakkamon, Villasen, Korasen Hykanima, Okagaiken Sarenemi
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Viriette Brarel Annancale, Intaki, Vey Agoze, Ostingele Harroule
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Woenckee Muetralle Costolle, Costolle, Ouelletta Murethand Loes

Constellations in null security space

Icon constellation.png Constellation Incursions staging icon.pngStaging Incursions vanguard icon.pngVanguards Incursions assault icon.pngAssaults Incursions headquarter icon.pngHeadquarter
Icon corporation.png 0-8MWQ LS9B-9 RVCZ-C, VI2K-J, ZLZ-1Z 6Y-WRK 5T-KM3
Icon corporation.png 0-YMZM MOCW-2 3AE-CP, 9OLQ-6, Q-3HS5 0-VG7A EUU-4N
Icon corporation.png 02QH-A JLO-Z3 03-OR2, 5-MQQ7, 6-EQYE U2-28D LQ-OAI
Icon corporation.png 03C-SU C8VC-S GIH-ZG, K-6SNI, L-VXTK, XD-TOV V7-FB4, W-UQA5 S8-NSQ
Icon corporation.png 04-H4M 8B-VLX G-B22J, R3-K7K, X-R3NM, X6AB-Y 1-1I53, N8XA-L 18-GZM
Icon corporation.png 04-LOF GK3-RX 1P-QWR, 3-JG3X, FJ-GUR BQ0-UU RF-X7V
Icon corporation.png 05M-I1 UK-SHL 01TG-J, U3SQ-X, A1BK-A L6BY-P, NUG-OF E7VE-V
Icon corporation.png 09-4XW ZXA-V6 I1-BE8, ZH3-BS, ZJ-QOO 1QH-0K W8O-19
Icon corporation.png 0A-73B UI-8ZE 7D-0SQ, OGV-AS, Y-C3EQ H1-J33 KU5R-W
Icon corporation.png 0C-PZ4 BKG-Q2
Icon corporation.png 0EA3-8 4CJ-AC 67Y-NR, A24L-V, QTME-D GDHN-K, RQN-OO GK5Z-T
Icon corporation.png 0FC-ZX J7-BDX 30-YOU, 384-IN, 4F89-U, MKIG-5, YHEN-G E-JCUS, LP1M-Q, W-QN5X G063-U
Guristas Pirates 0HD-6C 42XJ-N G9D-XW, GVZ-1W, Z3U-GI B3QP-K FHB-QA
Guristas Pirates 0KTC-R ZD4-G9 YJ3-UT, C2-DDA, VG-QW1 L-IE41 2IBE-N
Icon corporation.png 0PS-L5 GGMF-J GGMF-J, IG-4OF, M-NWLB 0-QP56, ORB4-J MTGF-2
Icon corporation.png 0YMH-Q EFM-C4 74-VZA, I-1QKL, L5-UWT Q7-FZ8 YPW-M4
Icon corporation.png 1-A81R 7UTB-F 31X-RE, 5-6QW7, Q-02UL Y5C-YD F-9PXR
Icon corporation.png 17K-QM 9T-APQ 33-JRO, ARBX-9, O-MCZR 5-CSE3 JI-K5H
Icon corporation.png 1A-WYQ LJK-T0 M-9V5D, M-VEJZ, O2-39S XWY-YM DY-40Z
Icon corporation.png 1ANT-J 9-ZFCG 3-YX2D, CFLF-P, V-TN6Q UD-VZW QBH5-F
Icon corporation.png 1D-65L 2-3Q2G M-UC0S, SY0W-2, V7-MID JSI-LL Q1U-IU
Guristas Pirates 1G-8KY 9-R6GU KK-L97, R-KZK7, Z-GY5S N-Q5PW, Y6-HPG Y-W1Q3
Icon corporation.png 1M4-FN O8W-5O 0-TRV1, F-TQWO, NBO-O0 6UT-1K 13-49W
Icon corporation.png 1P-VL2
Icon corporation.png 1RG-GU RZ-PIY A-C5TC, FR46-E, QLPX-J 2-X0PF, OFVH-Y 1-PGSG
Icon corporation.png 1VN-XC CT8K-0 C-4D0W, IL-H0A, M9-LAN L4X-1V, WPV-JN PX-IHN
The Syndicate 2-M6DE M2-CF1 8-JYPM, JH-M2W, PVH8-0 EZA-FM 6-CZ49
Icon corporation.png 2-ZRM0 AR-5SY A1RR-M, GW7P-8, OE-4HB, SF-XJS Y-YHZQ, Z-SR1I A-1IJ9
Icon corporation.png 2747-4 UW-6MW 0-N1BJ, FO9-FZ, T-8GWA 4QY-NT T-8GWA
Icon corporation.png 29V-1R QPO-WI FO8M-2, R8S-1K, T-945F 4U90-Z AD-CBT
Icon corporation.png 2FYX-H ZJ-5IS ZZK-VF, SN-Q1T, L1YK-V R3P0-Z 8RL-OG
Icon corporation.png 2O-VY7 SG-3HY A-YB15, D-6PKO, QZX-L9 SY-0AM AU2V-J
Icon corporation.png 2Q-8WA S-LHPJ 5-VFC6, J-OAH2 86L-9F, BZ-BCK, IUU3-L, O5-YNW FB5U-I
Icon corporation.png 3-PC31 K-9UG4 2-RSC7, D4-2XN, ZID-LE KJ-V0P OBK-K8
Icon corporation.png 3-U491 CL-J9W 5-LCI7, VNGJ-U, VVO-R6, Y2-I3W AZN-D2, E-PR0S, TR07-S 2-F3OE
Icon corporation.png 304-QS B-GC1T AH-B84, HB7R-F, O-JPKH JTAU-5 F-9F6Q
Icon corporation.png 304Z-R RZC-16 F-NMX6, FWA-4V, ZKYV-W 7RM-N0, S-MDYI GA-P6C
Sisters of EVE 38G6-L ROIR-Y G95-VZ, J-CIJV, KLY-C0 CL6-ZG, CXN1-Z X-7OMU
Icon corporation.png 3B-IWE K4-RFZ DG-L7S, L-FVHR, RKM-GE 4-2UXV F2OY-X
Icon corporation.png 3D-ROC 3ET-G8 0J-MQW, K-BBYU, XT-1E0 N-PS2Y T6T-BQ
Icon corporation.png 3GK-WS 5Q65-4 5DE-QS, R0-DMM, UZ-QXW F-3FOY, OAIG-0 UM-SCG
Icon corporation.png 3NA-Z1
Icon corporation.png 3R-BJL XW2H-V F2W-C6, KZ9T-C, X40H-9 FIDY-8 8FN-GP
Icon corporation.png 3RU-10 IO-R2S Q-ITV5, QE2-FS, R-ZESX 7-UVMT, HF-K3O WVMS-X
Icon corporation.png 3TS-12 A0M-R8 1NZV-7, B-VFDD, LY-WRW, QCGG-Q 7-2Z93, NIM-FY 9F-ERQ
Icon corporation.png 3WN-1T BY-MSY 6EK-BV, D-PNP9, E1UU-3 G-YZUX, P-3XVV CZ6U-1
Icon corporation.png 4-0VL9 Y8K-5B 4HF-4R, B6-XE8, JLH-FN DFTK-D, MOSA-I L7-BLT
Icon corporation.png 4-QV2L XEN7-0 F5M-CC, LKZ-CY, TZE-UB WRL4-2 V7G-RL
Icon corporation.png 4QZ-2M B-7DFU 8-YNBE BX-VEX, QY1E-N, YQX-7U E-VKJV
Icon corporation.png 42-WDG 6-ELQP 0OYZ-G, D6SK-L, R97-CI, SWBV-2 HYPL-V, I9-ZQZ, NPD9-A M-PGT0
Guristas Pirates 48R-PS 9-8BL8 6W-HRH, MQFX-Q, N5Y-4N CSOA-B K3JR-J
The Syndicate 49A-BZ A-SJ8X 0LTQ-C, 2P-4LS, 31-MLU, LSC4-P A9D-R0, BMNV-P, RF-GGF BY-S36
Icon corporation.png 4BZ-R3 I7S-1S FSW-3C, FX-7EM, G7AQ-7, QBL-BV D-GTMI, T-RPFU MH9C-S
Icon corporation.png 4LEZ-6 6Q4-X6 B9N2-2, D-QJR9, U4-V3J H-29TM KOI8-Z
Icon corporation.png 4M6-GJ J7M-3W 2G-VDP, 9P-870, KRPF-A 9F-3CR QNXJ-M
Icon corporation.png 4MY-AB F76-8Q D-BAMJ, DW-N2S, JKWP-U, RHE7-W W-FHWJ, X-6WC7 PH-NFR
Icon corporation.png 4R-HUN IF-KD1 IBOX-2, TD-4XL, VW-PXL 8AB-Q4 JA-G0T
Icon corporation.png 4SRW-B 62O-UE IAS-I5, O5Q7-U, RT-9WL SAI-T9 K7S-FF
Icon corporation.png 4YFT-F SG-75T N3-JBX, GN-PDU, 9PX2-F F-5FDA S1-XTL
Icon corporation.png 4ZXC-8 5-IH57 JXQJ-B, QYT-X8, Y-BIPM PND-SI, XKM-DE H-MHWF
Icon corporation.png 5-88B9 YQB-22 8P9-BM 3GXF-U, H-GKI6, VKI-T7 F-YH5B
Icon corporation.png 50-5UD BB-EKF 16AM-3, B8HU-Z, BB-EKF, Q5KZ-W Q0G-L8, WE-KK2 A-REKV
Icon corporation.png 51ZT-6 U-IVGH ARG-3R, K212-A, K7-LDX, P-N5N9, R-3FBU, S-E6ES EIN-QG, JMH-PT, X9V-15 DE-A7P
Icon corporation.png 52-JKU Q-CAB2
The Syndicate 59H-0G 5-VKCN 5KS-AB, KLYN-8, Y-W6GF KFR-ZE, U0V6-T D85-VD
Icon corporation.png 5F8-PZ GR-X26 6OU9-U, 9N-0HF, U-OVFR 9-OUGJ 4NDT-W
Icon corporation.png 5HN-S5 U-QMOA I6-SYN, O-5TN1, VK-A5G B-T6BT 8-SPNN
Icon corporation.png 5J-SSP AFJ-NB 4OIV-X, TM-0P2, Y-JKJ8 3-UCBF, N-CREL 1-7KWU
Icon corporation.png 5P4-QA
Icon corporation.png 5Y1E-3 M-MBRT HPBE-D, R4N-LD, TP7-KE A-4JOO 3Q-VZA
Icon corporation.png 5YHF-H 0J3L-V AZBR-2, T-GCGL, Z-8Q65 0MV-4W, T-GCGL V-NL3K
Icon corporation.png 5Z0Y-S
Icon corporation.png 5ZAB-N SBEN-Q 4GSZ-1, E-EFAM, VEQ-3V 9-7SRQ, J-QOKQ 4T-VDE
Icon corporation.png 5ZR-29 C-LTXS C0O6-K, G9NE-B, HD-AJ7, SJJ-4F 0RI-OV, G9NE-B SR-4EK
Icon corporation.png 6-CBBM
Icon corporation.png 6-UCYU I3Q-II 0N-3RO, 319-3D, YZ9-F6 FWST-8 G-TT5V
The Syndicate 6-V49K EF-F36 3-IN0V, DUV-5Y, GRNJ-3 D-B7YK Z-QENW
Icon corporation.png 6GU-AT YC-ANK G-HE0N, J7X-VN, LTT-AP, UAJ5-K 2WU-XT, 9S-GPT, XJ-AG7 F-WCLC
Icon corporation.png 6I-3VX T-AKQZ 0P-U0Q, G-D0N3, XGH-SH B-6STA 7KIK-H
Icon corporation.png 6JCS-4 BUZ-DB JGW-OT, KB-U56, KH0Z-0, UCG4-B 5-N2EY, NH-1X6 K717-8
Icon corporation.png 6KFH-X E2-RDQ HIX4-H, OY0-2T, TN25-J GR-J8B ZU-MS3
Icon corporation.png 6TT8-Z 1H5-3W GTY-FW, QZV-X3, RV-GA8, TP-RTO JTA2-2, R-6KYM 3H58-R
Icon corporation.png 7-ZDOK XME-SW JX-SOA, KGCF-5, VH-9VO NHKO-4, Y-UO9U P-T9VC
Thukker Tribe 730-KH NIH-02 E02-IK, M-MD3B, N-DQ0D NK-7XO JPL-RA
Icon corporation.png 74IL-O UG-UWZ 5F-YRA, TDE4-H, UER-TH O2O-2X JE1-36
Icon corporation.png 760-9C Z-A8FS 07-SLO, DUO-51, J-RXYN GPD5-0 GRHS-B
Icon corporation.png 78-6RI 6V-D0E BVRQ-O, LS3-HP, QX-4HO FBH-JN SH6X-F
Icon corporation.png 7UNX-J 5-A0PX CLW-SI, O7-RFZ, R-RMDH SH-YZY Z-EKCY
Icon corporation.png 7VJ-7M A-80UA 4E-EZS, C8-7AS, ZNF-OK 8Q-T7B WV0D-1
Icon corporation.png 7X-X1Y WQY-IQ 8W-OSE, E9KD-N, FIO1-8 C-OK0R, YKSC-A 0-ARFO
Icon corporation.png 7ZRW-G Q1-R7K 6-TYRX, IR-FDV, NIZJ-0, V1ZC-S 111-F1, J-RVGD H-T40Z
Icon corporation.png 8-4EFQ M4-GJ6 2JT-3Q, 2JT-3Q, I3CR-F, SN9-3Z 2-Q4YG, 7-JT09 AGCP-I
Icon corporation.png 8-IL7S
Icon corporation.png 88G-M4 JZV-F4 MGAM-4, Q3-BAY, VORM-W 7G-H7D R-RSZZ
Icon corporation.png 8AO-5V 8KE-YS LXQ2-T, O-LJOO, ZS-PNI TZ-74M 43-1TL
Icon corporation.png 8BO-IH K-L690 9CG6-H, NDII-Q, W6V-VM UYU-VV P-ZMZV
Icon corporation.png 8ET-D1
Icon corporation.png 8G-JN6 FKR-SR 5U-3PW, 89JS-J, C9R-NO CYB-BZ KMH-J1
Icon corporation.png 8K-CHA 9-KWXC 3USX-F, K42-IE, VSJ-PP 39-DGG, 6RQ9-A SV-K8J
Icon corporation.png 8MJO-4 L-AS00 6T3I-L, AXDX-F, QSF-EJ PEM-LC, X-EHHD J-4FNO
Icon corporation.png 8T-OLH 5-9UXZ Q0OH-V, X-7BIX, C9N-CC, DTX8-M JAUD-V, 4-OUKF HAJ-DQ
Icon corporation.png 8UD2-J ND-GL4 1S-SU1, HD-HOZ, LEM-I1 42G-OB, V2-GZS G4-QU6
Icon corporation.png 9BGY-6 G-GRSZ 5T-A3D, 5ZU-VG, HB-KSF 6-8QLA, EH2I-P, LW-YEW, OP7-BP, R-AYGT 6-1T6Z
Icon corporation.png 9D1V-O IPX-H5 QS-530, VR-YRV, X-HISR 29YH-V, DL-CDY LG-RO2
Icon corporation.png 9HXQ-G MY-W1V 3-OKDA, 4M-HGL, 3GD6-8 YHN-3K, GE-8JV AX-DOT
Icon corporation.png 9KX-M0 9-GBPD A3-RQ3, LS-JEP, PX5-LR WMBZ-U A-QRQT
Icon corporation.png 9NP-KR A-5F4A Q2-N6W, LNVW-K, P4-3TJ, K-Z0V4, 8B-SAJ W-IX39, K-B8DK, L-6W1J C-9RRR
Icon corporation.png 9P57-V S-1LIO 1BWK-S, NV-3KA, RKE-CP KMV-CQ U1TX-A
Icon corporation.png A-JI5E JA-O6J CX65-5, SNFV-I, V2-VC2 8B-2YA, HP-64T L-B55M
Icon corporation.png A-Z7C9 A-BO4V T8T-RA, V-3U8T, SKR-SP GOP-GE MKD-O8
Icon corporation.png A21H-Z 3JN9-Q O-2RNZ, AGG-NR, LEK-N5 OWXT-5 0V0R-R
Icon corporation.png A3-T8B 1W-0KS 1VK-6B, E-SCTX, IT-YAU, S6QX-N H-EY0P, UNAG-6 MQ-O27
Icon corporation.png AC-RON X-ARMF G9L-LP, GM-50Y, L-FM3P 0TYR-T, 8-OZU1 MLQ-O9
Icon corporation.png AGI1-F QFRV-2 9Z-XJN, K4UV-G, Q7E-DU HZID-J ZEZ1-9
Icon corporation.png AJG-MV G-4H4C DIBH-Q, H-YHYM, HHE5-L, YAP-TN G-JC9R, PE-H02, Z-MO29 DNEP-Y
Thukker Tribe AP-S8F 7JF-0Z DE71-9, I-QRJA, M-YWAL CI4M-T, R-ESG0 P1T-LP
Icon corporation.png Assilot XG-D1L 00TY-J, 5S-KNL, 6RCQ-V PPG-XC QA1-BT
Icon corporation.png AU-S0B D-9UEV 78R-PI, H-HWQR, RH0-EG 4-P4FE QRBN-M
Icon corporation.png AV-SCL BGN1-O 4AZ-J8, 5-IZGE, J-TPTA, X6-J6R F-8Y13, OXC-UL PMV-G6
Icon corporation.png AZBG-H FC-3YI 5IO8-U, QR-K85, U-HYMT DP-JD4 OXIY-V
Icon corporation.png B-D245 W9-TFD 2EV-BA, 80G-H5, M1-PX9 HLR-GL JUE-DX
Icon corporation.png B-MQ0Y EF-QZK 0FG-KS, E-WMT7, F-5WYK RZ3O-K FLK-LJ
Icon corporation.png B4H-9W AJI-MA HM-XR2, NOL-M9, O-IOAI QX-LIJ 4K-TRB
Icon corporation.png Balenne O-IVNH 1-NW2G, F7C-H0, O-ZXUV 77-KDQ, FD53-H TN-T7T
Icon corporation.png Basilisk Y-2ANO G1CA-Y, LBGI-2, WMH-SO 4HS-CR Z-YN5Y
Icon corporation.png BB-48X B-U299 5ED-4E, DN58-U, JE-VLG C2-1B5 87-1PM
Thukker Tribe BB8E-G AI-EVH F-MKH3, V-2GYS, W-RFUO, ZM-DNR 0NV-YU, 168-6H, WPR-EI VKU-BG
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Belt J1H-R4 0-9UHT, 0-WVQS, 5WAE-M H-M1BY M-NKZM
Icon corporation.png BI-NFW
Icon corporation.png BRP2-K 4-07MU 25S-6P, 6BPS-T, RR-D05 FAT-6P, Y-PNRL CNC-4V
Icon corporation.png BUG6-X 5ZO-NZ 7-UH4Z, X97D-W, Y0-BVN FS-RFL, N-HSK0 05R-7A
Icon corporation.png BVA-YH E1W-TB 2-2EWC, 995-3G, LMM7-L D-6H64 8-BIE3
Icon corporation.png BXT7-V W-KXEX M-SG47, SR-10Z, TAL1-3 2-YO2K QHY-RU
Icon corporation.png BZ-10K X7R-JW LRWD-B, M-HU4V, QXQ-BA T-Q2DD 8-4GQM
Icon corporation.png BZZ-1U
Icon corporation.png C-ULS4 P7Z-R3 4-BE0M, A-G1FM, ZIU-EP 3-N3OO, I-7RIS CS-ZGD
Icon corporation.png C45-9Y C-0ND2 5XR-KZ, 75C-WN, JI-LGM, PO-3QW, VF-FN6, Y-YGMW BG-W90, I5Q2-S, OCU4-R Z-PNIA
Icon corporation.png C73-U5 Q-HJ97 GM-0K7, RF6T-8, Z4-QLD, ZJA-6U 94FR-S, E1F-LK, I-NGI8 R-ZUOL
Icon corporation.png C9XB-L
Icon corporation.png Centaur D2AH-Z 7X-02R, EI-O0O, J5A-IX Z9PP-H 7-8S5X
Icon corporation.png Chimera AV-VB6 6VDT-H, 7BX-6F, NDH-NV, XJP-Y7 15U-JY, NY6-FH, QV28-G HMF-9D
Icon corporation.png CL-QB2 M-4KDB FE-6YQ, W-16DY, ZMV9-A S-9RCJ, C-FD0D ZD1-Z2
Icon corporation.png CN5-F2
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Crown
Icon corporation.png CZ-06R R8WV-7 LQQH-J, X-Z4JW, W5-VBR Y-770C J-D5U7
Icon corporation.png D-95MV U-MFTL A-7XFN, DX-TAR, O3-4MN, T-0JWP 7-P1JO, EDQG-L, TYB-69 J-L9MA
Icon corporation.png D-AWFI RG9-7U A4L-A2, CZDJ-1, UJY-HE UEJX-G U-TJ7Y
Icon corporation.png D-GU3R 5J-62N 8-MXHA, LPVL-5, Z-DRIY AID-9T, PXE-RG D3S-EA
Icon corporation.png D-YKXH QZ1-OH 5B-YDD, PWPY-4, Y-XZA7 W-XY4J 2XI8-Y
Icon corporation.png D4J-PP P-ZWKH QY2Y-N, X-9ZZR, VZEG-B HO4E-Q, RO-AIQ E6Q-LE
Icon corporation.png D5-SOW 4O-239 Q-JQSG, T-IPZB, T-M0FA QC-YX6 LUA5-L
Icon corporation.png D61-WV OZ-DS5 91-KD8, 0PU2-R, XM-RMD B-ETDW 9G5J-1
Icon corporation.png D9DM-O ZDYA-G LX5K-W, MP5-KR, O-N589 ZBY-0I LD-2VL
Icon corporation.png DA0V-R T-67F8 58Z-IH, CHP-76, M-VACR E0DR-G, KI2-S3 0B-VOJ
Icon corporation.png DILJ-7 1N-FJ8 0R-F2F, 2DWM-2, R-P7KL XF-PWO 669-IX
Icon corporation.png DITJ-X 1QZ-Y9 4-CM8I, B-1UJC, ZDB-HT Q4C-S5 Q-NA5H
Icon corporation.png DJ-XCW M3-KAQ 6-L4YC, GPLB-C, U104-3 5E-CMA GGE-5Q
Icon corporation.png DMXN-3
Icon corporation.png DOCS-O XXZ-3W
The Syndicate DS-M4Q 0EK-NJ PFP-GU, T-LIWS, UM-Q7F, V4-L0X 1-NKVT, AAS-8R, KTHT-O QWF-6P
Thukker Tribe DYK-G8 4M-P1I H7O-JZ, O-RXCZ, WE3-BX H-8F5Q LXTC-S
Icon corporation.png E-312G YG-82V 5LJ-MD, B8O-KJ, QCWA-Z, UB-UQZ, XM-4L0 52G-NZ, KV-8SN, Z-K495 6-O5GY
Icon corporation.png E-72A3 3-QYVE P-UCRP, T-K10W, V-LDEJ 7D-PAT C-XNUA
Icon corporation.png E-8CSQ BR-6XP 8-TFDX, G5ED-Y, UL-4ZW O-LR1H, Y5J-EU B-E3KQ
Icon corporation.png E-95ID S0U-MO V-QXXK, W-6GBI, XKH-6O XQP-9C F39H-1
Guristas Pirates E-I1JW 8CIX-S 0-XIDJ, O-TVTD, P-GKF5, SBL5-R D-SKWC, E-7U8U HBD-CC
Icon corporation.png E-IFSA 2PG-KN 9-MJVQ, PDF-3Z, PEK-8Z 4-IT9G, C3-0YD L2GN-K
Icon corporation.png E-ILCH MS2-V8 02V-BK, JD-TYH, R-ARKN SN9S-N A5MT-B
Icon corporation.png E-UBWI
Icon corporation.png E1L-UY GTB-O4 EU-WFW, K-YL9T, Y4B-BQ G-VFVB P65-TA
Icon corporation.png E3-NLE 3G-LHB 9GI-FB, DBT-GB, U-W3WS L-1HKR PBD-0G
Icon corporation.png E65-47 ZWM-BB 7-QOYS, KS8G-M, LH-LY1 OTJ9-E S-CUEA
Icon corporation.png E6EO-H XU-BF8 DAI-SH, RIU-GC, S-R9J2, V3P-AZ F-WZYG, X1W-AL C-KW6X
Icon corporation.png EIX-HK WSK-1A 5-NZNW, 8-BEW8, NZW-ZO MS1-KJ, Y-EQ0C 7M4C-F
Icon corporation.png EK-NQ2 Z-N9IP 442-CS, 9ZFH-Z, TWJ-AW 4-MPSJ, PZMA-E N-7ECY
Icon corporation.png EL8Z-M U79-JF 9-XN3F, AC-7LZ, Y-FZ5N E8-YS9 LBA-SO
Angel Cartel Elysium 8G-MQV
Icon corporation.png EM-L3K L7XS-5 1P-WGB, K0CN-3, VA6-DR F4R2-Q WLAR-J
Icon corporation.png ENP-SH 2-KPW6 LBC-AW, Q-K2T7, XV-MWG 1V-LI2, OAQY-M M9-MLR
Icon corporation.png F-I56R
Icon corporation.png F-RA63 RF-CN3 C-7SBM, DS-LO3, Z-UZZN BX2-ZX YW-SYT
Icon corporation.png F-V9QW Y-ZXIO G96R-F, C-FP70, ZA0L-U 1-GBBP T-ZWA1
Icon corporation.png F-W6B4 1-HDQ4 1EO-OE, 5-9L3H, YQTK-R 6U-MFQ FZCR-3
Icon corporation.png F-ZNNG E-91FV 54-MF6, AD-5B8, G-73MR, QP0K-B EOA-ZC, TJM-JJ UBX-CC
Icon corporation.png F5-O9O OQTY-Z G1-0UI, QLU-P0, XUDX-A DZ6-I5, QCDG-H R-XDKM
Icon corporation.png FD-7Y4 38NZ-1 74L2-U, HL-VZX, W-MF6J D-P1EH, HZ-O18 N-O53U
Icon corporation.png FDR-EQ X3FQ-W 3-SFWG, A-VILQ, CB4-Q2, N-8BZ6 CBL-XP, WJ-9YO UQ-PWD
Icon corporation.png FQ-COP LJ-RJK 4YO-QK, 8-VC6H, U93O-A BTLH-I 0LY-W1
Icon corporation.png FY6-NK B1D-KU 2R-KLH, 6SB-BN, QFIU-K KSM-1T YRV-MZ
Icon corporation.png G-HISF APES-G 2Z-HPQ, 6-WMKE, I8-AJY, J-Z8C2 1-EVAX, B2J-5N XTVZ-E
Icon corporation.png G2E-RJ 49GC-R 9-F0B2, 9UY4-H, YWS0-Z 4B-NQN G-5EN2
Icon corporation.png G3-MU3 1M7-RK 5HN-D6, MK-YNM, P-H5IY 2-9Z6V, 4A-6NI E-B957
Icon corporation.png G3IP-E TY2X-C 0VK-43, CCE-0J, X-1QGA JI1-SY T2-V8F
Icon corporation.png G8-D09 R-LW2I 3V8-LJ, 4-ABS8, DP-1YE B8EN-S R6XN-9
Icon corporation.png GDBW-2 UYG-YX 06-70G, GL6S-2, LO5-LN, LO5-LN C-NMG9, NBW-GD, YM-SRU P3X-TN
Icon corporation.png GEP-XF G-M4GK 0SUF-3, GQ2S-8, KU3-BB, O1Q-P1 2I-520, G1D0-G O-97ZG
Icon corporation.png GFE-SS HE5T-A 0M-103, 6OYQ-Z, Z-LO6I O36A-P DCJ-ZT
Icon corporation.png GJH-1C OEG-K9 B-5UFY, PQRE-W, V-4DBR SK42-F, WU-FHQ EU9-J3
Icon corporation.png GORV-P
Icon corporation.png GP-GIU KL3O-J 3-TD6L, Q-NJZ4, R4O-I6 NLPB-0 CX-1XF
Icon corporation.png Griffin TU-Y2A 38IA-E, 7BIX-A, M-KXEH G-UTHL LIWW-P
Icon corporation.png GU-JZ1 JEQG-7 5NQI-E, B-WQDP, OR-7N5 7K-NSE L-Z9KJ
Icon corporation.png H-6HGD 0-WT2D 7V-KHW, O3L-95, T8H-66 A3-LOG A2-V27
Icon corporation.png H-KW4A TXJ-II 7YWV-S, C1-HAB, GA9P-0 H9-J8N, HP-6Z6 2V-CS5
Icon corporation.png H7Q-DG C-V6DQ 1PF-BC, EX-GBT, Z-FET0 D-OJEZ QHJR-E
Angel Cartel Hale J4UD-J BPK-XK, CL-1JE, G-0Q86, LJ-YSW K88X-J, Y-K50G G-R4W1
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Heart F5FO-U 4C-B7X, BF-SDP, LGUZ-1 D5IW-F, F-XWIN 1L-BHT
Angel Cartel Heaven Jamunda Doril, Litom, Utopia Hemin, Jorund Farit
Icon corporation.png HNZF-Z
Icon corporation.png HOV-VI I-9GI1 DVWV-3, DX-DFJ, KE-0FB SY-UWN, U0W-DR X-31TE
Thukker Tribe HRJG-D V-IH6B BRT-OP, JUK0-1, 66U-1P V89M-R OJOS-T
Icon corporation.png HS7W-T
Icon corporation.png Hydra 87XQ-0 KVN-36, LJ-TZW, TEG-SD 14YI-D, J-RQMF I-CUVX
Icon corporation.png I-3ODK TSG-NO BJD4-E, BLC-X0, K-X5AX 3L-Y9M, O9V-R7 DUU1-K
Icon corporation.png I-CCEI JK-GLL 8Q-UYU, LUL-WX 3PPT-9, S-KU8B, UAAU-C YV-FDG
Icon corporation.png I-WRVM 9-WEMC CUT-0V, O-F4SN, QT-EBC FV1-RQ VAF1-P
Thukker Tribe I3-2J0 M9U-75 K-IYNW, N-RAEL, UD-AOK 28-QWU 0-3VW8
Icon corporation.png I89-EP YMJG-4 4-HWWF, 8TPX-N, PM-DWE 4GYV-Q WBR5-R
Icon corporation.png I9B-8X
Icon corporation.png ICH-B6 I64-XB 2B-UUQ, N-SFZK, NWX-LI 9QS5-C, ALC-JM Z0G-XG
Icon corporation.png IJE6-J QN-6J2 DR-427, FRTC-5, M-ZJWJ, O7-VJ5 KCDX-7, NI-J0B, R-ORB7 RU-PT9
Icon corporation.png IM-8S5
Icon corporation.png IPS-QB RLSI-V 4-CUM5, 8MG-J6, BWF-ZZ IOO-7O BND-16
Icon corporation.png IV-LWJ PT-21C 5M2-KP, EKPB-3, TK-DLH KD-KPR, Z182-R KDG-TA
Thukker Tribe IYOO-M GF-3FL 0R-GZQ, 9-34L5, QM-20X ZJ-GOU QQ3-YI
Icon corporation.png IZ-FBT LG-WA9 AA-GWF, O4T-Z5, ZWV-GD 1DDR-X HHJD-5
Icon corporation.png J-78ZG CL-IRS MO-I1W, O-EUHA, QBZO-R, ZZ5X-M 3IK-7O, HV-EAP UAV-1E
Icon corporation.png J-9M7D EIH-IU 4-EFLU, F-QQ5N, U-HVIX 1-7B6D H6-EYX
Icon corporation.png J0-59Y 6U-1RX FO1U-K, VX1-HV, Y4OK-W JNG7-K, K-XJJT P-NI4K
Icon corporation.png J33-JR TFPT-U 6-GRN7, D-JVGJ, YQM-P1 1-10QG, WIO-OL WK2F-Y
Icon corporation.png J8-G8K VQE-CN 8KR9-5, EIMJ-M, Y-CWQY 1-NJLK, L5D-ZL G-C8QO
Icon corporation.png JE7-F2
Icon corporation.png JQA8-6 H-P4LB 2UK4-N, 5ELE-A, BJ-ZFD H65-HE, M-CMLV QK-CDG
The Syndicate JQV5-9 CY-ZLP 98Q-8O, U4-Q2V, ZV-72W 2G38-I S-U8A4
Icon corporation.png JSZ-X6 CR-0E5 16P-PX, WX-6UX, Z-Y9C3 XKZ8-H BZ-0GW
Icon corporation.png JZV-O6 FZ-6A5 6-MM99, JBY6-F, MB-NKE G-7WUF RNF-YH
Thukker Tribe K-DLD2 N-6Z8B 504Z-V, AB-FZE, F8K-WQ NE-3GR YUY-LM
Icon corporation.png K-JO26 UVHO-F H-4R6Z, IGE-NE, Z-XX2J 8-SNUD OGY-6D
Icon corporation.png K-N3MD B-KDOZ LK1K-5, QE-E1D, Z-H2MA 4-GB14, REB-KR L-5JCJ
Icon corporation.png K-QUVW J-OK0C 6GWE-A, KDV-DE, MT9Q-S UC3H-Y RD-G2R
Icon corporation.png K-ZKBM O7-7UX B9E-H6, JDAS-0, Y19P-1, Y2-QUV A4B-V5, LN-56V SPBS-6
Icon corporation.png KPU3-3
Icon corporation.png KR-XF4
Icon corporation.png Kraken Z30S-A 671-ST, A-HZYL, ESC-RI H-S80W UAYL-F
Icon corporation.png KUSW-P RBW-8G A-CJGE, G2-INZ, WAC-HW HHQ-M1, VYJ-DA HT4K-M
Icon corporation.png KWCZ-A D4R-H7 EQI2-2, J9-5MQ, Q-4DEC 313I-B 4DTQ-K
Guristas Pirates L-1T22 AZ-UWB H-S5BM, OJ-CT4, SHJO-J 430-BE, LHJ-2G 6UQ-4U
Icon corporation.png L-H07K U1-C18 6O-XIO, NX5W-U, U-JJEW NW2S-A, U-BXU9 ZXOG-O
Thukker Tribe L-TEVM F7A-MR HB-1NJ, O-8SOC, PUZ-IO P7UZ-T EOE3-N
Icon corporation.png L7-RDZ UYOC-1 4-1ECP, 5-U12M, 7AH-SF 7MMJ-3, 9-EXU9 PVF-N9
Icon corporation.png LI-BA0 U-HYZN 3-FKCZ, I1Y-IU, LS-V29 9SBB-9 ED-L9T
Icon corporation.png LIB-F9 1IX-C0 PUWL-4, W-4FA9, Y-1918 2B7A-3,, 3F-JZF 5-0WB9
Icon corporation.png LLAP-1 H-W9TY 15W-GC, C2X-M5, MSHD-4 PNDN-V N-FK87
Icon corporation.png LN-L8L
Blood Raiders LSC-4P PF-KUQ 8F-TK3, 9O-8W1, UEXO-Z GY6A-L N8D9-Z
Icon corporation.png LWMW-6
Icon corporation.png LY-FY6 Q-5211 CR-AQH, M-YCD4, R-2R0G XQ-PXU WW-KGD
Icon corporation.png M-J57M 0-UVHJ EOY-BG, IG-ZAM, NCG-PW, S-EVIQ 3DR-CR, PNS7-J, RLTG-3 H1-ESN
Icon corporation.png M9-AN3 1ACJ-6 F9-FUV, RO-0PZ, XB-9U2 BNX-AS FB-MPY
Icon corporation.png Manticore SPLE-Y 9R4-EJ, K8L-X7, Q-XEB3 Y-1W01 E-BWUU
Icon corporation.png MDM8-J D7T-C0 2D-0SO, O-BY0Y, UR-E6D X47L-Q KQK1-2
Icon corporation.png Mermaid L7-APB PB-0C1, ZTS-4D, ZUE-NS XUW-3X 006-L3
Icon corporation.png Miennue
Icon corporation.png Minotaur
The Syndicate MK7-AO A-3ES3 6-U2M8, 617I-I, DP34-U, I0AB-R, MXYS-8, XS-XAY 35-RK9, IIRH-G, VV-VCR 5-75MB
Icon corporation.png MPJW-6 N-M1A3 3-JCJT, 49-U6U, 5V-BJI, 8QT-H4, M1BZ-2 4-GJT1, L3-I3K, W-IIYI AO-N1P
Icon corporation.png MRC-29 PKN-NJ LQ-01M, NG-M8K, RV5-TT K85Y-6 8OYE-Z
Icon corporation.png MW49-U RXTY-4 2FL-5W, HG-YEQ, QSCO-D, RSE-PT 6A-FUY, 863P-X ZO-YJZ
Icon corporation.png MY-HQD QRH-BF M-NP5O, WIW-X8, X-KHRZ L-EUY2 JL-ZUQ
Icon corporation.png MY-QQI Z8-81T DY-P7Q, H-RXNZ XVV-21 ZBP-TP XD-JW7
Icon corporation.png MZ-PA2 52CW-6 3-3EZB, 3-LJW3, C5-SUU, P7MI-T JFV-ID, XSUD-1 ZLO3-V
Icon corporation.png N-39FI UR-E46 VYO-68, TCAG-3, TPAR-G CW9-1Y MG0-RD
Icon corporation.png N-APJ8 4LJ6-Q G-QTSD, MF-PGF, SAH-AD KGT3-6 L-ZJLN
Society of Conscious Thought N-K4Q0 OEY-OR O1-FTD , 2E-ZR5, SR-KBB FDZ4-A, MR4-MY Roua
Icon corporation.png N-LY4R LVL-GZ FN0-QS, TTP-2B, X0-6LH N7-BIY F3-8X2
Icon corporation.png N-OGI1 2J-WJY 6-K738, 9-8GBA, ZXIC-7 KDF-GY, QBQ-RF QSM-LM
Icon corporation.png N-U2LX N-TFXK 33RB-O, 3OAT-Q, DKUK-G X-Z4DA C7Y-7Z
Guristas Pirates N32Z-Z
Icon corporation.png N4TD-6 VY-866 1GT-MA, D9Z-VY, HB-5L3, RGU1-T MO-YDG, Q-VTWJ 42SU-L
Icon corporation.png N5V-Y0 KS-1TS F2A-GX, RD-FWY, VBPT-T ZO-4AR MJ-LGH
Icon corporation.png NJU-QV S-6HHN 5-CQDA, S-6HHN, ZXB-VC M2-XFE KEE-N6
Icon corporation.png NK-AOZ K25-XD 4VY-Y1, 6L78-1, 6YC-TU, LU-HQS, U-L4KS 04-LQM, LX-ZOJ, O-VWPB Y8R-XZ
Icon corporation.png NNLX-K IS-R7P BR-N97, ERVK-P, S25C-K UL-7I8 7MD-S1
Icon corporation.png NOB-HD 7F-2FB 4AZV-W, J-0KB3, UNV-3J 90-A1P, GA58-7 UC-8XF
Icon corporation.png NOK-FZ
Icon corporation.png NPL-WH DJ-GBH 0-4VQL, FVQF-W, I0N-BM, SN-DZ6 2ID-87, 8K-QCZ, XDTW-F JBUH-H
Icon corporation.png NT1-5Q DE-IHK B-B0ME, OJT-J3, TDP-T3 H-HGGJ A9-F18
Icon corporation.png NZU8-G L-L7PE 7-A6XV, H-93YV, QXE-1N, U69-YC E51-JE, W6P-7U 0IF-26
Icon corporation.png O-EIMK Y-OMTZ 5BTK-M, 8WA-Z6, 8WA-Z6 1DQ1-A, N-8YET 3-DMQT
Icon corporation.png O-EOI9 U5-XW7 JI-1UQ, MZPH-W, W0X-MG ZK-YQ3 EN-GTB
Icon corporation.png O-PQU0 L-M6JK P9F-ZG, PK-PHZ, QFGB-E 7P-J38, WT-2J9 C-PEWN
Icon corporation.png O5K-Y6 1B-VKF E3OI-U, IP6V-X, T-J6HT R5-MM8 RF-K9W
Icon corporation.png O5PO-O AK-L0Z 2V-ZHM, V-3K7C, XU7-CH R-AG7W AY9X-Q
Icon corporation.png O5QG-M ZJG-7D C-WPWH, CO-7BI, LS-QLX S-XZHU 9MWZ-B
Icon corporation.png O6W-QE 6B-GKA 6E-MOW, GZ1-A1, LHGA-W 4RS-L1, GBT4-J X-0CKQ
Icon corporation.png O9X-CV IAMJ-Q 21M1-B, QZ-DIZ, U-RELP UGR-J2, Y-0HVF KED-2O
Icon corporation.png OC-TTA A-J6SN AG-SYG, AL-JSG, C6C-K9, ETO-OT 1I5-0V, KPI-OW OTJ-4W
Icon corporation.png OFQ-HG MSKR-1 J94-MU JO-32L, M2GJ-X, UB5Z-3 YHP2-D
Icon corporation.png OK-FEM
Icon corporation.png OSJ7-I FMBR-8 7-K5EL, FH-TTC, H-5GUI H-UCD1 0-R5TS
Icon corporation.png OWT3-6 XR-ZL7 GF-GR7, HPMN-V, Z19-B8 DVN6-0 U1-VHY
Icon corporation.png OY3-DM
Icon corporation.png P-B2NE O9K-FT FZX-PU, GQ-7SP, I2D3-5 BGMZ-0, R1O-GN RQOO-U
Icon corporation.png P-FL48 OSW-0P 4DH-ST, C-BHDN, R-RE2B H4X-0I 6W-6O9
Icon corporation.png P-I9PF V-KDY2 ER2O-Y, J2-PZ6, RNM-Y6 AZ3F-N FYD-TO
Icon corporation.png P6N8-J
Angel Cartel Paradise V7D-JD 5E-VR8, D87E-A, K-B2D3, PO4F-3 0SHT-A, JWJ-P1, V-IUEL J7A-UR
Icon corporation.png Pegasus IR-WT1 3WE-KY, 9-VO0Q, A8-XBW 4-EP12, XF-TQL YZS5-4
Icon corporation.png PFL-QY T-4H0B NRD-5Q, XCZ5-Y, Z0H2-4 63-7Q6 W5-205
Icon corporation.png PG-RWX T-IDGH F69O-M, RK-Q51, V-OL61 DYPL-6 M-V0PQ
Icon corporation.png PGPJ-8
Serpentis Phoenix WY-9LL 75FA-Z, Serpentis Prime, YZ-LQL A-1CON, D-Q04X MN5N-X
Icon corporation.png PR-ACX
Icon corporation.png Prelle O-BDXB 9-4RP2, MJYW-3, XZH-4X, Z-Y7R7 FQ9W-C, G8AD-C 6Z9-0M
Icon corporation.png PUB-0R 1M4-FK 7GCD-P, G-3BOG, L-6BE1 K7D-II V-LEKM
Icon corporation.png PX0-P4 S5W-1Z 7T-0QS, IL-OL1, V-JCJS 8C-VE3, WVJU-4 RWML-A
Icon corporation.png Q-2BI6 FN-GFQ 0-O6XF, NH-R5B, VL7-60 D-FVI7 C-VZAK
Icon corporation.png Q-6LG1
Icon corporation.png Q-IPAA PPFB-U B-A587, B-S347, QI-S9W AF0-V5 NS2L-4
Thukker Tribe Q-PVMK U3K-4A OK-6XN, SUR-F7 7Q-8Z2, 8YC-AN Q2FL-T
Icon corporation.png QA-P7J
Icon corporation.png Q0-4FU VWES-Y NGM-OK, O-QKSM, QKQ3-L IU-E9T 9-ZA4Z
Icon corporation.png Q5KW-Z WO-AIJ 9F-7PZ, C-LP3N 1G-MJE, MA-VDX, RO90-H LXWN-W
Icon corporation.png QI1M-Q SD4A-2 F2-NXA, NSBE-L, U6K-RG V-S9YY AH8-Q7
Icon corporation.png QJ2-0M 4-PCHD BI0Y-X, FV-YEA, SK7-G6 5-3722 J-A5QD
Icon corporation.png QP6B-I 6-IAFR 3L3N-X, DT-PXH, UALX-3, Y-ORBJ BW-WJ2, S4-9DN WB-AYY
The Syndicate QS-FVH 51-5XG 4L-E5P, RLL-9R, UFXF-C 57-YRU 0T-AMZ
Icon corporation.png QZJ-FL FR-B1H DDI-B7, FG-1GH, WFYM-0 GU-9F4 D-L4H0
Icon corporation.png R-CL2W J-ZYSZ 5C-RPA, CR2-PQ, N7-KGJ, VD-8QY 7EX-14, GB-6X5 0-6VZ5
Icon corporation.png R-M719
Icon corporation.png R2-BT6 450I-W A1-AUH, F-UVBV, V-XANH, VUAC-Y R-FM0G, TEIZ-C OIOM-Y
Angel Cartel Rapture CVY-UC EQX-AE, QFEW-K, Y-DW5K ES-UWY, M-N7WD S1DP-Y
Icon corporation.png RDD-E6 IRD-HU 1GH-48, B-2VXB, JAWX-R FIZU-X IS-OBW
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Regalia 2JJ-0E AN-G54, CT7-5V, T-Z6J2 ZXI-K2 L3-XYO
Icon corporation.png RF9-ZU ZH-GKG C-62I5, JQU-KY, UY5A-D H-HHTH MWA-5Q
Icon corporation.png RFQ-8Y H-FGJO 5J4K-9, MD-0AW, 0-W778 DG-8VJ 1KAW-T
Icon corporation.png RFY-QB XCBK-X 43B-O1, 4N-BUI, 9CK-KZ, GY5-26, N2IS-B, VPLL-N, WUZ-WM 3T7-M8, 5S-KXA, J1AU-9, MZ1E-P X3-PBC
Icon corporation.png RHG-4O NLO-3Z GHZ-SJ, K-J50B, 5P-AIP R4K-8L, RIT-A7 P8-BKO
Icon corporation.png RJ-1R7
Icon corporation.png RL36-K 7-8EOE 66-PMM, 7L9-ZC, OKEO-X UEP0-A, Z-7OK1 1I6F-9
Icon corporation.png RTCU-5 FYI-49 CJNF-J, EA-HSA, WYF8-8 GXK-7F 78TS-Q
Icon corporation.png S-B1E4 E3UY-6 5W3-DG, 7T6P-C, 8S28-3, LT-DRO, RO0-AF, ZOYW-O 3QE-9Q, E-FIC0, YZ-UKA 85-B52
Icon corporation.png S-Q02B
Icon corporation.png S0X-O4 OBV-YC 2AUL-X, F-A3TR, F-HQWV 9IZ-HU PA-ALN
Icon corporation.png S4GH-I DT-TCD D2-HOS, TFA0-U, Y2-6EA HPS5-C, RQH-MY MQ-NPY
Icon corporation.png S4S-SD 0S1-GI 74-DRC, M3-H2Y, O31W-6 B1UE-J, L-GY1B LE-67X
Icon corporation.png Satyr CHA2-Q B32-14, C-N4OD, G95F-H C1XD-X 00GD-D
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Scepter
Icon corporation.png SG-CTQ 8RQJ-2 39P-1J, NIDJ-K, PS-94K 7G-QIG HZAQ-W
Icon corporation.png SI1-CF ETXT-F A-0IIQ, E-BYOS, H23-B5 CBY8-J I-CMZA
Icon corporation.png Skaven F-88PJ 1-5GBW, ATQ-QS, O-PNSN F2-2C3 C-FER9
Icon corporation.png SLYP-5 D-IZT9 89-JPE, E8-432, WU9-ZR FGJP-J 4-QDIX
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Sole A2V6-6 BOE7-P, E-GCX0 0D-CHA, E-GCX0, VBFC-8, VJ0-81 A-5M31
Angel Cartel Sound
Icon corporation.png Sphinx IGE-RI 8ESL-G, 9O-ORX, AL8-V4, APM-6K, JGOW-Y, OW-TPO 5-D82P, KCT-0A, RE-C26 N2-OQG
Icon corporation.png SPNZ-Z PDE-U3 4X0-8B, FM-JK5, JP4-AA 23G-XC, D-W7F0 T5ZI-S
Guristas Pirates ST-0EZ D-8SI1 1-Y6KI, 9-266Q, YP-J33 H-PA29 P-FSQE
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Sword 7-692B DB-6W4, GA-2V7, R-OCBA 3HQC-6 OX-RGN
Icon corporation.png T-1WDH E3-SDZ 7LHB-Z, B-XJX4, E1-4YH E1-4YH MUXX-4
Icon corporation.png T-4ACL
Icon corporation.png T-HHHT J6QB-P E-YJ8G, KA6D-K, TA3T-3 G-AOTH ZQ-Z3Y
Icon corporation.png T-RQ7S QYZM-W BU-IU4, CH9L-K, I-7JR4 3KNA-N, ME-4IU 9-B1DS
Thukker Tribe T-W4L3
Icon corporation.png T875-C Q0J-RH BOZ1-O, E-ACV6, QIMO-2, Z-2Y2Y F9O-U9, S-51XG E-1XVP
The Syndicate TA-A7V I-YGGI 5-T0PZ, A-ZLHX, UTKS-5, Y9G-KS 2Q-I6Q, 97X-CH 6R-PWU
Icon corporation.png Taurus 3ZTV-V 9D6O-M, L-A5XP, YRNJ-8 D4KU-5 P5-EFH
Icon corporation.png TCC-ZV H8-ZTO 0-MX34, 0ZN7-G, T-ZFID 5AQ-5H 4Y-OBL
Icon corporation.png Tinnimerci W-4NUU 6-4V20, O-0HW8, YI-8ZM 8R-RTB, OU-X3P Q-UA3C
Icon corporation.png TJ10-O HB-FSO 30-D5G, J1-KJP, R-YWID 5-O8B1, S-KSWL KW-1MV
Icon corporation.png TL-FDN 1ZF-PJ FX4L-2, HFC-AQ, RZ-TI6 27-HP0, O-9G5Y X1-IZ0
Icon corporation.png TPB-KG RZ8A-P C3I-D5, MTO2-2, 0-U2M4 F18-AY 01B-88
Angel Cartel Tranquility K-MGJ7 G-G78S, OSY-UD, UW9B-F ZZ-ZWC H-ADOC
Icon corporation.png TY0-Q2 U-3FKL 0XN-SK, 4F9Y-3, MS-RXH 5V-Q1R M4-KX5
Thukker Tribe U-3HAO UMDQ-6 56D-TC, 6EG7-R, 8DL-CP 2X7Z-L FVXK-D
Mordu's Legion U-7RBK OE-9UF 5ZXX-K, JE-D5U, PFU-LH 2-6TGQ 8S-0E1
Icon corporation.png U-EUG7 8EF-58 4DS-OI, TZN-2V, WF4C-8 7L3-JS, C8H5-X O-7LAI
Icon corporation.png U-HSM3 H7S-5I 6FS-CZ, B3ZU-H, GSO-SR, WNM-V0 C3J0-O, HPV-RJ G-KCFT
Icon corporation.png U-IOR1 2ULC-J QG3-Z0 8-AA98, EZWQ-X, T0DT-T RT64-C
Icon corporation.png U-JTBT CZK-ZQ 4NBN-9, Q-U96U, W-MPTH, X4-WL0 EX6-AO, WFC-MY QETZ-W
Icon corporation.png U29-0S U54-1L HE-V4V, MC6O-F, NCGR-Q G-LOIT, LZ-6SU B-588R
Icon corporation.png U7-GIV RI-JB1 0DD-MH, 99-0GS, NQH-MR, X-3AUU H90-C9, K-1OY3, MMUF-8 NZPK-G
Icon corporation.png U8-CWA BDV3-T 12YA-2, 5-9WNU, EL8-4Q, N-H32Y JC-YX8, KI-TL0 XI-VUF
Icon corporation.png UBPU-9 B6-52M L-HV5C, L4X-FH, M-MD31, NBPH-N, V-MZW0 D0-F4W, QKTR-L, YN3-E3 WH-2EZ
Icon corporation.png UD-ZJ3 BK4-YC 2-TEGJ, LF-2KP, MVCJ-E K1I1-J AY-24I
Icon corporation.png UK-MI6 C-J7CR KX-2UI, MA-XAP, MO-FIF 97-M96 H-NOU5
Icon corporation.png UL8-RD Z-DDVJ 8-2JZA, LH-PLU, VVB-QH ZT-L3S AZA-QE
Icon corporation.png Unicorn DBRN-Z H-NPXW, L-1SW8, U-SOH2 6F-H3W B17O-R
Icon corporation.png UR-HG4 0UBC-R 3U-48K, G-EURJ, RERZ-L X5-0EM SHBF-V
Icon corporation.png UTQ-BO ZZZR-5 JU-OWQ, MXX5-9, S-DN5M 2O9G-D, NC-N3F I30-3A
Guristas Pirates UTZ-7B
Icon corporation.png UWRZ-2 L-C3O7 K4YZ-Y, O1Y-ED, X36Y-G L-SCBU, VRH-H7 O-CNPR
Icon corporation.png UX3-N2 HY-RWO 36N-HZ, 9KOE-A, B-3QPD, U-QVWD, V-3YG7 HED-GP, SV5-8N, WD-VTV F9E-KX
Thukker Tribe V-4QJC B-VIP9 0PI4-E, 6WT-BE, 9SNK-O SL-YBS, UNJ-GX L1S-G1
Icon corporation.png V1G-63 9P4O-F 4D9-66, L-TOFR, Q-TBHW P-E9GN HJO-84
Icon corporation.png V2S-RH
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Velvet O-RIDF LBV-Q1, Z-40CG, ZXC8-1 BMU-V1 W2F-ZH
Icon corporation.png VNX-P0 I-UUI5 8QMO-E, GME-PQ, MPPA-A X5-UME C4C-Z4
Icon corporation.png VS-8P0 W2T-TR 04EI-U, IVP-KA, YE1-9S BLMX-B, M-CNUD Q-UEN6
Icon corporation.png VSC-W9 NIF-JE JZ-B5Y, P7-45V, TPG-DD M-MCP8 5F-MG1
Icon corporation.png VT-LHB 9WVY-F 7M4-4C, JZ-UQC, M5NO-B, U-W436, Z-ENUD 972C-1, JPEZ-R, MJ-5F9 BEG-RL
Icon corporation.png VW7-YN CCP-US 2-KF56, 2R-CRW, VFK-IV YA0-XJ II-5O9
Icon corporation.png W-3E44 JV1V-O 9-980U, EMIG-F, M-RPN3 46DP-O ZO-P5K
Thukker Tribe W-3Y6D SB-23C 52V6-B, 92-B0X, O-OVOQ 5FCV-A PUC-JZ
Icon corporation.png W-4U1E 0-HDC8 K-6K16, PUIG-F, SVM-3K, W-KQPI D-3GIQ, F-TE1T, QY6-RK J-LPX7
Icon corporation.png W-XBGF
Guristas Pirates W9MQ-1 S-1ZXZ 9IPC-E, EIV-1W, QHJ-FW, Z0-TJW N0C-UN, V3X-L8, VG-6CH 4RX-EE
Icon corporation.png WE-WLQ
Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Wield NM-OEA
Icon corporation.png WMP-OF M-76XI DK-FXK, U-INPD, ZJET-E A8I-C5, C-H9X7 ION-FG
Icon corporation.png WQZ8-4 X2-ZA5 IAK-JW, RYC-19, WO-GC0 KZFV-4 28Y9-P
Icon corporation.png WS5L-X H-EBQG 9NI-FW, N6NK-J, TP-APY ZOPZ-6 DOA-YU
Icon corporation.png WTE-CK 7YSF-E 2O-EEW, J-QA7I, OP9L-F Y-N4EF W4E-IT
Icon corporation.png WXB-RY 8B-A4E 3LL-O0, 4F6-VZ, J9A-BH, JM0A-4, L-POLO A1F-22, B-7LYC, PT-2KR 49V-E4
Icon corporation.png Wyvern
Icon corporation.png X-FHU3 33CE-7 6-AOLS, G06-8Y, L-P3XM, U-O2DA SZ6-TA, WV-0R2 U-O2DA
Icon corporation.png X-VN63 0-YMBJ AW1-2I, B-S42H, F-749O, UMI-KK F-RT6Q, GKP-YT, NL6V-7 A-DDGY
Icon corporation.png X5O9-E
Icon corporation.png X7-FTR 4-M1TY C6CG-W, K-3PQW, RY-2FX 1A8-6G, PE-SAM H-FOYG
Icon corporation.png XFLN-F DW-T2I CR-IFM, DO6H-Q, P-33KR E-9ORY, HHK-VL C8-CHY
Icon corporation.png XHL-TZ DK0-N8 4LNE-M, HXK-J6, L-Z9NB EJ-5X2 U6R-F9
Guristas Pirates XHYS-O W3KK-R EK2-ET, N-5476, PZOZ-K SE-SHZ 92D-OI
Icon corporation.png XI0-X2 N-YLOE 7-YHRX, N-H95C, X-PQEX Y6-9LF NSI-MW
Icon corporation.png XLL-Z7 H74-B0 3D5K-R, F-NXLQ, NU4-2G ES-Q0W ZXJ-71
Guristas Pirates XMNF-7 4S-PVC E1F-E5, H-AJ27, M2-2V1 2TH-3F WLF-D3
Icon corporation.png XOV7-5 I6M-9U 0-NTIS, VR-YIQ, XZ-SKZ 35-JWD, F-M1FU L-YMYU
Icon corporation.png XPBM-F O94U-A C-VGYO, K-8SQS, XW-JHT C-4ZOS NEH-CS
Icon corporation.png XPG-HE K76A-3 HVGR-R, M-75WN, PNFW-O K95-9I 9-0QB7
Blood Raiders XPJ1-6 PR-8CA 1DH-SX, A-ELE2, Z3V-1W KFIE-Z UHKL-N
Icon corporation.png XR9-LP I-8D0G 6X7-JO, A-803L, GJ0-OJ, R-K4QY, WQH-4K JWZ2-V, OGL8-Q, Q-S7ZD J-ODE7
Icon corporation.png XV7L-S E-YCML B-WPLZ, TU-O0T, Y9-MDG KBP7-G XHQ-7V
Icon corporation.png Y-JSM8 W4C8-Q E5T-CS, I-2705, M53-1V C-6YHJ, K-RMI5 4S0-NP
Icon corporation.png Y-LRWI LOI-L1 G-B3PR, KR8-27, VULA-I, XPUM-L LQ-AHE, R2TJ-1 73-JQO
Icon corporation.png Y-M7ML
Icon corporation.png Y46-EN
The Syndicate Y4Y7-Q 5-DSFH AK-QBU, X-PYH5, ZN0-SR PC9-AY T22-QI
Guristas Pirates Y8-HHZ
Guristas Pirates Y8HB-U HD-JVQ
Icon corporation.png YB7B-8
Icon corporation.png YCM-AI 6-KPAB 9BC-EB, 9M-M0P, PU-UMM, QPTT-F HJ-BCH, WFFE-4, Y5-E1U 71-UTX
Icon corporation.png YDS0-Y C-DHON F-D49D, H-1EOH, IR-DYY XSQ-TF Q-EHMJ
Icon corporation.png YENX-U 8X6T-8 08-N7Q, CKX-RW, Y-C4AL 6-I162, U9U-TQ B2-UQW
Icon corporation.png Yrton DY-F70 5-MLDT, B-DBYQ, QXW-PV XT-R36 1-3HWZ
Icon corporation.png YS-GOP MI6O-6
Icon corporation.png YUT3-U A8A-JN 47L-J4, 6WW-28, S-NJBB E-D0VZ, IFJ-EL Q-L07F
Icon corporation.png YX-LYK MJXW-P 1-SMEB, 6Q-R50, RCI-VL M5-CGW, Q-HESZ ZA9-PY
Icon corporation.png YZKE-Q DB1R-4 23M-PX, UTDH-N, ZS-2LT GPUS-A 3-BADZ
The Syndicate Z-6NQ6 K5-JRD F67E-Q, FD-MLJ, PF-346, Poitot, X-BV98, X-M2LR 2X-PQG, 6E-578, ATY-2U, MHC-R3 ZVN5-H
Icon corporation.png Z6T6-B L-WG68 5LAJ-8, GZM-KB, HIK-MC E-BFLT, E4-E8W B9EA-G
Icon corporation.png Z-D6K5 K5F-Z2 0P-F3K, FMB-JP, TXME-A CU9-T0, XCF-8N 94-H3F
Icon corporation.png Z-DO53 V-OJEN 49-0LI, DAYP-G, EIDI-N, IPAY-2, KRUN-N 9OO-LH, K8X-6B, P3EN-E X445-5
Icon corporation.png Z-ONUI
Icon corporation.png ZPI-2E FMH-OV 77S8-E, HZFJ-M, SLVP-D QRFJ-Q 0-G8NO
Icon corporation.png ZQ2-CF 5KG-PY
Icon corporation.png ZQ7-QS YF-P4X EQWO-Y, JK-Q77, QI9-42, U2U5-A IL-YTR, KW-OAM ABE-M2
Icon corporation.png ZW-BY5 EX-0LQ GE-94X, KW-I6T, W9-DID S-U2VD GMLH-K
Icon corporation.png ZYL-FT
Icon corporation.png ZYR-NF F-3H2P 68FT-6, 9-IIBL, 9I-SRF, HOHF-B, IRE-98, Y-6B0E 5GQ-S9, H-64KI, YALR-F IV-UNR

Constellations Lost to Pochven

Due to the creation of Pochven the six constellations listed below are no longer viable for incursion spawns as they have few than minimum six systems.

Icon constellation.png Constellation Incursions staging icon.pngStaging Incursions vanguard icon.pngVanguards Incursions assault icon.pngAssaults Incursions headquarter icon.pngHeadquarter
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png FribrodiKrirald is now part of Pochven. This Incursion can no longer spawn. Ansen Arwa, Krirald, Arifsdald Hakisalki Dudreda
Logo faction caldari state clean.png HauralaKino is now part of Pochven. This Incursion can no longer spawn. Kino Erenta, Ouranienen, Uemisaisen Sotrentaira Raussinen
Logo faction caldari state clean.png Kainokai  Nani is now part of Pochven. This Incursion can no longer spawn. Ajanen Autama, Kuoka, Tsukuras Kirras Nani
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png KekahHarva is now part of Pochven. This Incursion can no longer spawn. Harva Aghesi, Charra, Patzcha Airshaz Fabin
Logo faction ammatar mandate.png MamounaKuharah is now part of Pochven. This Incursion can no longer spawn. Podion Futzchag, Jayneleb, Kuharah Lilmad Kazna
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Zemont  Raravoss is now part of Pochven. This Incursion can no longer spawn. Mai is not part of the incursion since it is a low security system. Zaimeth Ekid, Raravoss, Sharhelund Youl Nakri

Triglavian Incursion Bug

Due to an oversight by CCP there has been a grand total of ONE Sansha incursion into Pochven. According to their own statement after this event occurred the oversight has been corrected and should not happen again.

Icon constellation.png Constellation Incursions staging icon.pngStaging Incursions vanguard icon.pngVanguards Incursions assault icon.pngAssaults Incursions headquarter icon.pngHeadquarter
Triglavian Collective Krai Perun
Triglavian Collective Krai Svarog
Triglavian Collective Krai Veles Archee Ala, Angymonne, Ichoriya, Vale Kaunokka, Senda, Wirashoda Arvasaras