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Below is a timeline showing the various periods of Incursions as events, as well as highlights of important dates regarding our community.

"Introducing Incursions"
January 2011
"Balance restored"
June 2012
"Battlecruisers retired"
July 2013
"Scout sites revamped"
August 2014
"Capital escalation"
April 2016


April 2012
"The Dead Zone"

November 2012
"Incursions wiki reborn"

January 2014

December 2015
"Remote Repair Revision"

History of Incursions

This is a collection of devblogs and patches documenting the history of Incursions and our community.

January 2011 - Introducing Incursions

Initially CCP ran Incursions as global events, until they were finalized and added as to New Eden in the point-release for Incursion on January 18th, followed by a few patches.

Patches & devblogs

From the devblog The Sanshas Are Coming (January 14th, 2011):

If you like ships with lots of spikes that fly around and try to kill players, you’re in luck. Patch day is coming soon, which means you will all get to play with the Incursion feature shortly. On January 18, we will softly rub the hamsters in the server room till they fall asleep, prod them sweetly with foreign objects, and, if we’re lucky, they’ll wake up again with brand new content later that day. (If they don’t, we’ll have to place the largest order ever for very small coffins. Sadface).

One important note: If, on the 18th of January, you find yourself flying around New Eden unable to see any Incursions on the starmap, there is a good reason for it. Rather than just haphazardly throwing the content onto TQ, we’ll be opening it in what we hope is a spectacular-but-oh-so-carefully-staged manner, which means you won’t see it right away. Don’t panic - the spiky space zombies are still coming, but they’d rather jump out of a cake in lingerie, swinging assault rifles by the light of fireworks while singing whatever song space zombies sing, than simply “be there” when the server starts.

Keep your eye open for events and just generally things being a little “out of place” following the Incursion deployment.

Anyway, we’ve been working on the Incursion feature set for a while now, and I think I speak for the entire team when I say that I cannot wait for this to hit Tranquility. Incursions will bring you the latest in space-zombie technology, and we’ve put a lot of love into it. Enjoy!


CCP Soundwave

From the Patch Notes for Incursion 1.1.0 (January 18th, 2011):

  • Sansha's Nation is finalizing incursions, and they are making their last preparations. Get ready!
  • CONCORD has set up a new LP store to reward players participating in Incursion.
  • New implants and capital weapons relating to Incursions are available.

From the devblog Dear Incurserers(!) (January 28th, 2011):

Incursions opened Tuesday, January 25, 2011, and we’re seeing tremendous activity in the constellations. I’d like to thank everyone who has tried this feature, regardless if you made it out of the sites alive or not. As with most other features, tossing thousands of players at them means that some things break or need tweaking, and Incursions are no different. Yesterday, we deployed the first set of changes:

  • Based on your feedback, we’ve cut the system control regain in half. That means Sanshas will regain control much slower than before. This is a first tweak of this value, and we’ll be monitoring the Incursions over the weekend to see if this was too much/too little.
  • The journal, specifically the global report, was not updating properly. We’ve put in a fix that should make it update accurately.
  • One of the things we found out initially was that sites were being kept “alive” for a long time after they were completed. The number of players in each system meant that you’d always have traffic going into sites, which means they didn’t de-spawn. Hopefully we’ve dealt with that problem by removing the beacon from overview when a site is completed. This should decrease the traffic going into completed sites. This, combined with optimization of the sites should mean the re-spawning of content is quicker and more graceful.

That said, we’d like to continue making tweaks, fixes and balance changes. The first step is ironing out the bugs and most critical issues so we can get a realistic picture of how the feature works. From there on, we’ll evaluate the balance and gameplay, and make changes if needed. With the fixes made today, actually completing an Incursion should be considerably easier, and we’ll be monitoring the progression over the weekend. Most of us will either participating on our player characters until we run out of drakes/money, or will be on our dev characters observing.

From the Incursion 1.1.2 Patch Notes (January 27-28th, 2011):


  • Based on feedback from the community, we have reduced the rate at which Sansha's regain control of the constellations.
  • An issue where the journal was not updating properly has been fixed.
  • Deepspace complex beacons have been changed and will disappear when a deepspace complex is completed. This should result in fewer empty deepspace complexes.


  • Changed the Sansha NPC groups to automatically appear on the overview.

February - June 2011

Minor changes were made as CCP made fixes and fine-tuned some values.

Patches & devblogs

From the Incursion 1.2 Patch Notes (February 15th, 2011):

Exploration & Deadspace

  • The Sansha Incursion sites no longer allow Rorquals to enter.


  • Incursion sites are now taxed in the same manner as regular bounties.
  • Adjusted Incursion site contribution to give slightly less influence. We also adjusted the influence regain in low- security and null security, to make sure they can be completed.

From the Incursion 1.4 Patch Notes (April 6th, 2011):


  • Drones set to 'aggressive' were getting confused and not engaging Sansha ships. Drones have now realized that Sansha are not friendly and engage accordingly.

From the Incursion 1.5 Patch Notes (May 19th, 2011):


  • The Incursion Global Report featured the label 'System Control', this has been renamed to the more accurate description 'Constellation Control'.
  • Incursion Encounters reward graphs featured the label 'Reward payout ratio' which has been re-named with the more accurate label 'Reward Multiplier'.

From the Incarna Patch Notes (June 21st, 2011):

Exploration, Deadspace and Incursions

  • Ihe Incursion site, Override Transfer Array, has been adjusted so that all NPCs warp away and despawn once the site has been completed.
  • The Incursion site, Override Transfer Array, now correctly instructs pilots to hack into the arrays rather than destroy them.
  • The journal will now update correctly on completion of an Incursion site.

April 2012 - The Dead Zone

In the Escalation patch CCP made many changes to Incursions. Perhaps too many, because things didn't turn out quite the way they expected.

While many of the changes were warranted and for the most part, reasonable, too many things were changed at once. The end result turned out to be a classic example of how hard it is to predict the outcome when you're making too many changes at once.

Patches & devblogs

From the devblog Carebearing 2.0:

Incursions have been a hot topic on the forums, so Team Five 0 decided to see what we could do to shake things up a bit. After collecting a lot of valuable feedback from you guys, we decided to give the spawns more variety, without significantly altering the difficulty of any one spawn. This was done by grouping the NPCs into waves, and moving the trigger to spawn the next wave from an individual NPC to the group as a whole. This will mean that you now need to kill the whole wave to trigger the next one, rather than just specific NPCs.

As well as adjusting these triggers, we’ve also randomized the spawns based on feedback that Incursions had become too predictable. Now, when you enter an Incursion you will no longer be able to predict every spawn. Feedback and our internal statistics also confirmed that Vanguard sites had an excessive reward-to-effort-ratio in comparison to other Incursion sites, so we have reduced their reward by 10% to keep them more in line with the compensation expected for this difficulty of site. This should also have the fortunate side-effect of increasing the length of Incursions in high security space.

From the Escalation to Inferno Patch Notes that has since been removed (April 24th, 2012):


  • Vanguard and Assault Sites have been revamped with the following changes:
    • NPCs have been grouped into waves and groups have been randomized; this will prevent blitzing and increase the random element within the sites.
    • Spawn triggers moved from individual NPCs to the group as a whole.
    • Lowered the rewards from Vanguard sites by 10%.


CCP didn't tell us anywhere near all the things they changed, glossing over many highly relevant details in their devblogs and patch notes. Below is a list of some of the actual changes:

  • Timed spawns and most triggers were removed in favour of the static wave mechanics (except for the Override Transfer Array, see below).
  • Completion triggers were changed, forcing you to kill off the entire wave before spawning the next one. On average this change alone doubled the completion times, halving the practical payout, which made the -10% payout reduction seem trivial.
  • The Nation Commander Outpost sites now spawned Romis and Augas, in addition to the frigates.
  • Assault sites in general had slightly less snipers and more brawlers, increasing the potential alpha of new waves, making them slightly more dangerous.
  • The Nation Commander Stronghold had its spawns moved further out, some spawning 150-200km out.
  • The Overwhelmed Civilian Facility had more ships in some waves, potentially spawning up to five Deltoles, which drastically improved Sansha's alpha on smaller ships like logistics, due to the increased number of target painters. This change was on top of the general change of increased ships per wave.
  • The Override Transfer Array site had several changes, on top of the general ones, making it a proverbial mine-field.
    • The Mara (logistics ship) was added to the list of ships spawning.
    • Two groups of Tamas spawned with one group of Tamas triggering an additional wave of Niarjas. This could easily lead to having up to ten or twelve Tamas and five Niarjas on grid, at the same time if you made even the slightest mistake. Those spawns would of course be on top of the regular Deltole, three Augas and five or six Eysturs.

Effect on the community

People avoided Override Transfer Array sites like the plague, rightfully so given the changes. Without a hacker, good offgrid boosters, superior firepower and preferably even three logistics, you pretty much rolled the dice on those sites, risking losses everytime you went in there. It was not uncommon for systems to be deserted, fleets docked up, when you ended up with nothing but Override Transfer Array sites, much like the Nation Consolidation Network sites did and still do for assaults.

In many ways, this was the point in time where people were forced to up the minimum requirement for Incursions. You could no longer get by simply by surviving, you had to be able to quickly trim the waves which required good damage projection and webs to get enough applied dps. Applied dps was no longer simply a measure of how fast you could do sites, it raised the bar to the point where fleets who were too slow simply got overrun and killed.

For us it meant that we had to be a lot harsher when it came to fleet compositions. To ensure we had a safe environment for people to learn and make mistakes in, we just had to raise our standards. So we stopped taking ill suited ships and badly fit ones, put limits on how many battlecruisers we could safely carry in a fleet etc. This led to less fleets, alumni flying with other groups and many people simply went back to level four missions for ISK, as they were actually more reliable and rewarding.

Many who didn't run Incursions, as well as some who refused to see the reality of what these changes brought, objected to upping the requirements. Quite a bit of drama ensued, people branding our community as elitist. It took a while, but eventually they came to see, just as we had, that this was the only way to go forward.

June 2012 - Balance restored

Balance was restored, somewhat, after CCP reverted some of their changes as well as finetuned some of their changes from Escalation back in April. Vanguard communities, including ours, gained renewed strength and bounced back.

Patches & devblogs

From the devblog Incursions Update (June 12th, 2012):

With the Escalation to Inferno release we made several changes to Incursions. We promised to monitor the result of these changes and we stand to our promise: after evaluating both your feedback and our internal metrics, we have decided to roll back a few changes. With so many tweaks made at once, it became very difficult to determine the success of each individual change. We have rolled back the following changes:

  • Lowering the reward for vanguard sites by 10%
  • The system influence

This means the reward for vanguard sites will increase to the pre-escalation rate. We feel the iterations made to NPC grouping and triggers per spawn are enough to keep the isk at a sensible level.

With Escalation, we decreased the influence gain per site as well as increasing the length of Incursions. The initial reason for these modifications was that the sites were being completed so quickly that the influence bar never decreased. However, these changes combined made getting the influence bar under control an almost impossible task rather than just the challenging one we had hoped for.

This is now available for testing on Singularity and we will continue to monitor the feedback closely.

From the Inferno 1.1 Patch Notes (June 25th, 2012):


  • The following changes to Incursions introduced in Escalation to Inferno have been reverted:
    • Lowering the reward for vanguard sites by 10%.
    • Increasing the system influence change rate.


Just like with the first set of changes back in April, CCP left out a lot. Additionally the following was changed:

  • Spawns were rebalanced (for the most part brought down to a reasonable amount).
  • The Override Transfer Array changes were mostly reverted.
    • The Mara Paleo spawn was removed.
    • The trigger spawning additional Niarjas when shooting the Tamas was removed.
    • The delayed Tama spawn was removed.
    • The Logistics Control Array was moved much closer to the warp-in, making hacking easier.
    • This site now behaved much like the rest with static wave mechanics.

Effect on the community

Balance was restored, more or less, with these changes. Things became manageable again and the EVE University Incursion Community (as all the other communities) began running again on a regular basis.

While sites still had more ships to destroy, the income gap before and after the patches started shrinking. This had little to do with sites becoming easier however, but more of a result of the shift to shield fleets and the fact that communities figured out better ways to achieve higher applied dps, thus making fleets both safer and faster.

November 2012 - Incursions wiki reborn

The uniwiki-pages on Incursions was mostly out of date and incomplete. Much of the knowledge built up within the community or experiences shared by people outside our community was lost when people left EVE or the community. A huge effort was made to rewrite the whole section on Incursions on the uniwiki as well as adding more information to it, in order to both preserve knowledge gained and in order to give people a good repository of information regarding Incursions.

In November 2012, a dozen new Incursions-related pages were published on the uniwiki, grouped together with a portal-like structure to ensure that people who came looking for information about Incursions would not only find it but also be guided to all the relevant pages.

February 2013

The introduction of info panels came with some changes to the Incursions info panel. The fancy icons were replaced by drab, grey icons.


From the Retribution 1.1 Patch Notes (February 19th, 2013):

Info panels

  • Updated the Incursion Panel to make it consistent with other panels regarding visual style of icons, fonts and colors

June 2013

Odyssey brought some changes to modules that indirectly affected Incursions. The new hacking minigame was never introduced for Incursions, they still run the same old system (so you still use multiple data analyzers to increase your hacking speed).

Patches & devblogs

From the Odyssey 1.0 Patch Notes (June 4th, 2013):


  • Tracking Enhancers have had their Falloff and Optimal Range bonuses reduced.
  • Large Energy Turrets have been tweaked to be easier to use as a whole:
    • Capacitor needs on Large Pulse Laser Turrets has been decreased by 10%.
    • Capacitor needs on Large Beam Laser Turrets has been decreased by 20%.


  • All Navy Ships have had their Rig Calibration increased from 350 to 400.
  • All ship passive resistance bonuses have been decreased from 5% to 4% per level to make active tanking more viable in combat.

Ship Skill Requirement Changes

  • Battleships:
    • All Racial Battleship skills now require Racial Battlecruiser at 3 instead of Racial Cruiser at 4.
    • All Racial Battleship skill requirements have also been reduced level1 as they are no longer balanced by tiers.
  • Navy Battleships:
    • Increasing requirement to fly Navy Battleships previously known as Tier 1 (Armageddon Navy Issue, Scorpion Navy Issue, Dominix Navy Issue, Typhoon Fleet Issue) from level1 to level2 to make it consistent with other navy ships.

From the devblog The great ship skill changes of summer 2013:

What are the impacts of all of this?

  • Cross-racial training will be slowed down for sub-capitals, as a pilot will now have racial Destroyers and Battlecruiser skills.
  • However, since prerequisites have been lowered from 4 to 3 to hop into the next class, reaching a ship size you interested into will be faster. While this doesn’t mean much on its own as you need support skills to be effective, it follows ship balancing motto that no vessel in EVE should override another in role, or required another to be mastered to unlock it.
  • Cross-racial training will be faster for Capital Ships, so you can more quickly adapt to your corporation / alliance fleet policy when you reach that level.
  • Tech 2 specialization will be faster, or at least have more related skills. Training for a tech 2 hull requirement will give you skills you need to fly the vessel you aim for instead of being unrelated time-sinks.
  • The ORE ship progression will no longer be inconsistent and will offer two paths of progression: mining hulls with the Venture, then the Mining Barges, or industrial support vessels with the Noctis, Orca and Rorqual. As a side-effect, the Orca will be significantly easier to train for.

July 2013 - Battlecruisers retired

The changes from Odyssey sunk in and we realized that it was simply not realistic to continue dragging battlecruisers around.


The reduced efficiency of Tracking Enhancers pushed some ships and fits that barely had the range needed before, to a place where they simply didn't measure up anymore. Combined with the reduced skill requirements for battleships, the community made the decision to finally retire battlecruisers once and for all.

Battlecruisers never really measured up since Escalation back in April 2012, but we bent over backwards trying to be as inclusive as we possibly could. The changes in Odyssey was simply the last straw that broke the camel's back.

Effect on the community

At the end of the day not much changed. We didn't have many battlecruisers and the training time pre-Odyssey for battlecruiser pilots was about the same as the post-Odyssey trains for a proper battleship.

September 2013

Odyssey brought quite a few changes that affected Incursions. The medium turret rebalance gave strategic cruisers a little boost in efficiency, warfare links lost some of their potency and command ships now benefit from bonuses to two racial warfare links with the new ship bonuses (accompanied with brand new faction mindlink implants).


From the Odyssey 1.1 Patch Notes (September 3rd, 2013):


  • All Medium Railguns get the following changes:
    • 15% increased rate of fire (fires more often).
    • 15% increased damage multiplier.
    • 15% decreased tracking speed.
  • All Medium Beams get the following changes:
    • 25% increased damage multiplier.
    • 10% decreased tracking speed.
  • All Medium Artillery get the following changes:
    • 10% increased rate of fire.
    • 5% decreased tracking speed.
  • Warfare links (other than mining links) can no longer be activated inside a starbase forcefield .
  • Powergrid need of all warfare links modules decreased by 100.
  • Significant changes have been made to the strengths of bonuses provided by Warfare Link modules:
  • All defensive (Siege and Armored) links:
T1: 4.8%.
T2: 6%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 25.9%.
Former max bonus: 35%.
  • Information Warfare: Electronic Superiority bonuses to ECM and Target Painters:
T1: 6.4%.
T2: 8%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 34.5%.
Former max bonus: 35%.
  • Information Warfare: Electronic Superiority bonuses to Tracking Disruptors and Sensor Damps:
T1: 4%.
T2: 5%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 21.5%.
Former max bonus: 21%.
  • Information Warfare - Recon Operation:
T1: 6.4%.
T2: 8%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 34.5%.
Former max bonus: 35%.
  • Information Warfare - Sensor Integrity:
T1: 9.6%.
T2: 12%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 51.75%.
Former max bonus: 53%.
  • Skirmish Warfare - Evasive Maneuvers:
T1: 6.4%.
T2: 8%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 34.5%.
Former max bonus: 35%.
  • Skirmish Warfare - Interdiction Maneuvers:
T1: 6.4%.
T2: 8%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 34.5%.
Former max bonus: 53%.
  • Skirmish Warfare - Rapid Deployment:
T1: 5.6%.
T2: 7%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 30.2%.
Former max bonus: 35%.
  • Mining Foreman - Laser Optimization and Harvester Capacitor:
T1: 6%.
T2: 7.5%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 42.2%.
Former max bonus: 42.2%.
  • Mining Foreman - Field Enhancement:
T1: 13.6%.
T2: 17%.
Max bonus per link with all modifiers: 95.7%.
Former max bonus: 95%.
  • The Information Warfare: Sensor Integrity link will now provide its bonus to both sensor strength and lock range.

Ship balancing - Command Ships

    • Role Bonus: Can fit up to three Warfare Link modules.
    • Command Ships Bonuses:
      • 3% bonus to strength of Armored Warfare and Information Warfare links.
    • Role Bonus: Can fit up to three Warfare Link modules.
    • Command Ships Bonuses:
      • 3% bonus to strength of Siege Warfare and Information Warfare links.
    • Role Bonus: Can fit up to three Warfare Link modules.
    • Command Ships Bonuses:
      • 3% bonus to strength of Armored Warfare and Skirmish Warfare links.
    • Role Bonus: Can fit up to three Warfare Link modules.
    • Command Ships Bonuses:
      • 3% bonus to strength of Siege Warfare and Skirmish Warfare links.


The changes dropped the efficiency of warfare links, most noticeably the web ranges as well as an overall reduction in the efficiency of the shield boosts.

  • Federation Navy Stasis Webifiers dropped down to 18,83km (previously 20.78km)
  • True Sansha Stasis Webifiers dropped down to 20,18km (previously 22.28km)
  • Max siege bonuses like cycle time reduction and resist bonuses dropped down to 25.9% (previously 35%).
  • Solo boosters are now able to give both bonused siege and skirmish links with the appropriate implant bonuses, thanks to the new command ship bonuses and faction mindlink implants.

Effect on the community

Each change was rather small, but it added up and although it wasn't too noticable in vanguards, it was for assaults and up. Slightly larger signatures meant ships took more damage, slightly lower resist boosts meant they took a little more damage and finally the lowered bonus to cycle time meant remote shield boosters repaired less damage over time. The web range reduction did very little to most ships, as they orbited well within the new range. It was basically just the elusive Romis, who often hang out in the 21-25km ranges, that more often than not ended up outside the range of both faction webs.

While it was an overall loss of efficiency, the changes to command ships and offgrid boosts made it possible to give perfect boosts with just one offgrid booster. This had the fortunate side-effect that we had less of a problem ensuring that all fleets ran with a perfect booster backing them up.

The changes to medium guns also made some strategic cruisers and command ships more efficient. While they cannot match the power of pirate faction battleships, many of them end up performing slightly better than regular tech one battleships. This allowed us to open up our community to people who like flying those kind of ships, like wormhole dwellers or people who simply don't like large, bulky ships.

November 2013

With Rubicon came some changes to Marauders that made some of them lose their webbing role.


From the Rubicon 1.0 Patch Notes (November 19th, 2013):

Ship Balancing

  • Paladin
    • Role Bonus: 100% bonus to large energy weapon damage, 100% bonus to range and velocity of tractor beams, 70% reduction in Micro Jump Drive reactivation delay
    • Amarr Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to capacitor capacity, 7.5% bonus to Large Energy Turret optimal range (instead of 10% bonus to the velocity factor of stasis webifiers per level)
    • Marauder Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to Armor Repair amount per level, 5% bonus to large energy turret damage per level
    • Slot layout: 8H(+1), 4M, 7L; 4 turrets, 0 launchers
    • Fittings: 16500 PWG (+3000), 530 CPU (+30)
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 6900(+100) / 8800(+600) / 8500(+1200)
    • Shield resists: 0% EM / 62.5% EX / 47.5% KIN / 20% THERM
    • Armor resists: 50% EM / 40% EX / 34.375% KIN / 35% THERM
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap/s) : 7500(+1875) / 1000s (+76.1s) / 8 cap/s (+2)
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 100 m/s(-5) / .119(-0.009) / 92,245,000(-12,955,000) / 15.22s
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 25(-50) / 75
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 91km(+10km) / 120(+39) / 10
    • Sensor strength: 12 Radar
    • Signature radius: 420(-80)
  • Kronos
    • Role Bonus: 100% bonus to large hybrid weapon damage, 100% bonus to range and velocity of tractor beams, 70% reduction in Micro Jump Drive reactivation delay
    • Gallente Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to large hybrid weapon damage, 10% bonus to large Hybrid Turret Falloff per level (instead of 10% bonus to the velocity factor of stasis webifiers per level)
    • Marauder Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to Armor Repair amount per level, 7.5% bonus to large hybrid weapon tracking per level
    • Slot layout: 8H(+1), 4M, 7L; 4 turrets, 0 launchers
    • Fittings: 14000 PWG (+2000), 580 CPU (+30)
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 7300(+500) / 7900(+600) / 9500(+1300)
    • Shield resists: 0% EM / 50% EX / 55% KIN / 30% THERM
    • Armor resists: 50% EM / 10% EX / 51.25% KIN / 43.125% THERM
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap/s) : 6900(+1275) / 1150s (+226.1s) / 6 cap/s
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 105 m/s(-15) / .114(-0.0038) / 93480000(-8320000) / 14.77s
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 50(-25) / 125
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 90km(+3km) / 120(+39) / 10
    • Sensor strength: 13 Magnetometric
    • Signature radius: 420(-80)
  • Vargur
    • Role Bonus: 100% bonus to large projectile weapon damage, 100% bonus to range and velocity of tractor beams, 70% reduction in Micro Jump Drive reactivation delay
    • Minmatar Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to large projectile turret rate of fire, 10% bonus to large projectile turret falloff per level
    • Marauder Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to Shield Boost amount, 7.5% bonus to large projectile turret tracking per level
    • Slot layout: 8H(+1), 6M, 5L; 4 turrets, 0 launchers
    • Fittings: 12900 PWG(+5000), 625 CPU
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 8300(+700) / 7300(+500) / 6900 (-400)
    • Shield resists: 25% EM / 50% EX / 40% KIN / 30% THERM
    • Armor resists: 70% EM / 10% EX / 25% KIN / 43.125% THERM
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap/s) : 6200(+575) / 1100s(+176.1s) / 5.6 cap/s (-0.4)
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 110 m/s(-20) / .112(-0.004) / 96520000(-9580000) / 14.99s
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 50(-25) / 75
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 81km(+6km) / 145(+60) / 10
    • Sensor strength: 11 Ladar
    • Signature radius: 360(-65)

January 2014 - Accolades

From Frood Frooster's forum post Eve University Medals (January 26th):

I am not a man of lots of words. There are two people who have spent a huge amount of their time for building up and maintaining Eve Uni's Incursion community. It is my honour to award them Eve Uni's Star of Outstanding Service. This is one of Eve Uni's highest awards, which we only hand out for very special contributions.

Please join me in thanking Cassiel Seraphim and Kataki Soikutsu for all they are doing for Eve Uni and especially our Incursion community. The Uni wouldn't be the same without you guys.

February 2014 - The world is changing

CCP made various updates on the backend of the database, which had some effects on things like asteroid belts, incursion spawns etc.


From the Rubicon 1.2 Patch Notes (February 18th, 2014):

Database backend

  • Behind the scenes work to make future universe development easier.

Effect on the community

The old list of constellations and systems over at EVE Survival became out of date, so instead of relying on their Incursion Constellation Layout page, we created our own. You can find that information under Constellation layouts for Incursions now.

March 2014 - Incursions on Dotlan

The new CREST-features opened up for third party programs, like dotlan to pull some information about current Incursions; Constellation and staging systems, state (established, mobilizing, withdrawing), influence and whether the mothership site has spawned or not.

New features on Dotlan

From the Incursions incoming devblog on Dotlan (March 4th, 2014):

CCP FoxFour announced yesterday on the forum that there’s a CREST point incoming for getting information and states about incursions. Yeah! Finally! It’s been a long time since I’ve asked for exactly one of those information layers that are public available on the ingame map but not accessible outside.

The CREST endpoint is already available on SISI to test, so I digged out some of my prepared stuff (long time ago) and writing the background update daemon and the started with the initial frontend. While it’s not yet completed and of course the CREST endpoint not migrated to TQ, I wanted to share the current state and look with you here.

This is what you get from the CREST endpoint:

  • Constellation and Staging System
  • State (Established, Mobilizing, Withdrawing)
  • Influence / System Control
  • Boss has been spotted

With the ability to track incursions changes and influence over time you’ll get a nice history about all the incursions, where they happend and how they progressed over time. I only have to decide in which section I’ll pack the incursions stuff into, so I don’t overload the navigation bar or the site structure.

From the Incursions are live devblog on Dotlan (March 12th, 2014):

CCP deployed the CREST endpoint for Sansha Incrusions today. I updated the site! Lets see how the progress tracking of the sansha influence looks like. On sisi there wasn’t so much activity.

Right now I’ve not yet decided where to put this incursions section into the site navigation. Maybe Universe. Any suggestions?


August 2014 - Scout sites revamped

In an attempt to bring scout sites back into the fold they received a substantial revamp. Changes were also done to the spawn mechanics of assault sites, as a stopgap measure for fixing the Nation Consolidation Network assault site. They also lowered the respawn time of Incursions, making them spawn again at a faster pace.

Patches & devblogs

From the devblog Incursion changes in Hyperion (August 19th, 2014):

Reducing the re-spawn time of Incursions

Right now when an Incursion finishes there is between a 24 and 48 hour delay until another Incursion spawns in the same security space replacing the one that ended. For example, if all of the Incursions in high sec are completed within a short time span of each other, it means that for a period of time there will be no Incursion in high sec.

This change is aimed at helping make sure that Incursion runners will always have them available when they log in. You may have to move to get to it, but at least the option is there for you to go do it.

More specifically we are reducing the min and max time between an Incursion being completed and it re-spawning elsewhere from 24 and 48 hours respectively to 12 and 36 hours respectively.

A revamp of scout sites

Scout sites are the lowest level of Incursions site available for players to run. When Incursions first launched their goal was to provide an environment for introducing players to Incursions. When we look at metrics such as how often these sites are run, who runs them, and then talk to players from the Incursion community it becomes fairly obvious that Scout sites are not achieving their original goal. Time for a rebalance!

While looking at them we decided to change their purpose from being an introduction to Incursions to something you could run while waiting for a spot in a fleet running Vanguards or when you don't quite have enough people to run Vanguards.

To achieve that goal we bumped up their rewards from 50,000 ISK to 3,500,000 ISK and from 50 LP to 400 LP per pilot, still keeping them less desirable to run than Vanguards. We then also adjusted the number and types of NPC you find in the Scout sites to balance out the increased reward.

Putting an end to the NCN wall

If you regularly run assault sites in Incursions you may be familiar with a term known as “NCN wall.” This generally means that the system with assault sites only has Nation Communication Network (NCN) sites available to run. We are making a change that will make sure assault systems are never 100% NCN's.

Addendum (August 20th):

Null sec Vanguard sites

The following is an update to the original dev blog. We were still working out the details and ensuring it could be completed for Hyperion. We are now confident it will ship and have updated the dev blog to reflect this additional change.

Incursions in null sec are almost identical to high sec. One of the only differences, aside from the space they are in, is the rewards. Null sec Incursions pay out approximately 25% more per pilot. OK so in theory null sec Incursions should pay more per hour then. Well not really. Since people running high sec Incursions feel a lot safer while running the Incursions they tend to bring much more expensive ships and fittings. The net result is null sec Incursions get run at such a slower speed that the per hour pay is a lot lower than we would like.

We could just increase the ISK payout and be done with it. However an idea was proposed that we feel would be a much nicer way to balance null sec Incursions. We are going to increase the maximum number of pilots allowed in Vanguard sites from 10 to 15 while keeping the per pilot payout the same. With the ability to bring more pilots the effective DPS goes up and the speed of running the sites should increase as well. So while we get to bring the speed of running the Incursions more in line with high sec we also encourage more pilots to participate.

This change will only effect null sec Vanguard sites for now. Once this goes live we will monitor closely and see if this actually makes a difference in the way we want. If everything goes well we will consider applying the change to other sites as well and possibly low sec. If everything goes horribly wrong we may also revert the change. For now though we are looking forward to seeing how this plays out on TQ come Hyperion's release.

From the Hyperion 1.0 Patch Notes (August 26th, 2014):

Missions & NPCs

  • Incursion Scout sites have been rebalanced to be more in line with the risk vs reward of the other Incursion sites. Sansha presence has been increased within them and they now pay out 3,500,000 ISK and 400 LP.


Besides the announced changes there were some minor changes:

  • The Mara Paleo had its remote shield boosting capability almost doubled.
  • The preferred orbit for the Antem Neo, Vylade Dien and the Yulai Crus Cerebi was reduced to 60km instead of their usual 120 - 140km orbit.
  • The Sansha rats also seem to stay on target for a longer period of time, changing targets a little less often.

Effect on the community

Overall these changes has little to no practical effect on the Incursion Community as a whole, or for the Eve University Community.

Scout sites
The new scout sites retain their uniqueness in the way that they have no enemies capable of warp disrupting or warp scrambling you and the overall damage is much lower than that of vanguard sites. So you could run with just one logistics or even spidertank if you want to and warp out whenever you please. Sadly they are still largely ignored by the community, much like the old scout sites. Despite the increased payout, the number of enemies and sheer amount of hit points to chew through means that you spend far too long, using far too much ammunition for these sites to be worth running.
Assault site spawn mechanics
The changes to assault site spawn mechanics was a welcome stopgap measure, even though it didn't fix the problem of conflicting fleet compositions between the Nation Consolidation Network site and the other two types.
Faster respawns of Incursions
As for the faster respawns it had very little effect on the community for now, since the ability to rapidly close an Incursions by running the mothership site is and has always been the biggest factor.
Changed preferred orbits
This changed the orbits for the Antems, Vylades and Yulais in all sites, including assault and headquarter sites. The effect of this change is subtle, allowing for more leeway in terms of locking range and damage projection needed to do these kind of sites, as ships will eventually come much closer. But overall the practical impact has been very small.
Null security Incursions
The relatively few groups that run Incursions in null security space will no doubt appreciate being able to bring more people without reducing payout, but it's not likely to generate an interest from groups who aren't already running.

December 2014 - Command Ships unlocked

Until this patch the Command Ships weren't treated like Battlecruiser-hulls in terms of being able to take the acceleration gate to the cruiser-side of the Nation Consolidation Network sites, but now they are and can freely take either gate.


From the Patch Notes for Rhea 1.0 (December 9, 2014):


  • The ‘Gate to Residential Areas’ acceleration gate in the Nation Consolidation Network Incursion site now allows Command ships to use it

Effect on the community

This opens up a few more options for doing Nation Consolidation Network sites. Instead of having to rely on Strategic Cruisers we can also bring Command Ships as well, but unlike Strategic Cruisers the Command Ships can take any of the two gates. This makes it a little easier to split the fleet more effectively.

March 2015 - Incursions on Shadowlauch

In March 2015 Shadowlauch launched with even more specific information about incursion spawns, perhaps more readily available than the information previously only available though dotlan.

July 2015 - Null security incursion incentive strengthened

In July CCP decided to expand on the null security incursion incentive by increasing the number of pilots for all type of sites (except scout sites) in both low and null security space.

Patches & devblogs

From the Summer of Sov - Nullsec PVE and Upgrades devblog (July 8th, 2015):

Well we’ve received positive feedback about that change from Nullsec and Lowsec Incursion runners, and we’re now ready to extend that same change to Assault, HQ and Mothership sites in Nullsec and Lowsec. This means that Nullsec Assault sites will take up to 30 players before diminishing returns, HQ sites will take up to 60 pilots, and Mothership sites will take up to 120.

From the Aegis Sovereignty v1.0 patch notes (July 14th, 2015):

Nullsec and Lowsec versions of the Assault, Headquarters and Mothership Incursion sites now allow 50% more players before rewards begin to decrease.


Total payout for an incursion fleet in low and null security space rose by up to 50% due to the extra pilots, who also contribute to faster, safer and more flexible fleets that make even more ISK/hour than before.

Effect on the community

The increase of number of pilots being paid gave low and null security communities quite some leeway when it came to fleet compositions. With additional pilots they could easily adjust their fleets to either pile on more of the same ships to make even more ISK, take cheaper ships and compensate by simply bringing more of them, or keep some specialized PvP-ships in the fleet to more effectively deal with potential PvP. It's difficult to say whether this truly made more communities consider low and null security incursions, or if it simply made it more profitable and safe for those who already did.

This had little effect on the EVE University Incursion Community though, as we primarily run in high security space.

September 2015 - Empowered capsuleers

With the Vanguard release, new capsuleers started off with roughly +350,000 more skillpoints than before (400k instead of 50k), which not only allows them to use a wide variety of modules from the get go, but also saves them the trouble of getting basic fitting and support skills injected and trained to a decent level.


From the Patch Notes for Vanguard 1.0 (September 29th, 2015):


  • All new characters will now start with approximately 400,000 skillpoints rather than 50,000.

Effect on the community

The role of hacker/scout can now be performed by anyone since new capsuleers start with Hacking I trained. The additional skills also reduced several trains, such as minimum skills for both damage dealers and logistics but also for valet alts and Orca alts, allowing people to get those skills trained a little faster.

December 2015 - Remote Repair Revision

With the Frostline expansion CCP made various changes to remote repairing, which simplified made no change to the overall damage repaired by these modules, but practically made them repair for more but cycle much more slowly. They also introduced falloff to various modules, including the remote repair modules and increased the grid size by a magnitude of 32.

Patches, devblogs & forum posts

From the devblog Grid Sizes & You (December 8th, 2015):

One of those assumptions thus far has been that the base grid size of 250km is big enough to contain all the space action you can handle. However things are about to get a whole lot bigger and we need to make some room for the new enormous structures coming next year.

So we are increasing the base grid size to be 32 times larger, from 250km up to 8000km across.

From the patch notes for the Frostline release (December 8th, 2015):


  • Module Tiericide on Remote Repair Modules. More details can be found here.


  • Grid boxes have been increased in size from 250km to 7800km.

The referenced Remote Rep Tiericide and Falloff thread:

Hey everyone! We're ready to get feedback on the changes to Remote Reps planned for our Operation Frostline release on December 8th.

Few notes about this plan:

  • This includes a full Module Tiericide pass on the Remote Armor Repairers, Remote Shield Boosters and Remote Hull Repairers. We are not adding new types of reppers at this time, but we are considering doing so in the near future (potentially large deadspace reps and/or named and faction hull reps).
  • Remote armor, shield and hull reps all now have falloff (this falloff reduces effectiveness as you get further from your target, just like the neut falloff)
  • Armor reps are more focused on optimal, Shield reps are more focused on falloff.
  • Frigate logistics skews further towards falloff, while cruiser and larger bonuses tend to apply equally to both optimal and falloff.
  • Rep cycle times are getting slower (~20% slower for armor reps and ~60% slower for shield reps). This will make target switching more powerful against overwhelming logi numbers, and increase danger of overhealing. Overall providing more room for very good logi pilots to shine.
  • Overall rep/s is remaining fairly constant since rep amount per cycle is increasing.
  • Capacitor use on shield and armor reps has increased a bit. Logistics ships are getting larger cap pools (but not better cap/s recharge) to compensate. Overall this makes it harder to be fully cap stable but easier to fly with a logi that isn't quite cap stable if you're not repping constantly.
  • Base ranges on the reps have increased, and ship range bonuses are smaller to compensate. This makes the skill curve less steep and buffs non-range bonused RR ships such as RRBS and T3 Cruiser logi.
  • Shield reps are getting reduced CPU and increased powergrid requirements. Shield logi fittings are being adjusted to match. This change makes it much more reasonable to fit shield RR on non-bonused ships and goes a long way to alleviating the fitting problems on shield carriers.
  • We're not adding falloff to Remote Energy Transfers in this release, although that is still in our plan for later.
  • We're increasing the base range of Capital Remote Capacitor Transmitters by ~17%, but reducing the bonus on carriers/supercarriers so bonused range stays the same while unbonused range increases.

We're not doing a full balance pass on the other logi ships in this release, but there are some tweaks:

  • Fitting changes for shield logi (extra pwg, less cpu) as mentioned above
  • Increased cap pools with recharge time increased so that cap/s recharge stays similar
  • T2 Logi Cruiser rep drone bonuses will apply to all types just like the T1 Support Cruiser bonus
  • All T1 and T2 Cruiser Rep Drone bonuses will now apply to hull rep drones as well as armor and shield

Range bonuses are being adjusted to match the new base module ranges and falloff addition:

  • T2 Cruiser Logi: 60% Optimal and Falloff per level (62% for the Etana)
  • T1 Support Cruisers: 430% Optimal and Falloff role bonus
  • Armor logi frigate (T1 and T2): 50% Optimal, 600% Falloff role bonus
  • Shield logi frigate (T1 and T2): 300% Falloff role bonus
  • Carriers, Supercarriers, Rorqual: 40% Optimal and Falloff per level


Practically these changes had the following effects:

  • It was easier to clip the grid of sites warping in, making pre-loaded sites a little more common place.
  • The increased cycle time of remote armour repairers meant you took 20% more damage before reps landed, buffer became a little bit more important for armour communities.
  • The increased cycle time of shield had little to no effect for incursions.

Effect on the community

After a period of adjustment most things returned to normal. This changed things somewhat, but on a grand scheme it made very little difference for how we run incursions or the effectiveness of logistics.

The increased chance of pre-loaded sites had its biggest effect on assault and headquarter sites, but that was already a reality they had to brace for, it just happened a bit more often now. For vanguards this just meant that the fleet had to pay a little bit more attention and perhaps make slightly different calls depending on how close the ships were.

For logistics, the new remote repair changes made it slightly easier to balance how many repair modules to use, due to them being much stronger and thus made it easier to see if you needed one more repper or not. Some armour communities increased their buffer, marginally, to counter taking damage for 20% longer before initial reps landed, but a lot of armour communities were already running with increased buffer and this change was well within their existing buffer.

April 2016 - Capital escalation

In the Citadel expansion CCP opened up incursion sites in low and null security space for smaller capital ships.

Patches & forum feedback

From the early [Feedback Request] Capital Ships in Incursions feedback thread (April 4th, 2016):

Hey folks. We've been talking to some incursion-focused players and the CSM about capital ships and lowsec/nullsec incursions, and we'd like to see what the rest of the community thinks. Thanks to Plaid Rabbit who initially brought up the idea to me and provided his well-reasoned arguments for the concept.

With the updates to capital ships coming in the Citadel expansion, it might add some valuable options to low/null incursions if we opened the gated sites up to capital ships. Our initial discussion has indicated that it probably wouldn't be all that overpowered to allow them, and that capitals in fact might not end up being used all that much but that at least opening up the option may allow for some creative experiments and potentially some cool new tactics.

We we're calling on all incursion runners for your feedback: do you think it would be a good idea to allow capital ships into lowsec and nullsec incursion sites after the Citadel expansion?

I'm very interested to hear what you guys and gals think. As always, I'm especially interested in the reasoning behind your opinions. Thanks!

Followup post in the same thread (April 17th, 2016):

Hey everyone. Thanks for the feedback.

We agree with those of you who are advocating a "trial period" for capitals in incursions. In the Citadel expansion we will be adjusting gate restrictions to allow all capital ships into Incursion sites and we will be watching closely to see how this new access is used. Since we know that it takes a while for new tactics to develop, we have set a target for the end of 2016 to do a full review of how capitals in incursions are doing, including a call for more player feedback at that time.

Of course if something exploitable comes up between now and then we'll always be on hand to adjust things sooner.


From the Patch notes for EVE Online: Citadel (April 27th, 2016):

Dreadnoughts, Carriers, and Force Auxiliary ships may now enter Sansha's Nation Incursion sites.

Effect on the community

Since the majority of the incursion runners do sites in high security space this didn't change much, as capital ships (with the exception of freighter-type capitals) cannot enter high security space.

For the low and null security communities this will allow them to use carriers, assuming they either have them in the constellation already or can safely get them there (incursions shut down all regular cynosural fields, stopping them from being cynoed in). The other ships, like dreadnoughts and force auxiliary ships are unlikely to be as useful due to their heavy reliance on Siege and Triage to be effective, locking them in place for several minutes (which instantly cancels out most of the benefits they might add due to the need to move).

Whether this is worth the risk of moving capital ships through gates to get there is debatable, but having such strong ships within a an incursion constellation where the enemy cannot simply cyno in counter-caps or more reinforcements is arguable giving the runners a stronger defensive position. Either way, this naturally had no effect whatsoever on the EVE University Incursion Community.

August 2016

Minor adjustments were made to fix some gates locking capitals out of the end of the True Power Provisional Headquarters site.


From the Patch notes for YC118.7 release (August 4th):

Corrected an issue that prevented capital ships from progressing beyond the first room of the True Power Provisional Headquarters incursion site.

Effect on the community

Very little, as that particular site was the least favourite headquarter site to begin with.

August 2017

Changes were made to tighten up the requirements to get paid for a site, it's no longer enough to simply be in the fleet anymore; you have to actually participate in the site somehow.


From the Patch notes for August 2017 release (August 16th):

Players will now be disqualified from being rewarded for participation in Incursion sites if they have not dealt any damage or assisted other players through logistics.

Effect on the community

It used to be possible to "pad" a fleet with additional members to take advantage of the fact that incursion sites pay out the same amount to each pilot in the fleet up to a certain point. So adding more people to a undermanned fleet would still pay the existing fleet members the same and simply add even more ISK by having people "sponge" payouts. So if your fleet had room for 3 more people you could bring in newbies, alts or whatever to allow them to get some free ISK without having to do anything. This change made that a bit less efficient and any additional members of the fleet would now need to do something to help assist the fleet or deal some damage in order to continue "sponging" payments.

For the EVE University Incursion Community this was a minor issue. Sometimes we had the scout/hacker come in and get some extra ISK sometimes, but these roles are already being paid and it wasn't that often we were in a position to allow them to sponge anyway. So this changed little for us.

Bug icon red.png Bug: This fix was not implemented correctly and people are still being paid simply for being ongrid without having to do anything specific in order to qualify for payment (except the old criteria of not being cloaked or in a pod).

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