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Force required
Vanguard sites Fleet of 10 - 12 pilots (up to 15 in low/null)
2 - 3 logistics needed
Sites take about 5 - 10 minutes
Military information
Incursions sansha transmission.png Your objective is to destroy the Sansha's Nation fleet amassing here. They will be making use of logistics arrays, so disabling them may be advisable.
Background information

One of the most significant evolutions in the Nation's strategy has been the move away from abducting planetary populations. Their new tactical doctrine, which relies in part upon system-wide capsule interference, is clearly focused on limiting the power and influence of the capsuleer class.

The technology underlying the system-wide capsule overrides is not dissimilar to CONCORD's own Tracking and Response System (TRS). Where it veers into new territory is in the application of new technologies designed to override local resources in ways previously thought impossible. Intelligence gathered by DED operatives strongly suggests that this facility is chiefly responsible for establishing these overrides.

Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0095. DED Special Operations.
Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.


Below is a list of enemies that spawn in this site. See Sansha's Manual for a full list of the incursion rats.

NameSig [1]Speed [2]Orbit / Speed [3]Damage / Volley [4]Range [5]Effective HP [6]
3 Icon red cruiser.png Auga Hypophysis
Auga Hypophysis Warp disruption - 2 strength at 9 km rangeWebbing - 60% speed reduction at 10 km range
325 Signature 325 m 1100 Velocity 1,100 m/s 6000 6 km Orbit 170 m/s 480 480 dps Turret damage 2,400 hp 20000 12 - 20 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 51597 52k ehp 51,597 effective hit points (31,185 raw hit points)
5 Icon red battleship.png Deltole Tegmentum
Deltole Tegmentum Warp disruption - 1 strength at 20 km rangeEnergy neutralizing - 360 GJ every 12 seconds at 12 km rangeTarget painting - 37,5% strength at 45+90 km range
540 Signature 540 m 850 Velocity 850 m/s 12000 12 km Orbit 118 m/s 818 818 dps Torpedo damage 4,500 hp 45000 < 45 km Effective range 179075 179k ehp 179,075 effective hit points (73,150 raw hit points)
1 Icon red frigate.png Eystur Rhomben
Eystur Rhomben
49 Signature 49 m 3360 Velocity 3,360 m/s 11000 11 km Orbit 560 m/s 120 120 dps Turret damage 600 hp 12000 10 - 12 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 9067 9k ehp 9,067 effective hit points (4,375 raw hit points)
1 Icon red frigate.png Niarja Myelen
Niarja Myelen Jamming - 6 strength at 32+36 km rangeEnergy neutralizing - 450 GJ every 10 seconds at 18 km range
53 Signature 53 m 2760 Velocity 2,760 m/s 15000 15 km Orbit 405 m/s -1 (no weapons) -1 (no weapons) 3786 4k ehp 3,786 effective hit points (2,575 raw hit points)
1 Icon red frigate.png Tama Cerebellum
Tama Cerebellum Warp disruption - 1 strength at 24 km range
39 Signature 39 m 2100 Velocity 2,100 m/s 12000 12 km Orbit 355 m/s 300 300 dps Torpedo damage 2,700 hp 70200 < 70 km Effective range 8103 8k ehp 8,103 effective hit points (5,390 raw hit points)
  1. ^ While using their propulsion module, they suffer the same signature bloom as players.
  2. ^ This is the speed of the ship while they try to get within orbit or as they try to chase after you, suffering the same signature bloom as players do with the propulsion module on. They will turn off any propulsion modules once they get close to their preferred orbit.
  3. ^ Preferred orbit range and regular speed while orbiting, which is their regular speed without the propulsion module turned on.
  4. ^ Damage per second as well as damage per volley. Unless stated otherwise, turrets do an equal amount of EM and thermal damage while torpedoes do an equal amount of kinetic and explosive damage.
  5. ^ This is the effective range of this ship, presented with two values for turrets, optimal and optimal + double falloff, as well as a single range for torpedoes.
  6. ^ This is the amount of damage this ship can take, taking into account their resists. All ships, except the Lirsautton Parichaya have omni tanks. Hover over the icon for information about raw hitpoints.


This is a generic kill order that works no matter what fleet you're running. Certain special doctrines or fleet compositions could change some things in order to optimize their fleet efficiency, so this isn't necessarily the only kill order, but it works.

As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot shoot the highest priority target due to low damage projection, move on to the next target you can actually hit. Just remember to switch back to a higher priority target if it moves into range later on.

# Targets for the entire fleet Reason
Regular targets [1] Small targets [2]
1 Niarja Myelen JammingEnergy neutralizing Because the Niarja Myelen jams and neuts.
2 Tama Cerebellum Warp disrupting
Auga Hypophysis Warp disruptingWebbing
Deltole Tegmentum Warp disruptingEnergy neutralizingTarget painting
The Tama warp disrupts and you remove a lot of damage quickly by shooting them first.

The Auga warp disrupts, webs and while it does less damage than the Deltole it closes the distance faster and is easier to kill.

3 Do not shoot!Eystur Rhomben Eysturs are ignored, they will simply respawn if killed and aren't necessary for site completion.
  1. ^ These targets are usually larger, cruisers or battleships and suitable for ships with good damage projection, lower tracking, like battleships with large guns.
  2. ^ Smaller targets, like frigates or extremely fast or small cruisers. Ideally the primary targets for strategic cruisers, Vindicators or the dronebunny as a last resort.


With the exception of the Eysturs, the last enemy killed normally triggers the next wave. Sometimes a new wave might be triggered with one or two Tamas left on grid. If that happens, they will still need to be killed for site completion.

You can completely ignore Eysturs as they are not part of the wave mechanics nor are they necessary to kill for site completion or extraction.

Special requirements

Icon data analyzer i.png Requires the use of data analyzer modules to hack the logistics control array.
(the logistics control array is roughly 30km away from the spawn point)

Hacking is done by approaching&locking up the logistics control array, activating the data analyzer as soon as you get within range and then completing the Hacking Minigame. Once completed you will get a message saying: "Local Sansha logistics systems subverted. Hostile logistics disabled."

  • Since failing the minigame carries not further consequences, feel free to (within reason) use more speed and less caution than you would at a regular data site.
  • One cycle of your Microwarpdrive should bring you into range to start hacking, it is adviced to 'Turn off Auto-Repeat' so you don't overshoot and move out of the max range of your Data Analyzer.
  • Once hacked the tower will stop repairing for about six minutes, which is usually more than enough for a decent fleet to finish the site. The control array to hack will be available in a clockwise pattern, starting at exactly 90° to your left when you warp in, see the image below.
  • If you look down the direction your ship is warping in, the first tower to hack will be on your left.
  • The active control array will turn into an interactive object, much like a mission loot container. Simply lock it up and activate your data analyzer on it to start hacking.
  • When the remote logistics station is hacked it'll have this easily identifiable mist- or cloud-like effect around it. The graphics may be slightly different depending on your shader settings, potentially much greener. But the nebulae effect, regardless of colour, is a dead give-away.
  • Normally we only need one hack, but in the case we need multiple hacks the control array to hack will be available clockwise; Control array to your left, then the one to the right closest to the repair station, then the one to the right furthest away from the repair station.

Hints & tips

  • There are three waves in this site, more or less identical in terms of ship composition but they spawn in different positions.
    • Waves spawn roughly 70 km off, with the exception of the third wave that spawns 35 - 40 km away from the beacon. The Sansha will then rapidly close the distance to their preferred orbit. The Eystur Rhombens will spawn, as well as respawn if killed, right in front of the remote logistics station.
      • The first wave spawns on the right side of the remote logistics station.
      • The second wave spawns on the left side of the remote logistics station.
      • The third one above or below the remote logistics station.
    • The different waves are slightly randomised. The same type of ships will spawn in each wave, but the number of each is randomised. So you will encounter the same type of ships in each site, but the number of ships per type in each individual wave will be slightly different. There will only be one Deltole Tegmentum per wave however.
  • Focusing fire is really important at the start of this site to overcome the repairs. Tagging Niarjas, Tamas and Augas as quickly as possible helps ensure that the fleet knows in what order they are to hit their primary targets. This is due to the logistics tower hack, as noted below.
  • Hacking is preferably done by the Scout. This is usually a newbie or cheap alt character attached to the fleet. They will be flying a cheap Heron fit with a data analyzer. There is rarely a shortage of alts, but it can of course be done by logistics fitting a data analyzer if desperate (at the cost of not having as many remote tracking computers).
    • While you can do this site without hacking, it severely hampers your ability to get ships off the field quickly and drastically increases site times. The remote logistics station will repair every single Sansha ship on grid periodically, making it hard to kill ships, especially the Deltole without sufficient concentrated fire.
    • If you hack the tower you probably won't need to continue tagging the Niarjas and Tamas, but tagging the Augas is still helpful.
  • When run with a hacker, this site is usually the fastest of the Vanguard sites and is typically preferred when possible. Note that other factors can play a role in the site decision, such as contesting fleets and their priorities, as well as warp distance from the current site.